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  1. Such a beautiful ship. A real character of its own. I was absolutely gutted when
  2. Barnard

    Squid Game

    There's a Roblox game inspired by the show. The kids were repeating the red light, green light chant all day. If they hadn't fired it up on the big screen we'd have been none the wiser. (My daughter's friend giggling nervously is both funny and troubling!) https://youtube.com/watch?v=BCta2Va1lRA
  3. 'Ah! We come in peace Shoot to kill Shoot to kill Shoot to kill We come in peace Shoot to kill Shoot to kill, men' Was Kirk's catchphrase.
  4. Nick Ferrari is the strawman extraordinaire. He can build them as the caller constructs their sentences and thoughts. He's the biggest cunt I've ever heard.
  5. Steve Carell does a grand job voicing Gru throughout all of those illumination movies. Sounds nothing like his Office voice.
  6. Speaking of surprise Jeffery Combs. This popped up in a thread in Off Topic. https://youtu.be/9DhWbs1gLUU
  7. Any updates with this project @SeanR? Or did life get in the way.
  8. My old box with a mouse connected plays ScummVM wonderfully. It easily installs straight from the Play Store. The only faff is getting the game files onto the box. (Although, if you're used to sailing the high seas it won't be a problem)
  9. There's some good material that I feel they need to let simmer before bringing to the boil. It all feels a little rushed. Earn the laughs a little bit. You can see the jokes in Always Sunny a mile off - but they spend time folding those eggs gently into the cake mix on their way to delivering a beautiful cake from the oven. They're also going to run out of Trek lore gags in no time at all if they don't slow down. The opening credits and music are fantastic.
  10. Moss made me think of this stare a few times in season 3.
  11. So Awkward on CBBC. Brilliant comedy acting and writing.
  12. It's Behind You. A book about the creation of R-Type on the Spectrum. It's great. And free. http://www.bizzley.com/
  13. I enjoyed it very much. Another great block of MCU to add to the world they've helped build in my head. My only issue was the CGI. It seemed to be running too fast for the vehicle tumbles and armoured personnel carrier thing.
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