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  1. What did Keane say to make Wrighty laugh? Itv hub didn't let me rewind.
  2. Not to us. He still looks like a dog with floppy ears to my daughters 2 years after the euros.
  3. The ITV stream framerate is giving me a migraine. It's well rough. It also sounds like it's raining heavily.
  4. I can't believe Netflix commissioned a Graham Hancock series of pseudoscience bollocks. It was top 4 in the UK today, mostly i reckon because he was on Joe Rogan. I think there are a lot of secret Joe Rogan listeners in the UK thinking that listening to Rogan's guests makes them intellectual. (The visuals in the show are pretty awesome)
  5. The Has Been album is a very moving piece of work when it comes to dealing with getting old and making sure you live your life to its fullest. Has Been and the This is Hardcore album by Pulp have smoothed my way into 'old age' beautifully. I owe Shatner, Ben Folds and Cocker a good few beers.
  6. Did anyone have one of these as the TV you'd play your Spectrum on? I loved mine. I don't think colour CRTs could really display the images the same way. The lines that made up the image seemed to be just long straight lines that were not broken up by the 3 colour aperture grille on a colour CRT. (As a 7 year old boy with a magnifying glass I was always going to learn these kinds of things) I'd love to pick one up but I've no real console hardware so wouldn't be able to drive one without making some kind of RF transmitter.
  7. The gam3r repo has the Zelda 3 port up. It involves a bit of extracting from a ROM or googleing for zelda3_assets.dat. there's a sweet .ini file I can share that makes it widescreen and removes the health warning beep. It looks pretty sweet.
  8. Loved it. My only minor complaint were the over use of reaction shots. They were a bit X-Factor in the way they drilled in what the character was thinking.
  9. A cheap Android box and Retroarch would do the trick. Something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Android-Allwinner-Quad-Core-Cortex-A53-Ethernet/dp/B08DRYPSDY/ref=asc_df_B08DRYPSDY/? You can create console/computer game playlists and enable a thing called Kiosk mode where it can all be browsed easily. Only thing I'm not sure about the use of a physical USB keyboard, although the speccy and c64 emulators have onscreen keyboards. I've packed mine away so I can't check. The box I had played everything up to the GBA nicely. The dedicated ScummVM android app worked great as well.
  10. It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
  11. Tasha Yarr should return on the Yesterday's Enterprise Enterprise D. And tell Picard that where they're going they don't need roads!
  12. That ship is really ugly and it gets even more uglier the closer you look at it. I can't wait to buy the technical manual. /s
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