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  1. I agree with @JamesCI see the Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock and The Voyage Home as a trilogy. Although I see them as a solid trilogy rather than a loose one.
  2. If they'd put it on a decent streaming service Kurtzman and his bunch of sycophants might have actually seen it. Then maybe we wouldn't have this shitshow of a show.
  3. The absolute bottom feeder streaming platform. Like being picked up by Channel 5.
  4. Should have sacked Pratt off and gone full Planet of the Apes.
  5. Themselves. They all sound very lovely.
  6. The gang made a podcast. https://bleedingcool.com/tv/its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-the-gang-drops-first-3-podcast-eps/ I'm going to start a rewatch at the podcast release pace.
  7. Looks a little curvy. Are female spidermans a things?
  8. These mega stories are going to screw up any chance of a big screen adventure for this crew. It would be like Insurrection - too much like watching the TV episodes.
  9. If they want me to ever consider subbing to Paramount+ they'd best get the DS9 film stock out of the warehouse and fire up the HD digital transfer machine. And get the AI powered upscaling algorithms working on the old CGI.
  10. I've read all the books. And i still didn't know what was going on in that trailer.
  11. Well I'm bloody well looking forward to it. I like a solid bit of world building.
  12. Such a beautiful ship. A real character of its own. I was absolutely gutted when
  13. Barnard

    Squid Game

    There's a Roblox game inspired by the show. The kids were repeating the red light, green light chant all day. If they hadn't fired it up on the big screen we'd have been none the wiser. (My daughter's friend giggling nervously is both funny and troubling!) https://youtube.com/watch?v=BCta2Va1lRA
  14. I will not be letting Netflix know I've watched it.
  15. 'Ah! We come in peace Shoot to kill Shoot to kill Shoot to kill We come in peace Shoot to kill Shoot to kill, men' Was Kirk's catchphrase.
  16. Nick Ferrari is the strawman extraordinaire. He can build them as the caller constructs their sentences and thoughts. He's the biggest cunt I've ever heard.
  17. Steve Carell does a grand job voicing Gru throughout all of those illumination movies. Sounds nothing like his Office voice.
  18. Speaking of surprise Jeffery Combs. This popped up in a thread in Off Topic. https://youtu.be/9DhWbs1gLUU
  19. Any updates with this project @SeanR? Or did life get in the way.
  20. My old box with a mouse connected plays ScummVM wonderfully. It easily installs straight from the Play Store. The only faff is getting the game files onto the box. (Although, if you're used to sailing the high seas it won't be a problem)
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