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  1. Lincoln v Plymouth. *Great* game to watch. I’d have taken a point before the game but now feel disappointed with just 1. Did enough to win it in the 2nd. Shows you the fine margins in this league as no way a neutral would have said Plymouth were running away with it. enjoyed it and hopefully shows we have enough to stay in the league.
  2. Hourihane is ace. 8k a week in L1 is a lot. Yes there are some extreme outliers as a result of contracts (Bannon at Wednesday - 28K a week, McGeady at Sunderland was on about 30k pw) Obscene figures! We can't compete with that money being thrown around. I'm happy with mid-table this season.
  3. (Lincoln for those new round here!) Looking forward to this thread again. New manager, lots of new players. My ST was renewed back in first window. Many will know I currently live in London, and so home games are like aways for me. Full day events, (and Tuesday nights impossible). However, start a new job 1st Sep in Manchester, so will have a new journey to home games and plenty of 'new' real aways in the north west. Bring on Exeter at home on 30th July.
  4. Very swanky. We got told to keep last year's cards, which will updated for the new season. Reuse the plastic etc. We've got a new manager as of today. Mark Kennedy. The Stone Island of Michael Appleton out, Kennedy's Monclur in! https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/birmingham-city-mark-kennedy-lincoln-23941981
  5. They did indeed! I'd feel a little hard done by if I were a Northampton Town fan though. Though that's football. I don't want to take anything away from Bristol Rovers. They did what they needed to do.
  6. Hill did play mostly juniors with little to no league experience. (Wasn't their keeper 17yo and his second league game?). They didn't have to play that team. Maybe if it was a dead rubber, but this game wasn't.
  7. Beat Crewe 2-1 in a nothing game at the end of the season. Somehow we managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. If Crewe's finishing had been any better then we'd have been 0-3 and they'd be cruising. After about 75mins we decided to start playing. Didn't really deserve the win. And then, after the game, the Big Apple has left by mutual consent. I'm sad to see him go. Lots aren't though and the overperformance of last year didn't help the expectation of some fans this year. Will make a good coach with a few more quid behind him, and I think a Championship club and his style of play will suit them. Now for us, a BIG summer which should be interesting. For sure! Ah well, at least you've got a tasty local derby next season.
  8. Good win for us today against Cheltenham 3-0 which cemented our position in the league for next year. 4 consecutive seasons in the 3rd tier for the first time since the early 80s. Phew. It was a bit touch and go over the last few months for a while. I wasn't there today but did go to Fratton Park on Saturday to see us go down fighting 3-2, after coming back from 2-0 down. One more game for me - Crewe at home for the last game of the season. (See you there @Gigawatt?) Clear out and a bit of a refresh in the summer. Bring on Pride Park and Oakwell away next season.
  9. 2-1 away win at the Valley. The Valley is a great stadium, shame it wasn't full. 1100 Imps saw our first ever win there. I had a non-imp friend visiting and she suggested taking the Emirates cable car from Victoria Dock. First time I've travelled by cable car to an away game. Great day.
  10. Thought you'd blown my acca, but as the minutes ticked on, thought it was ripe for a last minute goal. Thanks very much! I do feel for those Dover players a little bit. Gave it all after a big journey. I bet they didn't fly like Stockport did! But that's football innit!
  11. You are on fire. Thanks for the sure-fire bet which paid out before half time!
  12. AFC Wimbledon 0 - Lincoln City 2 Great away day for me and the other 900 Imps. Lovely weather. The new Plough Lane is a funny one as you can't see it until you're on top of it due to the flats etc around it. It's functional and does the job but the bit we were in still has that 'temporary structure' feel. You can cause a lot of noise by banging on the floor and sides! Very friendly stewards and Brixton ales on tap. They were great hosts. Took the lead in the first half from a strike from our guy on loan from Man City. Then for about 15mins at the start of the 2nd Wimbledon had a bit of pressure but couldn't do anything with it. Dodgy ref, for both sides. We had a man sent off around 70mins. Should have been a yellow, looking back, but hey ho. Wimbledon also might have had a pen on another day. Then in the mid-80s as my nerves were jangling, John Marquis closed down the keeper out of position, blocked and sqaured to Teddy Bishop who coolly slotted it home. Thank you very much. Bit more daylight now between us and them in the league. Just a few more points please.
  13. Knew this was going to be a difficult game. We basically did nothing to threaten you. You nullified everything efficiently. We weren't terrible, it was that you were pretty good. Was great to be at PR with big crowd (25k) under the floodlights.
  14. We played really well and never let Wednesday get going. Super atmosphere with a full stadium and 2000 away fans. Great goals from us. Makes the journey back to London far more pleasant! Looking forward to Ipswich on Tues.
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