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  1. Hey @artz sorry I've been away on holiday. Good win for you, although I think we should be better than we are (a little at least!) I think we are the only team in the EFL without a clean sheet so far. Night and day from last year. At least we went to Hillsborough on Sat and got a draw, though we desperately lack firepower this season. Nice to see Freddie Draper, a 17yo product of our academy come on as a sub though for his first prof debut. Wigan tonight, I'd take a draw there. My next game is Shrews at home on Sat. Picture here of me on my hols just about to run Lands End Parkrun last Sat. (If you get to Land End early enough you can get your picture with the sign for free!)
  2. Going amazing! A good friend of mine in the 92 club is coming to yours for the Walsall game on the 30th to update his 92. Fingers crossed for you both.
  3. Fair play to Plymouth, going well so far. I couldn't get to Lincoln today but I know an imp who will be making his report shortly! I had the opportunity to groundhop and take a short trip to the Den to see Millwall v Luton. Millwall were pretty poor tbf. I think Lincoln would have given them a game. Luton good at what they do and deserved winners. And Millwall missed a penalty. As you can imagine 2-0 down and missing a penalty , then the atmosphere even in the family stand where I sat was fruity. I do note however that it obvious that the club are doing everything they can to try to banish the Neanderthal element at Millwall through lots of means and it was good to see a diverse crowd in the family stand. I enjoyed my visit.
  4. There's some teams that really knock it about well in league one - "proper football" some would say. That doesn't always win you matches. As you ascend the leagues, the higher you go the more the "proper footy" takes ascendancy, but you will come up against some effective teams that don't play in that style, and if you play at theirs on a Tuesday night in the rain then you can get unstuck. Wycombe, Rotherham etc might play a more agricultural style, and it works up to a point for sure. Wycombe have proved that. If ipswich can gel and get playing the passing game on nice surfaces, they'll be there or there abouts, but you do need to be able to grind out those away games (or at least get a point) on bobbly pitches.
  5. Just back. Likewise! Entertaining game. See you soon.
  6. Box looks in pretty good shape as well. Fresh out of a loft? Needs saving before it fades in that window! Also, I have a soft spot for Intelly Imagic boxes. A lovely shiny Atlantis there.
  7. That was one of the great away days. That's when the dormant fans started to see something special was happening and didn't want to miss out. 5000 in the Cobbold stand.
  8. (Lincoln - 2nil loss at Morecambe on Tuesday night) Goodness me, one step forward two steps back. Worst performance of the season. We are toothless in attack. Summer recruitment not good enough. Griffiths (keeper on loan from West Brom) has really come into his own in last few games after people saying he wasn't as good as Palmer. Will be happy to stay in the league this season. We should do that, but then two weeks ago I said we were comfortably top 10. Now I don't think we are near that. But hey, just need a January window! Plymouth at home on Saturday. Not hopeful, but stranger things have happened! At least I'll get to meet a real lifer mukker in person for the first time @Gigawatt where we can regale tales of woe!
  9. Great to find this VCS game in a pawn shop today. Quite a rare title as well. They had others for much more (e.g Obelix for £20) but this one must have slipped past the valuer. Plays a bit like Missile Command, funnily enough.
  10. Travelled to a home match from my London home base on Saturday 18th to see a pretty average Ipswich beat a less than average Lincoln 1-0. Our (Lincolns) recruitment has been poor(unlucky?) and I'll be happy with mid table this season. To be fair we over achieved last season which has raised expectations. And when you have the 2nd youngest squad in the league they aren't used to playing in front of a crowd. Playing behind closed doors did us a favour last season. My next home game is Plymouth, a week on Sat. Are you coming neoElite? Be good to have a pint with you.
  11. That’s a great crowd, and a fantastic result. Cambridge 1 - Lincoln 5 Now that’s what I call an away day. We blew them away. Great goals. That’s more like it. Players returning from injury, newcomers settling etc. Great.
  12. Received on Wednesday. Wow, it's great. Just had a blast through Sunset Riders. Jailbreak was a piece of cake. Only reason I broke it though was to back up some cart saves with CopySNES, which seems to have worked. Really chuffed. What a piece of kit.
  13. Last Thursday I paid £180.21 (Console and shipping). It's due tomorrow. Customs to pay still so should be about £215 all in?
  14. After posting a want in the wanted subforum a week or so ago I have now thrown caution to the wind and ordered a Super NT direct from analogue. Import costs etc seem reasonable enough. I have 30 curated carts in my collection I want to continue to play and currently have a couple of SNESs (one switched) and a rad2X. I don't have any tie to the specific hardware so I figure letting the consoles and the rad2x sell will cover the Super NT cost. Only thing I've seen I might like from the jailbroken software is the cart RAM dump capability. Seems like the best way to save my cart saves before changing the battery?
  15. (Lincoln) Good job I wasn't there Saturday (against Oxford). Apparently we were woeful with the forced formation, especially first half. Really struggling with injuries at the moment, and we haven't replaced Brennan Johnson upfront. Looks like Tayo Edun is off to Blackburn for 500k (not bad for a free). We need his replacement (which I'm sure they have in hand), plus a striker and a keeper. Feel like we're like Oxford and Blackpool last season who had a rough start. My next game is Cambridge away (11th) , then Ipswich home (18th) . Rotherham next weekend (4th) was happening, but with internationals, no chance a London based ST holder is making a rearranged Tues night game. Good job I hadn't bought train tickets!
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