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  1. I cannot in good conscience buy these until they change it to "Cheese flavour corn snakes".
  2. God the birds eye green cuisine meatballs and the Richmond meat free sausages are both amazing. Why are massive players in the meat industry making the best vegan stuff?
  3. I really like the Tofoo brand that is available in supermarkets. It's nice and firm and you don't have to worry about pressing it or anything. Tofu coated in cornflour and paprika and fried is absolutely banging.
  4. Kala namak (also known as black salt) is absolutely amazing. You can make a very nice fake scrambled egg using something like pasta and some kala namak. If anyone finds it in mainstream shops then let me know. Also if anyone is in Bristol and wants to experience vegan fast food heaven then head to Falafel King it Cotham and get a the vegan schawarma laffa (or dharzi). I miss it so much.
  5. I'm reading the Silmarillion right now. Fuck it's a struggle! My teenage self managed it though so I'm fucked if I'm giving up. Very glad that CT was around to get all this stuff published.
  6. That is fucking class. As well as the good writing and the important messages around gender, climate & capitalism it even has a surprising level of good detail on rotor craft theory. I mean come on what's not to like.
  7. I think my favourite parts of the first book were the flashbacks to Roland's training, quite brutal and very compelling. I read some Stephen king as a child but can't remember any of it really. I remember enjoying His Dark Materials too but again my memory of it is hazy. Oddly enough I heard a podcast with Phillip Pullman recently and had a strong urge to reread it. I got rid of the books ages ago, sadly. Anyway I think I'll probably get the second book and see how it goes. Having no good second hand bookshops near me is really reducing the amount I am reading.
  8. I'm just finishing the Gunslinger (dark tower 1). I liked it at first but have lost interest a bit. Is it worth carrying on with the series?
  9. So... Is this a spin off? Like Caprica? Sounds that way from the tweet. Caprica was ok.
  10. Considerably better, by all accounts.
  11. Nobody has mentioned Sunshine? It's not just great, it's incredible. Plus I want to have a threesome with Cillian Murphy's eyes.
  12. Plums


    The aeropress was invented by the same guy who invented the aerobie flying disc.
  13. Plums


    He's the one with the incredible mullet @Rog. Funnily enough I was there last weekend.
  14. Midsommar: 3/5 I enjoyed it and I don't usually enjoy horror films. Watching it felt like quite a unique experience, maybe that meant it was groundbreaking, maybe that it doesn't hold together well as a whole. Either way I liked it. Nearly a 4.
  15. This sounds a lot like a place at Glastonbury called Vegan Vice. Coincidence?
  16. I've had a decent enough week, happy that taking a punt on Heaton over Pope worked out. I have the trifecta of Mane, Sterling and Aubameyang as the consistent core of my team. Aguero and Salah are mighty tempting but picking either of them would necessitate shrinking my consistent core down to 2. I think this season more than ever is going to be about growing your funds so that you can squeeze in one extra, consistent, big money player. I jumped on the team(u) Pukki train for this gameweek and glad that I did - it's difficult to see him going anywhere but up at this point. Those that had him from week 1 are going to be riding high. Likely to lose their places in my team this week are Perez and Ndombele (pending his injury status). I had high hopes for Perez at Leicester but looks like he's going to take a while to find his feet. Defence are getting left alone unless it looks like Robertson's price is starting to drop. Clean sheets seem to be hard to come by this season.
  17. Plums


    My friend makes this. He's an amazing character, if you're in Bristol centre then venture downstairs at the Rummer and if he's around he'll probably give you a tour, a sample, or at least make you laugh with his sheer charm.
  18. Dennis Hopper's final scene in True Romance.
  19. I've just started chatting to someone on a dating app who is massively into star trek. This is a first and I'm quite excited! Initially we agreed to disagree on whether NG or DS9 is the best, and agreed that they are head and shoulders above the rest. Then it transpires that she really likes Discovery.
  20. I also liked Tilly! Most of the time.
  21. Absolutely phenomenal post @Sprite Machine, articulates beautifully so many reasons as to why this show is awful.
  22. I'm not sure if that is correct, I think a lot of particulates and especially hot particulates are carcinogenic if inhaled, not sure it's quite the same if it is ingested. Of course red meat on its own does increases cancer risk so why not smoke that shit up.
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