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    Probably shouldn't be posting this here, but this thread is the only part of the board I inhabit. Ampy turns up in the strangest places (from Robotkid's site).
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    Probably the most useful tactical tip is to always work through the tracks in order, either left to right or right to left. Usually, if you get all the tracks in order without any mistakes you'll have time to get back to the other side and start again, thus maintaining your (hugely important) multiplier. In some songs you'll need to leave a track or two (or 10) at the beginning so that, when you do start, you have a nice clean run set up. Use your freestylers and score doublers when you have an 8x multiplier, use your autocatchers to salvage a messed up track and keep your multiplier (have to be quick with this) and slo-mos... well, they can be useful on difficult tracks, but usually you just wish they were doublers/freestylers. Good luck!
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    A big resurgence of Ampy in the house today. Lots of multiplayer (mostly won by Legs) and a few new scores on the table for me. Nothing really special (yet), but I was quite pleased with my Blink-182 and Slipknot scores. Slipknot - 3334 Gameboyz - 3416 Blink-182 - 3653 Komputer Kontroller - 1627 (just finishing this one pleases me) Should have a few more soon.
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    Started playing today for the first time in ages. Depressingly, just one improvement that makes it onto the scoreboard: P.O.D. vs. TCM - 4661 Back we go.
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