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  1. It gives a similar sort of texture to pulled pork. It doesn't taste like pulled pork!
  2. I'd give it a go if I could make my bedroom sound system play it. I usually listen to this: http://somafm.com/missioncontrol/
  3. Looks nice but I have to query "blow it".
  4. Shit I thought season 8 was the last! With the island stuff! There's another 2 seasons?? Adventure time is the best. I think it peaked at season 5 but it's still superb.
  5. YES! I found the follow your heart veganaise there the other week and oh God it is so good! It actually tastes like mayonnaise unlike most of the other brands about which are mostly revolting. I bought a tiny pot of Mr Organic vegan mayo for £4.50 or something at a local vegan type shop and it was utterly awful I threw it in the bin immediately. Haven't seen the cheese you mentioned at my local, they have starts stocking violife though which I'm pleased with as I quite like it.
  6. Haha, I was sober as a judge actually! It's totally true, when I'm trying to drift off my mind just goes there for some reason. I've talked about it before but that book is just an absolute tour de force of imagery and ideas that capture the imagination.
  7. Who is it that does a beef and mustard flavour? Brannigans? Are they still around? If so I'd counterpoint that they are better.
  8. The Pitmasters/Deep-fried masters crossover was inevitable.
  9. Sounds like something from the Bosh cookbook. The Bosh guys are a little bit annoying but their recipes are dynamite, once I'm done with exams I am going to go through that book.
  10. It feels like my imagination is shit these days, compared to when I was younger. It used to be that I would imagine being on a spaceship, or a submarine or something cool when I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep, I found it really relaxing. I can't do it anymore, nothing really comes to mind. What often does though, is one particular part from feersum endjinn which describes the death of a spotter stationed many kilometers up on some flying buttress or something overlooking the engineer's chapel. I imagine that lonely freezing dude up there with his telescope and, weirdly, it helps me sleep.
  11. The title sequence for this is the most 90s thing in existence. It's like being in a hot tub with the Bluetones.
  12. It's interesting that he lost ballast. I wonder how that works at the weigh in?
  13. I had to stop watching during the first episode as was one of those scifi-that-doesn't-take-itself-seriously-but-isnt-comedy things that I find hard to watch. Am I missing something good? Trek/Expanse Sci-fi nerds who have seen this I'm asking you.
  14. I also sort of lost interest after the initial reveal. I think I watched a few episodes. It is an interesting concept, I'm not sure what made me stop watching, obviously just not very compelling.
  15. I prefer Pulaski to Crusher! Chakotay: he grew on me a bit, possibly down to the shear bland anonymity of much of the rest of Voyager's bridge crew. It's probably 50/50 though to be fair.
  16. How about the worst bridge crew. Archer T'Pol (first officer & science - she is the worst for both) Reed (tactical + security - again worst for both) Geordi (Chief engineer) Mayweather (Helm - lots of competition for this one!) Crusher (medical - tough! they are all quite good) Mostly Enterprise with some TNG.
  17. Wait what? Song of Ice and Fire isn't badly written. At least the ones I've read (first two).
  18. I picked up the first two Hyperion books by Dan Simmons and am enjoying the first one. I've read so much old Asimov, Clarke and Zelazny type stuff recently it just feels good to be back in the modern era.
  19. I need this in my life. This kind of routine is perfect for me (got exams coming up) and also gives me something productive to do on my day off rather than drinking or sitting in my pants feeling guilty that I'm not studying. The only thing I tend to make in serious quantity though is chilli. This is a good excuse for trying out/improving recipes though. Do a trial small batch first.
  20. I literally sliced my finger today cleaning the blade to my blender. It's so sharp and curved that you don't even realise it's happened. I swear one day I'm just going to lift my hands out of the sink and there will be a missing finger. Still very happy with the blender. The design means it's very easy to lift the whole thing in operation and sort of swirl it about to make sure everything gets a good blending. Only downside really is that you need to keep your hand on it to keep it running, so if you wanted to blend something for a while then it's not the best.
  21. Oooh I forgot Mankind Divided existed. purchasing immediately.
  22. I went through that bottle of Grants in about a week. I don't think I will be buying more whisky.
  23. I've never had salted caramel. I'm not really into sweet stuff at all but the concept of this excites me for some reason. I think because of the savoury connection. Caramel is just sugar isn't it? So probably a lot of the posted stuff is vegan..
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