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  1. After a lifetime of trying various whisky and always hating it, I bought a bottle of Grants (it was the cheapest, cheaper even than the own brands) for making Baileys and can't stop drinking it straight. This is the thing that is going to make me a full alcoholic.
  2. Cheers guys, I bought one of these in the end for £30 from Robert Dyas (I love that place): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bosch-MMR08R1GB-Chopper-400-0-8/dp/B002SNAJE4 - that Zyliss thing looks similar, Gotters. Pretty pleased with it so far (though I've only made hummus).
  3. Gotters I want to be you.
  4. I've been wanting to buy one for literally years, I think today might be the day. Anything that is a must buy? How much should I look to spend? Ones to avoid? I don't want anything fancy that cooks and kneads and makes cakes or anything, just something that's not too small (I'm thinker bigger than a nutribullet) but without a huge footprint. I'll mostly use it for soup and veg and blending nuts and things to make delicious vegan macaroni cheese (I'll admit the thought of this is what has driven me to actually buy one).
  5. Definitely that too. It's the big turrets.
  6. I think the most 90s film for me might be Human Traffic.
  7. Shit yes, looks like a combination of the Hyperion class and the newer one whose name I can't remember.
  8. The Affront win that surely, along with many other awards for just being generally great.
  9. Was it the Idirans or the Affront that were described evolutionarily as "top monster on a planet of monsters" ?
  10. He's played 7 Trek roles I think. Weyoun is his opus though. The interplay between Dukat's deluded arrogance and Weyoun's dutiful tolerance-cum-revulsion is maybe the best in the whole show.
  11. God Polish sausage is the absolute best. Just so fatty and gorgeous. Don't eat meat anymore but good God I used to love those things right off the barbecue and all split open.
  12. Why would Quark care about the timeline? He's a Ferengi barkeep not some Starfleet egghead do-gooder. EDIT: oops, misread your post.
  13. Alien Interstellar Sunshine Could be my top 3.
  14. Yeah he does, so at least a couple of people will get to play Horza.
  15. It'll be all about the characters though! Phlebas is really just a big space adventure with the Culture in the background, if Horza and the rest of the crew of the CAT are rubbish then it'll be rubbish, regardless of how they handle the culture. I cannot shift the concept of Thomas Jane as Horza from my brain!
  16. I think the belter accents are superb. Creating this future aesthetic must be so so difficult. Like Miller's hair, they have pitched just the perfect trajectory between what we have now and something utterly absurd. It's incredibly audacious and pulled off with aplomb. Having said that, Dawes' appearance in this clip immediately made me think of the South African sketch from Athletico Mince. "GET BACK IN THE HONDA!".
  17. Gonna be large budget based on what I've read, so at least it should be pretty. Thinking about the GSV bust out, the train!
  18. Just seen this. Freaking out. Of all his books I think Phlebas is probably the best for TV. Not sure that it'll keep the name though!
  19. I think if you immerse yourself in a world of your own creation you'd have to bring a certain level of "accuracy" for want of a better word. I'm expecting sketches rather than works of art - I think if you're embarking on something like this then the sketches and background lore are a necessary part of the process, both as a reference tool and a way to discover and explore new ideas.
  20. This sounds authentically Shakespearean. I would advise though that you put some moves on your friend in addition to the poetry.
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