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  1. Mine is more like a 30 second download and a 10 minute copy / install. Feels like I’m back on a PS3.
  2. I wanted to confirm that the cable arrived and, along with updating 2 settings in the config file (thanks for the link @Klatrymadon), it works like a charm! I have only tinkered with it thus far, but I’m a big fan of what I’m seeing.
  3. Another day, another CRT TV collected. This time I grabbed a B&O Beovision 1 for £20 from a Gumtree advert. The TV is in amazing condition and came with the remote control. Again, only tried it with compos(h)ite as my RGB PS1 and MiSTer cables are still in the post. This was originally going to be for my son, but I may end up keeping that here and let him have the Sony. I can see the B&O fitting in with my intended century modern aesthetic (should I ever get around to executing on it).
  4. No, but I am being very careful not to touch anything. I just used a soft brush attachment on my vacuum cleaner (all plastic) to remove the worst of the dust. I am aware that CRTs do hold some form of charge even when unplugged and unused for some time so did take great care not to blow myself up.
  5. It's all back together now and has been used with a few retro consoles I have to hand (Mega Drive, Gamecube and PS1). Even with composite it looks pretty great - the geometry is surprisingly good. I have a PS1 RGB on the way! I have a MiSTer on the way which will be the main device for using on this set, but the other main use will be PS1 GunCon games! I absolutely adore them (Time Crisis, Point Blank 1 & 2 mainly) and have never been able to recreate that level of accuracy and lag-free-ness since. I tried the Sinden light guns recently and sold them on as the lag was just too much. My 3 kids had a (literal) blast on Time Crisis and Point Blank 1 last night and this morning and had so much fun.
  6. As you can see, I took the back off to get a look inside and also clean the rear casing more thoroughly. Here's a few shots of it looking a little healthier:
  7. There is a small speaker attached to the rear of the case which I removed. I noticed that it 'rattled' when I shook it so I opened it up to find it stuffed with paper and mouse droppings! It should perform a little better with that removed!
  8. I'm back in the game after purchasing a Sony 29" consumer CRT from eBay earlier this week. This one holds real nostalgia for me as I had this exact model, brand new some time in the mid to late 90s (when I was around 15 or 16 years old IIRC). I paid £60 and had an enjoyable 100 mile round trip to collect it from a very nice guy who'd owned the set from brand new (he reckoned it was purchased in 2001). It was quite grubby when I get it and has 19,000 hours on it. Here are some pics of it after unloading from my car
  9. Morning! I'm about to join the MiSTer party with one on the way from eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334089305737 I just have a couple of questions for you guys if you can help please? What's the 'best' way to get RGB SCART output? VGA to SCART or HDMI to VGA to SCART? https://www.retrorgb.com/mister-240p-over-hdmi.html Do I need one of these with the setup I've bought? https://misterfpga.co.uk/product/mister-usb-bridge-board/ Can the MiSTer take a 512 GB Micro SD card? I picked up a Sony CRT last night which will be the main screen for this to be used on. I'll post some pictures once it is all setup. Cheers
  10. Best of luck @joffocakes and @TheShend
  11. @amc - I just wanted to thank you for that video as it highlighted that Redream now supports WinCE games. I can't wait to play Sega Rally 2 again!
  12. "Everything is ordered Everything is cool when you're part of the Mister team. Everything is ordered, when you run FPGA ...." I'll get my coat
  13. Where can I find your music? I’d like to listen to it please.
  14. When the presenter asks “.. and what did you think of it?” The look on Jeff’s face as he inhales before he responds. I’m sure he wanted to say “ It’s fucked man!” I feel strangely proud to see Jeff on this type of platform, although I know he does mainstream media already.
  15. How are you guys and girls getting on with this? It's on my radar as a festive treat for me and my sons after binging heavily on BOTW for most of 2018/19. We'd be playing on Xbox (Series X & S) if that has any bearing on feedback.
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