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  1. Additionally, here are some unofficial shadow mask filters for you.
  2. The work being done on the PS1 core is just incredible, now booting CD images on one sdram board. Also, shadow masks are now officially included in the Snes, Nes, PC Engine, Neo Geo, Mega Drive & Mega CD cores. Run your updaters. Once you've done that download the shadow mask filters from here and place them in a folder named "Shadow_Masks" on your SD card.
  3. I've been watching these Yesterzine vids as & when I can recently, I'm really enjoying them, and I will get to see them all eventually! Great stuff, Dudley!
  4. The Ukraine is not part of the EU. In addition to this, I believe that there is a free trade deal now in place between the UK & Ukraine. This should mean that anyone who orders an Everdrive from Krikzz won't have to pay any import duties. I'm thinking of getting myself an N64 Everdrive but I haven't fully convinced myself yet!
  5. I don't really fancy dropping any money just yet on another sdram module that might not be needed, I'll be holding back & waiting to see if both Robert & srg320 manage to get their respective PS1 / Saturn cores running with the existing single 128mb sdram board. I know it's tempting to go and buy the additional sdram now & getting prepped for these two cores but I would suggest not rushing into buying more ram just yet. Don't forget that these cores are still a long way from being ready for a public release. I still have my original launch PS1 console in the back of a cupboard along with a few games, and one of my Saturn's equipped with a Mode is currently under the TV so from a personal perspective I'm happy to wait to see how these cores evolve.
  6. Some kind soul has been good enough to add these shadow mask filters to a few more cores, plus Jotego's "old tv" effect as well. These cores are Neo Geo, Mega Drive, NES & C64. These can be downloaded from this github repository here (shamelessly pinched from discord!). So that these don't get deleted / overwritten by the updaters I'd recommend putting them into a "_Test" folder in the root of your SD card. I also discovered something that one or two of you might find useful. These are not new and you may already be aware of them, a few cores have been coded to work in 3D on 3D displays. I think those Master System 3D games will see the most mileage out of this. As well as Master System, there are also Mega Drive & NES 3D cores as well. Again, put these into a test folder. These 3D cores are courtesy of Grabulosaure, the creater of the MiSTer scaler. I don't know how good these are as I don't have a 3D TV (and I struggle with 3D anyway so I won't be using them!)
  7. Lastest test build of the X68000 core here for those that are interested. Cho Ren Sha now works again.
  8. I recently had access to one of the UK's oldest church organs, and will have continued access to it from here on in. As well as practicing some of the typical classical repertoire I attempted to play the track below ... albeit unsuccessfully as I couldn't fully remember it. Been trying to commit this to memory, I think it would work entirely as an organ solo. Something rather soothing about this. Castlevania Symphony Of The Night (Saturn / PS1) - Requiem For The Gods - Composer Michiru Yamane
  9. Here's a new video from SRG320 showing more of the Saturn core on MiSTer. Amazing stuff, but I feel still a long way from being ready any time soon. Strangely, considering this was posted about 12 hours ago this video seems to have flown under the radar of the MiSTer community at large. I've not seen anyone mention this yet.
  10. Having just played through two cups using the Japanese version I can't say I'm seeing any issues with my setup. Very strange. Apologies for the crap video, but it's not showing the issue you've described.
  11. @Fallowsis this on a crt or modern flat panel? I was just about to start playing that new F-Zero Climax translation, but I can give the original a go for a while.
  12. I'm not aware of any issues with the scripts at the moment. But now that you mention it, I did have an issue getting Cotton yesterday (in that I couldn't find it after running Update_All, even after a manual update I struggled to find where the MRA files for Cotton were located). I know that with this new version of the script the author said to wait about an hour or so after new cores are announced before running the script. As I ran it only 10 minutes after the Cotton announcement it could be that I had jumped the gun too early. From my point of view, it's difficult to know if it was a genuine problem of not. Having said all that, I've been running these Jotego cores with the shadowmask options included for about a week, they definitely got updated by the script last weekend. All I can suggest for now is to go into the Update_All options, make sure "Jotego Downloader" is enabled. Then go into the Jotego settings and make sure option 3 (install beta cores) is set to true, although that second option isn't going to make a difference here. The thing is that nearly all of Jotego's cores have had the shadowmask treatment, whether they're public or beta. The only exception I've found so far is Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja.
  13. I'm certain that these will be made available for other cores in due course. I'm under the impression that Sorg isn't too keen on the idea of these but is at least willling to add them added to the official cores. The SNES, Mega Drive & Neo Geo all have test builds where these have been enabled. These shadowmasks are baked into the core itself so we'll just have to wait for Sorg to add these officially once Soltan_G42 is happy with them. I think the reason why they're already in Jotego's cores is because Atrac17 (the guy who does the custom modelines) has picked up on these shadowmasks & has ran with it.
  14. @TomdominerThe option should be visibe when opening the main menu (see image). These updated cores should be coming down with Update_All. I'm not going to take another photo because I'm hopless when it comes to filming / taking photos / general camera work, but you can see from the text & the G&G logo behind the menu that these shadowmask filters look very nice.
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