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  1. Bosconian (X68000) - Blast Power! - Composer Yuzo Koshiro
  2. To counteract the classical, something that is genuinly game music. MIG Busters (Spectrum) - Title Music - Composers Sonic Graffiti and Andy Severn
  3. Just been watching @Dudley's video about new games for the Master System (SMS Power '21 Coding Competition). After hearing something on that video I've decided to resurrect the "classical music in video games" topic for one post. I know the game doesn't really count as retro, but the music does and I've always liked this. Mussorgsky - "Promenade" from Pictures At An Exhibition (Composer's original piano version & Ravel's orchestrated version in the spoiler)
  4. Dengeki Division (PC98) - Forest - Ryu Umemoto
  5. ESP Ra Da progress by Josh Bassett.
  6. Yu-No (PC98) - Fate - Composer Ryu Umemoto
  7. I love the Ikaruga score, especially stage 2. There's something about the military snare drum and the slight dissonance in the strings that really make this track, are the strings playing in parallel fifths at various points? I can't quite tell. (Goes completely against what I was taught in terms of harmony, probably why I like it!) I may have to study this track in more depth at some point. Ikaruga (DC / GC + others) - Chapter 2 Trial - Composer Hiroshi Luchi
  8. A little bit of disappointing news for the PS1 core, hearing rumours that Laxer3A is no longer working on PS1 core development. Not sure how much truth is in this. EDIT :- Looks like it's true. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E0-mkmtXIAwibtt?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
  9. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSflt00Uq8MEmhBprlyE_W2LNAo9E4DPFFbPvZEdMhXQOUaxMw/viewform Seen this MiSTer survey pop up. As it's quite short I decided to to fill it in. There's couple of questions at the end that might influence future development and features. @Count Buffalos did you get to the bottom of your juddering issue?
  10. Mad Stalker Full Metal Forth (Force) (X68000) - Stage 4 - Composer Keishi Yonao
  11. Possessioner (PC98) - Tower Interior - Composer Masahiro Kajihara
  12. Etrian Odyssey III (NDS) - Hoist The Sword With Pride In The Heart - Composer Yuzo Koshiro
  13. Iridion 2 (GBA) - Aniki - Composer Manfred Linzner
  14. IF you send me a copy of your primary mister.ini for the HD panel I'll have a look and see if anything obvious leaps out to me.
  15. @Count BuffalosPresumably you're going into a HDMI panel? What resolution have you set in the ini? For a while I was using 1440p until I saw a judder on various cores, as soon as I noticed it I couldn't unsee it so switched back to 1080p and now using those 5x options. In my case I don't think my panel likes the 1440p settings the MiSTer throws out. Maybe you're seeing a similar issue. Also, are you doing a cold reboot after setting the options in the ini?
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