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    I've already posted this in the retro section last night, figured it would get a bit more exposure to right crowd in here. Dinoforce, an unreleased PC Engine game that is finally getting a physical release towards the end of the year, is having the rom released to the public this coming Friday. The best bit is this rom download will be free. Details in the link. http://dinoforce.pceworks.net/
  2. This deserves it own mini thread so that everyone (Analogue Pocket, PCE Everdrive, Pi & other emulation options) can benefit from this, not just the MiSTer users. As the title says, this unreleased PC Engine title will be available as a free download from "PCEWorks" on the 25th November. More details here ... http://dinoforce.pceworks.net/
  3. A Target Renegade remake?! That wasn't on my radar at all, where can I find info on this? Do we need to have a thread dedicated entirely to itch.io recommendations that run on original hardware? I find the website a bit of a pain to navigate around as too many titles are Windows based. I've downloaded a handful of freebies as well as purchasing Bikers for the ZX Next, and Sarah Jane Avory's C64 games over the last few years, but generally don't use the site.
  4. There's lots of choices for cases these days. I wouldn't bother with the 3d printed cases you see on Ebay. I had one of those in the early days of the MiSTer when there was no choice and the quality of them wasn't that good. I think a lot of people here have gone with the acrylic case from misterfpga.co.uk. I believe others will have to chime in here as I've never owned this case but it's relatively cheap & looks to be of decent quality. The case I own is the "PCB Case" from Ulimate MiSTer. A little more expensive as it comes with a USB hub specifically for the case. A bit more of an industrial look that I like. Then there's the alluminium case from Misteraddons. Only sold in limited batches and quite expensive to get them here in UK, these are considered by many to be the best. They certainly look premium in terms of quality. Passive cooling so doesn't need a fan. I'd like one of these but can't justify it with my existing setup. Those are the three main options. There are also other options, but these require a specific i/o board like the Ironclad that lets you use a standard mini-itx case, or the MiSTer-Multisystem, another non-standard i/o board that has it's own 3d printed case. Given the case I own ships from Portugal there will be import taxes to pay (I got mine when we were still in the EU). If I were ordering today I'd go with the acrylic case from MiSTerfpga.co.uk.
  5. @MikeBeaverI also tested this on the Super NT, no issues there. The only machine I can't test is the Pocket as I don't have one, eye sight issues are part of the reason why I've never owned handhelds apart from a 3DS.
  6. This probably won't work on the pocket just yet, it certainly doesn't work on the MiSTer, which I found out before seeing the post below. There's a revised version of the patch being created right now. Hopefully it'll be playable on both platforms then. I've tried it on my Snes, you're in for a treat!
  7. Off the top of my head neither the PC Engine or Mega Drive cores require the sdram module to run, enough games in those two libaries to tide you over until you get the sdram. I seem to be remembering that a lot of GBA games don't need the sdram to run ..... but I may be wrong on that one! Although It is recommended to install a fan and heatsink, I think you'll be fine running the MiSTer without them for a week or so. In the early days of my MiSTer ownership I ran without a fan for 6 months or so.
  8. I decided to have another play with OutRun, only this time I recorded some of the errors that I have seen. Everything from little glitches in trackside objects, the Ferrari disappearing momentarily, to the "Mario Kart Rainbow Road Special" track. I'm not seeing anyone on Jotego's Discord mention anything like this. However, despite being a Patreon of his I've never fully registered on his Discord channel so I'm sure there's lots of chat I'm not seeing. I can't believe I'm the only person seeing things like this. Is anyone else seeing issues similar to what is highlighted in the video in the spoiler? I'm running the MiSTer at 1080p, just as @Dr_Daveis. Part of me is tempted to draw Jotego's attention to it, but at the same time I'm not sure if it's worth it knowing that the core is being reworked to introduce a frame buffer & lower the clockspeed of the core. Any thoughts & opinions are welcome!
  9. Here's a pic of the starting line I took just a few moments ago. I've also heard the audio glitches. It will be interesting to see how many people can get this to work without too many issues. Still, it is an early beta and Jotego says there will be another beta release once he's got the frame buffer working.
  10. While I have gotten the game to work in that it boots everytime I load it, I've only had it stable enough to make a decent run twice. I got one of them on camera and just failed to reach the the end (see spoiler). I managed to reach the end off camera on the second run . What I'm experiencing with this are lockups and other weird things like "game over" as soon as I start, weird colours, lines across the screen, main car disappearing and other strange things. I know it's a beta & to expect problems, but it's almost unplayable for me because of the crashes. It seems as Jotego knows about them, he has said something about the MiSTer framework not liking the fact that this core is running at 100mhz, this will be halved once a frame buffer is introduced. I'm now thinking that Jotego should have held off on releasing this. Thankfully, I have the Saturn version so I'm not really bothered by this at the moment. But I can imagine that people without a Saturn and who were waiting patiently for this are going to be a little disappointed.
  11. I've also heard that, but haven't really noticed any difference with compatibility. I only run the HiSaturn Bios (hacked region free version) is for the boot up sound. All of the other bios versions are currently lacking that sound.
  12. @Dr_Dave This is using a single stick of ram. I'm not going to purchase a 2nd stick until a core I'm interested in demands it. I already have a Saturn with an ODE so the MiSTer core isn't essential for me. I think curiousity got the better of me a few nights ago. I caved in and installed the core and just started seeing what works & what doesn't. We can't save games yet so trying to start any rpg's or going for high scores is pointless at the moment. All things considered, this is progressing nicely. A few more videos in the spoiler - Hyper Duel, Elevator Action Returns, Digital Pinball Necronomicon, Detana Twinbee, Bubble Symphony, Cotton 2, Layer Section, Kyuutenkai, Parodius, Forever With Me & Sega Rally. Excuse the poor video quality, and the poor game playing, this was just running through some games to see what works without any real thought for gameplay. Changing the subject, for those who were anticipating Outrun from Jotego and were disappointed there was no release. I've just spotted a message on this Discord. I suspect some of you have seen it already. Without quoting the message directly, it appears Outrun is almost maxxing out the sdram which will cause problems down the line with the other Sega super scalers. Jotego has delayed the release while he thinks of a solution to the current sprite count issue.
  13. I've spent a bit of this evening having a play with the updated Saturn alpha core. If someone had told me back in 2018 that I'd be able to play Saturn Daytona on the MiSTer I'd have laughed at them. Yet, here we are in 2022 and it's a reality! Granted, there are some sound issues and the odd graphical glitch here & there but I have to say I'm impressed. Getting some good mileage out of some other games as well .... Sega Rally, Hyper Duel, Elevator Action Returns, Layer Section to name a few. Cue crappy video (I don't have any capture equipment! Did the engine noise in Daytona CCE always sound like a Leyland National bus?!)
  14. Amakuchi is an amazing player, and I say that as a pianist who also has a history of playing older generations of this type of instrument. Her musicianship is exceptional, there aren't too many people who would livestream for an hour playing only music that is being sight-read. There aren't too many people who would be able to play this piece "live" either, which she has done on a few occassions. I discovered her channel just as she was starting a live stream at the very start of the UK lockdowns in 2020. Everything that she performs could easily be posted here. Funnily enough, I had already posted this "Dancing Mad" performance a few pages back. She does a livestream on Youtube a few times a month, usually on a Thursday at around 2:00pm UK time (about to change to 1:00pm due to the clocks going back). It's well worth checking out if you're able to. Changing the mood slightly..... Ufouria: The Saga / Hebereke (NES / FC) - Hebe In The Cold Area - Composer Naoki Kodaka The guys at Sunsoft really knew how to make the NES sing!
  15. I'm certain that update_all takes care of all the bios related files and puts them into the necessary locations. Your games can either be in bin/cue format, but you can compress them down into .chd format for space saving. I don't use Snac so others will have to chime in here for anything related to that!
  16. Nope, no cart readers yet for the MiSTer. It's been mentioned on & off all the time I've been involved with MiSTer but nothing has ever come of it. Having said that, there was this video I saw some time back. A bit of a faff to set up, and how many people have a Retrode? Not worth the effort. As much as I like the MiSTer, I keep the NT Mini, Super NT & Mega SG around just because of my cart collection. They are fantastic machines. However, this "last run" batch has a certain "something" about it. (NT Mini / NT Mini Noir comes to mind, and Aunyclimax has picked up on this too!
  17. I'm sure this is not the first time this has been posted, but as all of the F-Zero videos in this thread appear to have been removed from Youtube it gives me the perfect excuse to post this. F-Zero (SNES) - Port Town - Composers Yumiko Kanki & Naoto Ishida As a little bonus, here's a version recently performed by one of my favourite keyboard players.
  18. I found the 3DS, and it turns out I had already purchased Super Hang On .... happy days! I had a bit of moment when I ran update all yesterday, it started deleting all of my Atrac17 and other unofficial cores from my MiSTer. Turns out there is a new setting in the menu that will redownload them. This might help others who don't want to manually install some of these beta cores. In the Update_All options go to Misc (no.8) and select "Yes" for Coin-Op Collection. This should get the unofficial cores, things like the Toaplan core, Darren_O's cores and a few others.
  19. @dataDaveI didn't know there was a 3DS port, or if I did I've forgotten! I can't even remember where my 3DS is, but I'm now going off to hunt it down and see if I can still purchase the game. @spanky debrestThe analogue using an 8bitdo pad seems a little on the sensitive side. I finally found my old NeGcon pad a few days ago while digging out my N64. Only thing is I haven't got a PS1Snac adapter to try it with. You'll have to let me know how it is with the NeGcon pad.
  20. I'm pleased to see this core. I had a go on Super Hang On last night and it's good overall. The only issue I can see is when entering your initials on the score board the sprites cover up some of the text. Crappy initial gameplay video!
  21. Psychic 5 (Arcade) - Intro / Demo Music - Composer Shinichi Sakamoto The whole soundtrack is good. As it's a quite short it's worth having a listen to all of it.
  22. It really is! As has been pointed out earlier, I feel that George may be on thin ice, even more so with this video. I'm not exactly a social media person so I don't really know how to use Twitter properly, but how on earth has he managed to get hold of the private messages between Lady Decade & Martin McNeil? And then making said private messages available to the public .... I think this video might be one step too far. While the whole Lady Decade thing has been a shit show from the moment her "scared" video was released, I think that George is maybe taking things a little too far and has turned this into a personal vendetta against LD & THGM.
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