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  1. @Tomdominer What you should find is that "Action Fighter", "Alex Kidd The Lost Stars" & "Fantasy Zone" MRA files are downloaded to your main _Arcade directory. Have a look through the MRA's in the root of the _Arcade folder & you'll see them. Wonderboy 3, on the other hand, should have downloaded to the _Alternatives folder, and only to this folder. In _Alternatives you should see a folder named "Wonderboy 3" which contains 3 MRA files. I should point out that the other three games also have versions in the _Alternatives folder, these will just be different regional versions. And as @D
  2. Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story (PC98) - Faint Dream - Inanimate Dream (Yuuka's 2nd Theme / Final Stage Boss) - Composer ZUN
  3. Dragon Knight 4 (X68000) - Lead The Van - Composers Masaki Sugo, Yoichi Shimizu & Tsuyoshi Fukutomi Two alternatives in the spoiler - Snes & possibly the PS1 version (it could also be the PC-FX version!)
  4. Crimson II (PC88) - Chapter of Marlon the Wizard: Field - Composers Ryuji Sasai, Chihiro Fujioka, Shigekazu Kamaki, Yumi Kinoshita
  5. You need to download a unique "Beta.zip" file from the Patreon page to go into your Mame folder. The copy that comes down courtesy of Update_all stops the beta cores from working. Don't really know how it works yet as I've not yet had time to install it. To get that beta.zip file you have to log into Patreon to see the Patreon only post where the beta.zip file is located. Thinking about this, I can see this being abused to a certain degree.
  6. Akazukin Cha Cha Cha (X68000) - Stage 5 - Composer Shinoda Nobuhisa (I.C. KaZe)
  7. I'm no closer to explaining what you've experienced @Fallows. I've just briefly tried Snes Sim City, first with the auto-save feature turned off and second with it turned on. The saving mechanism behaved exactly like I expected it to. With auto-save off I built a rudimentry town, saved in-game and then rebooted to the menu. As expected there was no save to load. Went through the same procedure again only with the auto-save turned on this time. saved in-game, rebooted with the saving message on the screen this time. Went to reload and there was a save to load this time. Your scenario has me rea
  8. I'm going to test this anyway as your experience with this has made me a little curious as to what might have been happening.
  9. @Fallows Not an issue I've had, & to be honest is also the first time I've heard of this saving issue *unreliable autosave) so I can't really give any advice from personal experience. By default I've always set that "auto save" option to on and I'm not aware of having lost a save file or game progress. I'm under the impression that for the in-game save file to be saved permanently to the SDcard you had to save in the menu of the core itself. I'm very much in the habbit of opening the OSD menu when I've finished my game to ensure things get saved. After finishing with the core I
  10. Arcus II (PC88) - Ten Years After 2 (Opening) - Composer Masaaki Uno
  11. @jonnyalpha Sounds like you're more into the intricacies of the ao486 core than I am! I've just tested Alone In The Dark & C&C Red Alert without any issues. Might be best to start again, hopefully you'll still have the original 300 files.
  12. @jonnyalpha What games are you trying to run? Let me know & I'll test on my setup. I know a few games in that pack weren't playing nicely when the pack first launched. Have you got Flynnbit's 300 updater?
  13. More Sharp X68000 preview footage. I've previously tried Space Harrier and while it's one of the better working games on the core the resolution the original core put out made the game look a little squashed. This is the closest we're going to get to Sega's "super scaler" games on MiSTer for a while and I'm hoping that Super Hang On now works with this improved core, I could never get it to work with the previous builds of the core. Sounds good as well. Hoping that we won't have to wait too long for this build to be released. Music test upto 3:28, then gameplay.
  14. F.I.R.E. (Spectrum 128K) - Title Music - Composer Frantisek Fuka
  15. Super Laydock: Mission Striker (Sharp X1) - Dangerous Warp - Composer Shigeru Tomita
  16. Rusty (PC98) - Blood Soon Castle (Intro) - Composers Masahiro Kajihara, Kenichi Arakawa, Ryu Takami.
  17. I'm not entirely sure if Puu, the original creator of the X68K core, has abandoned the core or not. But the good news is someone seems to have picked it up and is reworking it. Rysha the NES guru is involved so it will end up in a much more useable and highly polished state than it is in currently. It looks to have midi support implemented and I know from a previous test build that I tried that Jotego's JT51 sound core (YM2151) is working fine. This is looking & sounding better than any previous builds I've tried. Hopefully, this will be available to us all soon. I guess the fl
  18. It's always nice to see new cores in development. I have no prior experience of the Wonderswan so it'll be fun exploring that library! I'm fairly excited about what Jotego posted about a couple of days ago. In short, Jotego has been gifted a few arcade boards which ultimately could end up yielding 50-odd arcade games. R-Type & Raiden 2 are among them. Here's the tweet thread. Also looking forward to the next iteration of Josh Bassett's Cave core. https://www.patreon.com/posts/51338108 This one might be a figment of my imagination, but I'
  19. I've only ever used the stock multi-voltage PSU that comes as standard with the DE10 and have never had any issues. When I ordered my MT32-Pi recently I took the opportunity to get that PSU from the site you've linked to as the Pi & MT-32Pi are powered from the DE10 and was fearing the stock PSU wouldn't be enough to power everything I have connected. However, it worked fine with the stock PSU. The hardware I have connected is the i/o borard, USB hub (powered from the MiSTer) and several wireless dongles for keyboards, mice & pads plus the MT32-pi. I think the stock PSU will serve you
  20. The 21 pin version of the Fenrir is going up for sale on the 28th May according to Ced, so not long to wait if you've got or are getting a later revision of the Saturn.
  21. Bosconian (X68000) - Blast Power! - Composer Yuzo Koshiro
  22. To counteract the classical, something that is genuinly game music. MIG Busters (Spectrum) - Title Music - Composers Sonic Graffiti and Andy Severn
  23. Just been watching @Dudley's video about new games for the Master System (SMS Power '21 Coding Competition). After hearing something on that video I've decided to resurrect the "classical music in video games" topic for one post. I know the game doesn't really count as retro, but the music does and I've always liked this. Mussorgsky - "Promenade" from Pictures At An Exhibition (Composer's original piano version & Ravel's orchestrated version in the spoiler)
  24. Dengeki Division (PC98) - Forest - Ryu Umemoto
  25. ESP Ra Da progress by Josh Bassett.
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