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    Working at Midway Newcastle on the GUI/HUD/design-type-stuff for Wheelman for 360/PSP/PC as well as sketching stuff and the usual crying at white walls and angrily masturbating.

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  1. rllmuk doesn't seem to want to send my dad a password and has forgotten his e-mail address. As if anyone gives a shit any more.

  2. I don't think he's dead, so he still can. There's hope!
  3. Me and Nicky finished Halo 3 on Heroic with co-op and was pretty good, except for that horrific , though I'd really like to get a gaming session together with four players co-op on Legendary. *crosses fingers*
  4. Incredible scenes! Some genius in that Discovery clip... so much to love!
  5. I need to get back into 2000AD. There was a point where I lost all faith in it and stopped buying it. This could be the recommendation I need!
  6. "You cannot killll whaaat doessss not livveeeee". Oh, and one of the best moments in Dredd history ever - Anyone else see the Comics Britannia documentary last night? Pretty good, although needed more 2000AD and less Viz.
  7. Watching the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it's safe to say that the Candyman is also suitable paedo material. "Here, kids! Have these sweets! They're totally free! Now come round the back for more free sweets!". I also was surprised I didn't remember Willy Wonka's Tunnel of Fear and Disturbing Imagery.
  8. Speaking of Siouxsie, I really love the Cish Cash video from Pleix. Better quality version here.
  9. It works very well - it's kind of like a New Zealand Mighty Boosh - comedy and songs intermixed together. I have a new favourite tune - Cheer Up, Murray!.
  10. I used to hate South Park before I saw the South Park Movie. Now I enjoy it rather more.
  11. Terrible fucking poster. I also used to remember an age when people designed proper logos for movies too.
  12. It's a good job we're not paying for any of this. Oh.
  13. Here's a few good reasons why BBC Three should die a death - "Help! I Smell Of Fish!" "Under 18 And Under The Knife" "Most Annoying Pop Songs" "Danny - Escaping My Female Body" "Lucy : Teen Transexual In Thailand" "Dog Borstal" "Help Me Anthea - I'm Infested" Some of the programme titles which will can be seen in the next 7 days. It reads like something out of TV Go Home, except it's frighteningly real.
  14. That'll be O! News - looks like it's part of this new show too. A classic piece of O! News -
  15. Just seen the for this - could be good, could be bad. Who knows? It's not been on television yet! Hahah! Let's wait until it does so and then we can formulate our opinions about it.
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