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  1. Recent discovery - bowl of porridge with a huge dollop of Nutella is possibly the best breakfast I've ever had. Food of kings!
  2. "Everything is going according to plan." I'll only buy it if it has that gorilla on the front cover, and maybe a coupon to get some free chocolate.
  3. Yep - the help secion of Max has some very, very handy tutorials with pictures and everything.
  4. There was that strip with the hunchback in the attic which scared the crap out of me as a kid. That and, of course, Thirteen Floor. I'm glad I saw the repeat of this - it was a great documentary and was interesting to see the characters I loved when I was but a wee lad. Looking forward to the others!
  5. Cheers for the heads-up - loved the D.A.N.C.E. video and I love this too! I think the MTV rant was justified considering the circumstances.
  6. I remember Wham bars with the lovely sparkly sugar bits too. They were tooth-rotting bliss.
  7. I don't think I'm going to miss that. As for the Bourne comparison - well, let's see. Bourne's been wildly successful and those film producers were wise to capitalise on it. I do remember trying to read the book and being bored shitless by it, so more Parkour blokes jumping about please. In fact, they should appear in every movie with Craig in from now on. Maybe there's going to be a scene where he logs into Home on his PS3 and then takes a PSP "gadget" with him on a mission.
  8. I don't know if I could call it a good advert - it's definitely memorable. Perhaps that's what makes it a good advert. Ohnos! Paradox!
  9. I'm no plant, though you probably are too distracted trying to remove your tongue from Meh's arse.

  10. Weren't they working on the conceptual stage of this ages ago? Hmm, that can't be right.
  11. Almost finished reading The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss - a cracking read. I need to get my hands on the other Lucifer Box novel too...
  12. Coooo, Dog Soldiers tonight on Five. Wouldn't mind seeing that again...
  13. Best improvised live song ever inspired by an over-enthusiastic member of the audience - ...plus I recommend checking out all of Ben's live Myspace recordings too - all on YouTube!
  14. Aha, yes! I was quite surprised that I didn't actually recognise her and even when it was pointed out on the commentary it was her... I still didn't recognise her! Spook!
  15. Really? Hmm. You could still have the vocals kick in straight after that drum bit.
  16. I do like The Living Daylights for the fact they represented Bond best - as a complete bastard. Casino Royale was good for showing us why Bond ended up being weary of ladies he falls in love with. I did enjoy parts of Casino Royale (especially the parkour stuff) though the poker stuff had completely the wrong pace compared to the rest of the movie. Also it's a shame a majority of the gadgets which Bond uses are things we use all the time - high-spec mobile phones, etc. A shame about the blatant product placement (mostly from the likes of Sony and Ford - every car in the car park of a scene in the movie was Ford-owned, and I'm sure they were using Blu-Ray in the Casino itself to record CCTV footage).
  17. The beginning of The Spy Who Shagged Me was quite, quite incredible for cameos. Anyone mentioned Peter Jackson's cameo in Hot Fuzz yet?
  18. Unexpected conclusion to that advert which I just saw during the ad break of King Kong on Channel 4 (sneaky!), though I wanted the faux-gorilla to mouth along to the words like Phil. Ah, well.
  19. Utter shite. The trailer for the sequel looks 100 times better.
  20. This is my last post in Discussion ever. Cheers.
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