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  1. Central character slowly building up his arsenal of skills/abilities while changing his surrounding environment for the better/worse. Plus monkeys. Sven ;[)~
  2. I've played it religiously for an hour or so every day when I get in from the stresses of work. It's a great game for that - though stress levels returned when I couldn't get that sodding NES game from the end-of-the-month lottery of Nook's. GRRAaagaaah! I've only got one NES game so far, and that's bloody Soccer. I have a nice golden statue though. I am the king. Sven ;[)~
  3. The handling of the bike was quite weird - I kept falling off a lot, then all of a sudden it just clicked and I was doing all kinds of crazy stuff. There were some brilliant missions with the bike too, especially the one involving Ms. Suxx and a huge projector (f'nar)... Sven ;[)~
  4. I'm going to buy 2 PSPs and tape them to some oversized spectacles. Sven ;[)~
  5. Gaaah! I once walked in front of Peter Molynuex at ECTS one time, as he was answering all the shocked faces with "Yes, yes! It's me! Peter Molyneux! Yes, yes!". Balding get. Sven ;[)~
  6. Best meshing of sound and vision I've ever seen in a game. Sure, it's "Space Harrier with techno trousers" to quote Mr. Minter, who is working on Unity at the moment, but they're very nice, shiny trousers. Score Attack does give the game more longevity too as well as shitloads of stuff to unlock. Sven ;[)~
  7. Nothing beats Area 5 with very loud speakers. I have faith in Mizuguchi. He's not failed me before. "Merge with Sonic Team? I'm off." Sven ;[)~
  8. Typical. Just when I paid off my house entirely and started a new chapter in my virtua-life. I have 6 chances to get some funky stuff from Redd's lottery at the end of the month and I still hate Sea Bass with a passion. Sven ;[)~
  9. I liked Metal Arms a lot when I played the OXM demo, though I was a touch disappointed to see the horrific VSyncing going on at various points in the game. My mate who owns the PS2 version doesn't suffer from this. It's a great game still, though - quite deceptively tough though full of nice touches. Plus a swearing dog robot thing. Sven ;[)~
  10. I let out a very audible yelp at the news story. I can't wait - Rez on the bus? Fuck, yes please. From what I've seen from Death Jr., I'm very excited. Sven ;[)~
  11. I filled that bastard museum with every kind of fossil today. Felt proud. What did I get? Naff all. That git of an owl... Sven ;[)~
  12. Thanks for the link! I adored the first season, so this is very good, yes. Sven ;[)~
  13. So good that EA gave em pots of cash. I'm tempted to start modding. Sven ;[)~
  14. What was the name of the coffee house? Hallowed Grounds. I liked that little touch. I thought the bit with the old bloke and the chainsaw was a bit grim though. Grim and tragically funny... I wish Peter Jackson would remake Braindead. Sven ;[)~
  15. Let's put this into even more perspective. Trauma Studio's rather fantastic Desert Combat. 100% free. Sven ;[)~
  16. September 30th. Kidding. Still hurts. Sven ;[)~
  17. And therein lied the problem. She wasn't creepy. Robert Patrick in T2 was utterly spooky. She was just fanciable, with a crap extend-o-arm weapon attachment thing. Not good. Sven ;[)~
  18. Add me to the list of "really surprised it was a good movie" supporters. Sven ;[)~
  19. Don't care. Buying it. Sven ;[)~
  20. Me and my mate in the cinema were the only ones laughing out loud at many bits in the Dawn of the Dead remake. Maybe we're hardened hardcore horror experts, but I really enjoyed the remake. I was very surprised, and there were some good parallels to 28 Days Later (the fast-shutter shake-o-cam, running zombies) plus it had the wonderous Richard Cheese in the soundtrack. Can't go wrong. Plus! The credits! I left the cinema grinning like a gimp. The new Shaun trailer is wonderful too. I'm a big Spaced fan, and I reckon the movie will be like a movie version of Spaced with added zombies. Fantastic!! "Pisshead." Sven ;[)~
  21. Definitely. I absolutely loved the game, and even though the graphics weren't that impressive, the sense of eerieness is very impressive indeed. Plus, space monkeys. Sven ;[)~
  22. I hear Rare are kind of Nazi-ist. No mp3s allowed on your workstations (No way. I always love working to music with big-ass headphones on to filter out the woe )... Rare were/are a badly run company!? This is the thing which worries me... I've only worked at one devco so far, so I haven't got much of a gauge about any of the other devcos knocking about. I reckon EA must be bliss to work at, maybe Rockstar too... It's just disheartening when you see shit happen in front of your eyes and you want to do something about it, but you can't. You know it's total wrongness and yet it's denied as such. Good job I'm finally getting around to doing something about it. Sven ;[)~
  23. Yeah, except for the cel-shading and low polygon environments.... Sven ;[)~
  24. Hehe. He was mocapped too. Actually, the look Sydney gives Marshall was pretty accurate... It wasn't a piss poor demo, though it wasn't incredible either. Sven ;[)~
  25. To be honest, I'd rather play it fresh and with all its surprises left intact. Then again, it'll be impossible to avoid all the coverage. Waah. Sven ;[)~
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