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  1. Well, Alias demo is okayish. Scooby Doo = wank. Dunno what they were thinking there. Conan wasn't bad. Wasn't good either, though. R Racing - gaaah. Horrific handling belies the lovely presentation. Gimme ol' Ridge handling! Turtles is good in a mindless old skool beat 'em up kind of way... Tenchu is pretty cool though. Didn't bother with much else. As for the Cameron thing, I'm sure that after all the hard work and kudos he put into the first two movies, he could tell whoever he wanted to wait however long... Mostow needs to be anally probed. Terminatrix. Mwhaha. Pissy. Crummy. Not at all creepy. Sven ;[)~
  2. The 24 split-screen thing was pissy. Didn't do what it was supposed to. I just thought that they concentrated a lot in the cut scene at the beginning on Vaughn and Sydney, and less time on Marshall's mocapped body and Jack Bristow's disabled mouth. Definitely a renter though, seeming I think about Jenn constantly. Well, maybe not that constantly. Sven ;[)
  3. My online PC gaming mate has told me of horror stories of people on his own side killing him when he's about to board his beloved tankbuster. Friendly fire? Yep, plenty of that. Sven ;[)~
  4. My enthuiasm was unbounded, I used to pull stupid office hours on the second major game I worked on. It was Dreamcast-developed and we were hit by the Sega announcement about their stopping of hardware production... thing was, I was young and niave. I had more hair and I thought working in the games industry was fantastic. I still think it is, but I share an office with guys who are very much monetary-motivated. I still love working on games, though I feel like my love and passion is out of place in the current environment. Which isn't good. Sven ;[)~
  5. Our games revolve around 6 of us versus 40 accurate/stupid bots. We sometimes blast the shit out of each other, but there's enough bad juju feelings in the office as it is without everyone virtua-deathing each other. Sven ;[)~
  6. I've heard great things about EA in Vancouver. Someone I know was jetted over for an interview there, and the developers of those games love what they're working on and put in the extra hours. I get the feeling EA treats them nicely too, meaning they feel more appreciated for the effort they put in and less like faceless resources. Sven ;[)~
  7. Really? I'm all for the whole spectacle of gorgeous graphics and great control. Sounds like Halo, right? Yep. The washed out look of Killzone doesn't really appeal, though I do like the looks of the enemy soldiers with their funky orange goggles. The weapon design kicks ass too. It just looks obviously PS2. 10 year lifespan? Gaah. Lazy gets should just get PS3 out the door and stop all these superficial colour variations of PS2. Sven ;[)~
  8. Reminds me of the sign you see in GTA3 if you wonder about too far off the beaten track. "If you can read this, then you shouldn't be here" or something... I love stuff like that! Sven ;[)~
  9. I guess my fanboyistic tendancies sweetened the view for me. It's very competent though, and fans of the films will not be disappointed in the way Arnie and the war-torn environments are represented. It's not super-deep in gameplay, but it's not supposed to be. Sven ;[)~
  10. Here's another one. I was a big, big fan of FFVII and when Aeris/Aerith died, I was gutted. There were all those crazy rumours about being able to resurrect her. All of them lies. Thing is, though, you travel back to Midgar and get back to the church, and her "ghost" appears in the flowers for a split second. Other mysterious - when I fucked up my travel data in Animal Crossing and lost all my possessions (it was early on), my avatar's face changed to a horrific hole-filled death mask. The missing level in Goldeneye which has been squirreled away and is on the N64 cart, though needs hax0ring to get to... Sven ;[)~
  11. A picture doesn't actually tell a thousand words. I wanna see it moving on my Xbox... Sven ;[)~
  12. I really am not too sure about Killzone. From the footage I've seen, it looks a bit... well... PS2. Low bit depth texturing, dull greyish colour scheme. I read somewhere in Edge there's some wonderous "multi-layering texture technique" but I'm fucked if I can see it. Dear Mr. Sony. Bigger sodding texture space for PS3. Ta. Sven ;[)~
  13. On my work comp, I have an 11Mb file of every single name whispered. I'm strange like that... Sven ;[)~
  14. I second that. Yes, please. Sven ;[)~
  15. One day, I think everyone's going to work for EA, whatever happens. I've witnessed some scary decision making in my time. Really, really scary stuff. Makes me wonder if decisions like that resulted in the closure of smaller companies. Sven ;[)~
  16. The best thing about Black and White was at 2 o'clock in the morning, where in a dark office, the game whispered my name. That was something I'd never, ever forget. Stuff like that is pretty cool - though not as cool and displaying names of your inhabitents, finding "Peter Molyneux" and throwing him into the sea. Game looks wank? You blind or something? Sven ;[)~
  17. I dunno who you're talking about. That was me in a very desperate situation though. When you consider American Football games, you are truly lost to the abyss of despair and desperation. Still, I dug up 30,000 bells in Animal Crossing today. Go, me. Sven ;[)~
  18. Looks lovely. Problem is, all the games I've played which have been touched with the hand of Molyneux are great for the first few hours and then they disappointly fall flat on their ass. Here's hoping Fable will break this rule. It looks lush. Sven ;[)~
  19. How I yearn for a new version of Nights... will it ever happen? Will it arse. Sven ;[)~
  20. Animal Crossing is lovely in it's own way. Even if the trees are, er, 2D. Then again, there was some 2D-ness going on with trees in Mario 64 too... 240,000 bells to go. Gah. Sven ;[)~
  21. The bots have been notoriously lamented in our office. They're set on the hardest setting, though they are at two extremes. They're either super accurate and take the piss (rocket to the X,Y,Z position of your head while leaving the vehicle you're in unscathed?) or they're super dumb and stand about doing fuck all or get into tanks and drive into fences. I love the "Bail out!" command directed at aforementioned stupid bot, especially when it doesn't actually, er, do anything. Sven ;[)~
  22. Nice name, by the way. "Meh" describes me perfectly too. Meh, Fleh and Phleh... It's not arguing, it's casual chat. It's the first bit of proper conversation I've got out of Laine for ages... Sven ;[)~
  23. Yep. I'll dig it out of my work comp on Monday and slap it online. It's ace. Sven ;[)~
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