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  1. To add my 2 cents, yaaarrrr. Edge have been rather generous with the review scores this issue. Change of heart? At long last, Edge stop being the harsh reviewers? Battlefield Vietnam - 8/10? Hmm. Sven ;[)~
  2. Hmm. Lemme think back... Vigilante 8. Yes, you're right. Sooooo, the game of said advert is.. hang on... it's coming... not Vigilante 8! What could it be. Fuck, on the tip of my tongue. He had a power glove you could use to pick up enemies and throw them about... gaah! Wild 9! That's the fella! Sorry for my gaming faux pas. Please hit me with sticks. Sven ;[)~
  3. To quote all my favourite Japanese translated games... "..." Sven ;[)~
  4. Originally a Mac game. Sorry to be so fucking pedantic. Sven ;[)~
  5. Well, what can you do. Except, er, fuck all. Obviously. Sven ;[)~
  6. You have periods of non-communication, making me wonder if I said the wrong word. I have an idea. Don't bother any more. Ta. Sven ;[)~
  7. Every time I see footage of it, I want to play it. The footage on the OXM disc is great, as is the DOA Extreme footage, which made my jaw drop many times. Ah, lovely Team Ninja. How you haven't gone for PS2-pastures and instead insisted on uber-lovely gaming experiences. We salute you. Sven ;[)~
  8. I don't remember Mr T being in that. Or a first person viewpoint. Only when you're looking around the room for clues with the camera, before some smart-ass chips in. Online Ghostbusters FPS. Like PSO, but with, er, ghosts. Sven ;[)~
  9. There's a game ad I fucking love, which could well be on other dev's PCs too. It was for Vigilante 8 for PSOne (old Shiny game) and involved a game development schedule meeting, with some design guy pitching his ideas - the best fantastic game ever. At the end of it, he's totally psyched and wants everyone to agree. One of the guys on the table spouts "Why don't we just make another racing game?" to which the classic reply from design bloke - "Fuck you, man! You never like my fucking ideas!!". Ah. It's even funnier if you've experienced it first hand. Note to self - leave games industry Monday and start a new life in the mountains. Sven ;[)~
  10. I played through the demo again. Lovely stuff. I can't believe it's the same people who did Rise Of The Machines... it's not, is it? I mean, how can it be? Want to play again. Seriously, I'm not just an old arsehole jaded-gamer who's gone a bit loopy. You get to play Arnie and spout Arnie quotes while twatting robots with a keep left sign. In Terminator-o-vision. Bliss. Sven ;[)~
  11. All this Halo talk makes me want to play it again. Nothing beats twatting a grunt with a good ol' dependable melee attack. I loved the elites and their w00tw00tw00ting too. Several flavours of w00t. Sven ;[)~
  12. Fuck remakes. Someone should make an A Team game, or at least some kind of Ghostbusters FPS. Sven ;[)~
  13. Takes one to know one. Sven ;[)~
  14. Stop it. Next I'll be buying UT2004 and then have even less time to myself... I loved the demo though, a rather lush taster of what's to come/has arrived... everyone in the office is currently Battlefield crazy at lunchtimes, unfortunately. Sven ;[)~
  15. For a start, it's third person. It has been cited in some previews as "It's like Terminator GTA!" but not really. The beginning of demo has Arnie running through a rather linear path alongside rebels, taking out other Terminators with either shooting 'em up or grabbing a handy roadsign and twatting them with it before a final lethal stab. After a while of this, you get to jump onto the back of a gun-mounted pick-up truck and go on an assault after a huge command carrier, taking out it's engines. This is where it gets rather interesting, because you get more ground-based mobile enemies (you can jump from the truck onto one of these and control it, too). Any Terminators who you knock down with the truck, sometimes hang onto the back without any legs, and you need to tap A to get Arnie to shoot them off. That's rather smart, methinks. After a while of shooting engines, you jump into a helicopter, dislodge the gattling gun and then go after the command ship - circling buildings while taking out hidden sentinel cannons and part of the buildings themselves. All this along with some pretty nifty Arnie quips ("Impressive", "Fantastic" - there's even a button assigned to quote stuff, for god's sake..!). Nice though - Terminator vision which outlines any useful object. Christ. I am Arnie! It looks very atmospheric and plays well too. Promising. Sven ;[)~
  16. Animal Crossing should of been online.... Animal Crossing 2 being online? Yes, yes please. Nintendo should of jumped on the online bandwagon ages ago. It's a pity really because the Gamecube can take either narrowband or broadband adapters... I know there's still people out there who can't afford/can't get broadband so this was a good move. PSO? Only one online title? Doh. Sven ;[)~
  17. I keep meaning to give that a go. I think the graphics whore in me loved the environments, which were pretty spesh. Sven ;[)~
  18. I hated Mission too. Grrr. I had a quick go at work as a Dark Jedi type, and it was not only a lot more fun, but easier too. Plus you got loads of funky gubbins for killing everything. It's true. The path of the light side is pants. Sven ;[)~
  19. Anyone tried http://www.dvdcrave.com/ yet? I grabbed Animal Crossing and the e-reader/cards from them, had no problems at all with 'em. Why didn't I think of getting GC games from Australia? Doh. Sven ;[)~
  20. The new OXM disc is rather nice and chunky, lots of interesting variation in demos. One which caught my eye and got me repeatedly playing it is Terminator 3 - Redemption. After the piss-poor effort of the Rise of the Machines game, it was good to play a game which actually had a lot more development and care thrown into it. For a start, the Arnie character looks great and I love the way he slowly reveals his endo-skeleton (oo-er) through constant damage. The hijacking of vehicles is good too, and jumping onto the back of a pick-up, it becomes scarily intuitive too. Arnie's one-liners are a great touch, as is the fact you can play the game in glorious Terminator-o-vision. I loved the first two Terminator films - you can keep the turd one - but this game appears to have done justice to Arnie. Definitely keeping an eye on this one. Oh, just remembered Dawn of Fate. Gak. Sven ;[)~
  21. Halo was pretty dull in the second part of it, though dull... not really the right word. As soon as the Flood came into it, the pace of the game changed somewhat. You were definitely more cautious and less gung-ho. I hope the game doesn't end with what's basically a glorified rally course with additional explosions and various spats of slowdown. And as for cat and mouse - meh. Sven ;[)~
  22. Just played the demo... besides the rather disconcerting mouth movements of Jack Bristow and the fact that Sloane appears to have disappeared and Vaughn's also running about SD-6 (hark at me and my lack of knowledge of Alias after Season 1), the demo itself was pleasantly surprising. Wasn't as deep as it could be, but all the same... Favourite bits? Well, the fact that I punched a guard into an alarm, setting them all off and then running for cover (hooray, no mission failure!), picking up a handy weapon from a display and twatting some K Directorate guards with it (the combat isn't bad at all. Not good, but not bad) and the fact the demo showed great promise in the presentation department. If you're a big fan of Alias, it is definitely an essential purchase. Marshall seems to be suffering from mo-cap-itus. Sven ;[)~
  23. Bit frustrating though when you realise you're paying £5 for absolutely nothing if you don't play on PSO for a month. Which is what I've been doing. Plus, I'm hoping the next iteration of Xbox Live allows you to cancel subs and licences on the dashboard instead of phoning up someone and getting them to do it for you. Sven ;[)~
  24. I like the character development in the game. It's great to have a natter with the characters in your team and get to know the more, and the more you know them, the more you open up missions. The combat system is a little clunky, though it's a cool idea to mix real-time and turn-based combat into the mix. Haven't played it for ages, though downloaded Yavin Station so that gives me a nifty excuse. Sven ;[)~
  25. I have my Hunter's Licence on PSO slowly drawing money from my bank account while I have next to no time to play it online. Doh! Pay as you go gaming could be a cool idea. In fact, it makes perfect sense. Well, in relation to PSO anyway. Sven ;[)~
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