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  1. I want Ninja Gaiden too. Eye-popping niceness. Devil May Cry with ninjas! Yes, yes please. I don't care if the first boss is nails. Me wants. Plus Otogi 2 is absolutely incredible in the looks department. Prolly the nicest game I've ever seen, ever. Ever. Sven ;[)~
  2. I wasn't too impressed with the screenshots I've senen of Uncut. Horrible angular environments... have Rare lost it? I want Perfect Dark Zero, goddamit. Now. Take your house full of comical ghosties and shove it. No high-powered weaponry, no dice. Sven ;[)~
  3. Another Diesel curse - what the hell was going in the minds of Capcom when they decided to let Diesel dress up Dante and his missus in the latest threads for Devil May Cry 2? Sod that. Gimme blood stained kick-ass screaming leather. Sven ;[)~
  4. Morrowind. *sigh* Great until it ballsed up totally - non-linear quests breaking was a big turn-off for me. Hated that. I did enjoy robbing candles from other peoples' houses though. Oh, and jumping insane unrealistic distances... the environments were lush though, that's one thing they got right. Sven ;[)~
  5. Alias getting 8/10 in Official PS2 Magazine. Fuck, I can't wait for the Transformers playable demo. It'll make me feel like a giggly kid again. Which would be handy about now. Sven ;[)~
  6. I remember blowing the shit out of those Diesel adverts. Kind of a nice touch - you don't like the obvious corporate whorishness, then nuke it. Wipeout 2097 was tainted with the old Red Bull logotype. Why not create a nice stylish new futuristic one? Y'know, like Pepsi in Back to the Future 2? Ads in games = wrongness. Advertising in games also ruins perfectly groovy franchises like Ridge Racer. Sven ;[)~
  7. ...plus it's a classic piece of level design. I liked playing the PC Halo for the amazing turns you could do in a Warthog which simply aren't possible in the Xbox version. Plus! The Library! Less hassle, though still, er, more hassle. Not too impressed by the new Halo 2 MP screenshot. Not as good as the last one, then again, I'm sure Halo 2 is going to rock everyone's tats. Killzone? Arse. Sven ;[)~
  8. This is currently taking up our office time between periods of despair, uncertainty and bad juju. It's superb, though when playing bots, it's a bit disconcerting that they can actually see through foilage as if it's not actually there. Nothing beats playing Ride of the Valkyres again and again and again in a sodding big tank. I get the feeling we'll be back to Desert Combat before we know it. Sven ;[)~
  9. It's got mixed reviews. Official "corruptable" Playstation 2 Magazine's given it 8/10, while other more trustworthy mags have given it 5/10 - 6/10. Definitely a renter, although I get the feeling it's going to be a big bag of piss to play. Sven ;[)~
  10. If only you could actually sell fish to pay off your mortgage. I'm sure, er, people actually do that. Not living fossils, mind... 370,000 bells to go. I hate that Nook. Sven ;[)~
  11. Whoohooo! Thanks! Looks like I can have a quick go before bed.. I'm going to get my mega-mansion paid off eventually... Sven ;[)~
  12. Ta, I normally cover the shiny hole with dirt. I think I've fallen down one of those pitfalls before... Another query (so many ) - how can I catch crickets? Can I? I hear em, but dunno how to get to them or what to do next. Shaking trees? I've been traumatised ever since I got stung and my face was grotesquely disfigured... Y'know, I could always look for a guide online, though I'd rather discover stuff myself. Sven ;[)~
  13. Hokay, what the heck are pitfalls? What do they do? I dug up two, though haven't a clue what to do with em. Also, anyone buried any bells and got something funky? I just get em back at the Police Station. Sven ;[)~
  14. I hate those fucking Sea Bass. Worse than getting tins or old boots. If it helps, I got my Caelocanth next to the lighthouse. I like getting those 5,000-bell stripey fishes too...! Sven ;[)~
  15. Well, for a start they appear to be dual purpose. So you can either swipe character cards at the post office and get letters from those characters sent to your mailbox with pressies. Or! You can painstakingly type in the code. I'm guessing this is for people who love the game but can't afford an e-reader, but can afford the trading cards. Also you can do the same with KK's tunes for the town jingle, though the coolest thing is getting a Mario Sunshine shine design or a jumping Mario NES graphic for clothes and stuff. Tantalisingly, the manual says you can swipe cards only once a day, meaning they're re-usable, though not tried that yet. Also, one of the main reasons I got the e-reader was to get more NES games, though looks like I have to wait for the March draw. Sven ;[)~
  16. Grab yourself an e-reader and a fistful of trading cards too. Aceness. Sven ;[)~
  17. Did the aerobics, almost went in time with em all too. Grabbed a medal, now on my nice glass coffee table. Sven ;[)~
  18. 15,000? I know Large Chars gather at the bottom of waterfalls and I can get 10,000 fer them. I did get a Caelocanth, brilliant response "WHAT IS THAT!?!??!?!". Blathers was happy too, so that's all good. Sven ;[)~
  19. Well, not been on rllmuk for a while now. Dunno why. Well, actually I do. Too busy playing Animal Crossing daily. Filling the museum with fossils, beach-combing, fishing, pressies, rearranging my furniture, etc. Now? The e-reader! FUCK! I've bought an e-reader! My life is officially over, though I don't want to read into these forums in case I saw just how vast and involving this game actually is... though it's a superb game and I wonder why the heck NoE didn't release it. Oh, and the e-reader has me impressed too, even though it's a stupid size. Brilliant technology though. Sven ;[)~
  20. Hello, hello. I've come over these parts because I heard thar be a Rez soundtrack knocking about which I'm currently whoring my bandwidth to download...! Plus trying to find a post which Laine put on about the next rllmuk meet in Manchester, though I'm bound not to go to it... You're right, we do need to race each other. I'm going to find some time this weekend somehow to race on Live, dev-allowing! And no, they don't sound terrible on their own. They sound great. So glad I got the end credits - disappointed they weren't on the OST, ace music. Sven ;[)~ edit - JESUS H CHRIST, I STILL LOVE AREA 5!!! *turns up volume even louder*
  21. I was about to shoot off and play some more Gotham 2, but thank you for these mp3s! They will be put to good use drowning out office silence. Sven ;[)~
  22. I think Nick Roberts of Crash fame (ages back) now is editor of Games TM. Sven ;[)~
  23. I loved it, very smart indeed. It's almost as if there was *shock* serious research gone into those programmes. Steven Poole was definitely a sauve presenter-type. Good to see slightly-fat Dominik Diamond go on about Speccys and stuff, and shocking to see how Emily Newton-Dunn's kind of let herself go a bit. *sob* The Tetris documentary was brilliant though. Definitely recommended, and thankfully repeated as well. The only downer was that in the last dying minutes of the documentary, someone fucked up and BBC Four was suddenly host to Coupling. Oh, dear. Sven ;[)~
  24. Bring back Gamesmaster. Steve ~
  25. There appears to be a lot of bugs and glitches running about PGR2. Methinks the fact that it could of been rushed for Christmas and also the option to patch any fuck-ups (just like the PC, hoho) meant we got a game which has been flawed somehow by lack of time. Bit disappointing, wouldn't of expected it from Bizarre, but there you go. Steve ~
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