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  1. I think there's some Pokemon "Super Packs" knocking around with fancy GBA body resprays and wallets... Shame it's Pokemon. Steve ~
  2. Metal Arms - GITS (ace acronym) Playing the OXM demo gave me faith that games can still be full of character, soul, and most importantly - fun. I think that element is missing from many titles nowadays, in favour of "look how many polygons we can chuck on screen!". Need to buy the game, if I had time to play it. Bah. Steve ~
  3. I wish I could understand the context of those last three posts. Must be getting old in my old age. Or not particularly arsed. Steve ~
  4. I think they were trying to do a Colin McRae 4 with the front end, and, er, failed. At least Colin's front end looks designed instead of thrown together. This is painfully obvious in the lobby section, with that same bastard yellow Porsche on the 20 seconds of FMV going past the same sodding branch of Boots. You see, the Lobby is a place which should of had a replay of your past race. Bah. There is no justice. Steve ~
  5. The gimps. The best we had was a talk from the bloke who did the anti-aliasing on the Amiga version of Scooby Doo. I don't think he knew where he was, actually. I'm sure I'll get like him in 5 years time. Hooray. Steve ~
  6. I dunno, the environments will always be lifeless in PGR2, but at least some effort has been made (rubbish blowing about in Edinburgh, birds flying about). There's some utterly gorgeous tracks though. The one in Florence with light streaming through archways is particularly lovely. Edinburgh's pretty smart too, though some American's say "Hey, isn't that Scottish Castle?" when they drive past it. Hmm. On Live!, it's great. Slick and lovely, and very few glitches. Shame the front end sucks... Steve ~
  7. See? Surely if they were just allowing you to buy physical stuff with your stars, it would be a much nicer sentiment. I freaked out when I heard that soon there would be physical items of all my favourite videogame characters... I shouldn't of got excited though. NoE need to give me more faith in them by offering something funky, wearable or put-on-top-of-my-already-cluttered-monitorable but offering enough of them to go around. That would be ace. Mario toy in Santa outfit? Steve ~
  8. I can imagine the Japanese one to be much more well-stocked and with a lot more fun stuff. One of our programmers went to Japan and it was the most wasted trip to Japan ever. One digital camera purchased, er, a free pen. He also strolled past many arcade machines he didn't actually play. I think he's not doing his job for the games. Grrrr. I'm going next year just to show him how to "do Japan". I'd probably get arrested, mind.... Steve ~
  9. Me too. Love KOTOR. Hate Marmite. I also hate the PC owners I know who have played KOTOR and gone on about "how much lovelier it looks with higher resolution." The gimps. Steve ~
  10. This audio isn't funny, but it's er, impressive. Mul-ti talented. Reminded me a bit of Adam and Joe's Toy Movies too... But, YES! There's a "wootwootwoot!" noise. Anyone got a link to one of the wav files which were actually used for the "wootwootwoot!" noise? Like, the various kinds which can be heard in the game? That would be lovely, ta. Halo 2 is going to be the dog's danglies. Steve ~
  11. In other words, it's a fake ploy to make you feel like you're wanted by Nintendo and rewarded for your trouble of buying their games and registering them, when in actual fact it's a huge waste of time. Unless you want, er, some wallpaper, which to be honest most software companies give you for free anyway. And yes, I'm bitter about missing out on the good stuff, as are a lot of people. Steve ~
  12. There's three short-but-tantalising new clips in this footage, one of which had some superb lighting... in fact, the whole thing is starting to look deliciously solid. Bungie won't fuck this up. Microsoft know it'll be a very big thing indeed, so the call for "when it's done, it's done" deadline-type thing is also worthy of our consideration. It's not as if they've got a stupid deadline to rush their game towards. Steve ~
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