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  1. Me and Colin go waaaaaay back when he used to edit a magazine on a diskette called Fred. He's changed.
  2. Yes, yes. Move along. Nothing to see here.
  3. It's not tDR as we know it, though some things I appreciate - That bit with the video recorder. Those ace khaki jumpers with the skulls on them. The bit where the lead singer is right in front of the camera and his eyes bulge when he sings "green light". Er, that's it.
  4. Games steal stuff from other games anyhoo. Psi-Ops needs a sequel even though it sold next to fuck all for being a (for the time) original concept. Hang on! Games stealing stuff sell many while games which are original sell fuck all! It's all so clear now!
  5. It wouldn't surprise me - there's many patents which have been registered by developers/publishers/etc. which include Bizarre's registering of Kudos, Sega's camera view changing, etc. Makes me wonder if it is an urban myth why more games don't do it.
  6. The studio recently took stock of Hershey's Cookie and Chocolate bars. They're wonderous, especially with a cuppa! I had quite a thing for white chocolate Smarties bars too.
  7. Be nice if future installments had online co-op. Imagine four players running about twatting things.
  8. I saw the Klaxons live amongst the so-called nu-ravers and I wanted to kill them all with a spade. The Sun's gossip column are nick-naming Amy Winehouse to "Amy Declinehouse". Another reason why no one should buy The Sun.
  9. I keep meaning to grab some Jarcrew from iTunes - I've have a guilty passion for the .
  10. I would kill for a Dethklok logo t-shirt. Don't they have a load on the Hot Topic site? Aha! *gets out credit card*
  11. Er, it is. Unless you're trying to compare it to Max Payne which wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for John Woo's movies anyhow. I unexpectedly had a lot of fun with Shaolin Monks in co-op - it does the whole co-op thing rather nicely. Recent MK games have been nicely received too.
  12. Still not convinced. Dig Dug, on the other hand, had a lot of fun with that once it clicked. Three games for 800 points! Happy days!
  13. Now I'm working with Flash on the front end of Wheelman, it's fully possible to put a minigame of some description into a loading screen - basically it'll be an actual Flash game written using Actionscript, although I'm not sure if Namco or Atari own the patent/rights to play a mini-game while the main game loads up in the background. Keep meaning to look into it...
  14. At least it's an original IP. Give Midway some credit, for fuck's sake.
  15. May have been mentioned, but there's a Jeff Minter interview on the latest Major Nelson podcast. Yes, the OXM US review is talked about as is J. Allard's involvement with The Eyes Of Allard!
  16. Extra work - drop the non-essential features to get a game on schedule. Still sucks. Doom 3 also had the same issue - everything around you cast believable shadows except you. As a game though, Bioshock has me in its grasp. I'm seriously tempted to pull an all-nighter with it, though I'm probably just going to have a sensible kip for work tomorrow.
  17. I'm all for immersion though I'm surprised Bioshock doesn't let me see my own shadow or my legs. That adds a whole lot more to "being there" and it's strange that they've not put this into the final game.
  18. Cheers for reminding me about that sale. I think Dig Dug is reduced too...
  19. Nope. Patience is a wonderous thing. Still, I'm sure those hard working devs who spent a lot of time in their office will appreciate your justification of piracy.
  20. Maybe it's got to do with corpses disappearing too. A good job because the Havoc physics on the corpses can be a bit dodgy at the best of times. Constantly moving heads, hands and feet. Doh.
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