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  1. A popular misconception by narrow-minded people who haven't actually seen all of Gateshead and made, y'know, a level-headed and rational opinion. They've just visited the town centre and seen the Trinity Car Park and made up their own minds. Congratulations. In other news, lovely new screenshots!
  2. It's interesting to note that in a game as technically advanced as Crysis, you still get the "floaty object" syndrome when picking things up like oil barrels.
  3. The Darkness does the whole immersion thing very well indeed - the mirror trick as well as the shadows and full-body model stuff too.
  4. You don't have a shadow in Bioshock?! That's pretty crazy. Saying that, I don't think you cast a shadow in Doom 3 either... I love the fact in some FPS games where you do have your own shadow - it really makes you feel like you're part of the environment you're in. Additional brownie points if you also can see your legs.
  5. Except I haven't downloaded any of the new maps yet. I was pretty freaked out by the fact my in-game Live Vision-created version of me was running about in the game shooting stuff.
  6. Plus it looks like they've applied a gradient colour layer over the top of the image, plus the Helghast who is closest to the camera looks less and less like an in-game model. Look at the modelling on the gun barrels - seems a bit too perfect to be true. Lest us not forget (and I never will) the Killzone 2 "in-game" footage at E3 a few years back. Seriously, this thing happens all the time. If you don't believe half the screenshots released by publishers haven't had some kind of Photoshop treatment added to them, then you're a fucking mug who will no doubt assume the game is awesome from screenshots which don't actually exist in the game itself.
  7. Great stuff, although I saw a better quality (frame rate) movie from Gamersyde. I love the shot of the Warthog getting attacked by the Banshees as it escapes plasma fire. Joystiq weren't too kind to this trailer, but let's not forget Joystiq also want to be like Kuntaku.
  8. Had a co-op session with a friend of mine for the first time tonight - really enjoyed it, although the online is kind of screwy. I love the way you can't leave certain parts of connecting to a host meaning you often need to jump back to the Xbox Dash. Nice bit of design there.
  9. I couldn't resist temptation any more and checked out the single player vids - I'm very happy they remind me more of Halo than Halo 2. Very open levels - lots of possibilities. I also find it hilarious that the Halo 3 Xbox 360 Console bundle doesn't actually include, er, Halo 3.
  10. I checked out the new screenshots on c&vg.com. What the heck's happened?!
  11. This. I suggested this ages back when they wanted PGR3 suggestions - a Quayside track would be pretty fantastic. Edinburgh on PGR2 had some of the best tracks of the franchise.
  12. He's right on the money about Molyneux too.
  13. From Wikipedia... So I'm guessing there will be "better" Blu-ray drives coming out soon for these discs? Hooray for format wars!
  14. Er, no. I'm not being a fanboy. I've worked with Photoshop long enough to know when I'm looking at a doctored screenshot. Happens in the industry all the time. I take everything Killzone 2-related with a huge pinch of salt these days. Sony tend to lie.
  15. Cheers, all - I'll grab it and have a gander tomorrow in work!
  16. May have been mentioned, but the spooky kid at the intro screen seems to be saying random Welsh numbers.
  17. Well done. You've been fooled by a little thing we like to call "Photoshop".
  18. Jury's still out concerning this. I played the demo and although I got some of the game mechanics and played the game not the way OXM bloke played it, still had some issues. I died a few times from bullets I couldn't see - I think the fast-moving bullets don't help if they're moving the same speed as the psychadelic background as they kind of blend in. Also there was some strange control issues with circular levels where the ship didn't seem to be able to fully traverse around without some weird analog stick control malfunction. I get the feeling the game would work a lot better in a first-person mode to judge obstacles flying towards you easily. As for the flowers - I jumped over them and shot them but fuck all happened to them. Grrr. As I said before - jury's still out.
  19. Well, I think the single player weapons in Halo were a lot more suited than the single player weapons in Halo 2. Multiplayer's a different matter for Halo 2 though - I stopped playing when people started exploiting the energy sword with its oh-so-fair infinite energy and teleport-to-kill-instantly death lunge. It totally put me off playing multiplayer Halo 2 and I'm no spaz when it comes to playing online FPS games. I could quite easily kick your arse at Unreal Tournament. Bring your own rocket launcher.
  20. I thought Halo had better weapon balancing, a more expansive environment compared to some of the claustrophobia Halo 2 had. A lot of Halo 2 also seemed very linear - Halo was quite linear but it didn't really feel that way at times. I think Halo 2's multiplayer also got a lot more loving in the development cycle than the single player and it shows, while Halo's single player had a lot more substance to it. Plus I missed that ace volumetric effect of sunlight passing through the trees in Halo 2. There's trees in Halo 3, so I'm hopeful for the effect to make a welcome return. My two pence anyhoo.
  21. The new album is up on their myspace site to check out in wonderous stream-o-vision. So far - sounding good!
  22. Agreed - it shows the sense of scale nicely and the lighting looks great too. Notice some dead blokes to the left too - makes me wonder if Earth's going to be full of them...
  23. I get the feeling the blue border will not be noticed when you get used to playing the game - there were times I was playing Republic Commando/Metroid Prime and I took the HUD for granted and let it dissolve out of focus while I concentrated on shooting things. I'm getting there will be transparency settings in the UI. That's a point... if you get the chance to play the Arbiter and the other characters in co-op, maybe there will be some HUD changes there... edit - Why the heck is it blue when the Chief's visor is tinted yellow?
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