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  1. Click. The thing won't die. It's like the T1000 of games consoles.
  2. Same goes for the retro Transformers picture packs.
  3. I'm hoping they do the same as they did with the helmet HUDs of Metroid and Republic Commando - having the blood of enemies spatter onto it, interference, etc. A new world of possibilities in immersion could well open up.
  4. Christ, this is crappy. I've not invested in either HD-DVD or Blu-Ray and will not intend to, it just adds fuel to the fire of fanboys and the like. Best thing to do is wait for the smoke to clear and then purchase one of those LG duel-format players - which would have reduced in price when the smoke clears anyway. What annoys me more is that Microsoft still haven't got their HD download service for us poor Europeans. The fact you can download HD titles makes the format war that bit more pointless.
  5. Looks like someone from YakYak has got hold of a copy of the US Official 360 Magazine - I love that. "Actually made us angry when we played it". So more than one person got angry over this? Dan Amrich's a Senior Editor too. He should know better.
  6. The Doom 3 expansion has some pretty nifty additions including that gravity gun - I grinned like a chimp when I grabbed onto a fireball thrown by an imp and threw it back in his Hell-forged face. Speaking of Doom, anyone checked out the Doom RPG on mobile? I grabbed it after seeing the good reviews on some sites and I agree it works brilliantly - if they had the actual Doom on mobile, it wouldn't work due to the fast reactions you'd need, but as a turn-based RPG, it works nicely.
  7. Giving this a bit of a bump, found some free mp3s of demos and some tracks from their last album... Click! The last track on page 2 ain't Paperface and there's some repeated tracks, but I'm still shocked these guys didn't get more publicity. If you like the Folds, you'll probably like these guys.
  8. Still not invisible deaths though. You can see that shit heading for you and smart bombs can be your best friend sometimes. In the same way people can play Space Giraffe "properly" and score highly, the same can be said for Geometry Wars.
  9. Geometry Wars didn't have an invisible deaths. Unless I was missing something.
  10. I think someone mentioned he had another tag... Bunnypants or something.
  11. From what I can gather, he managed to get no achievements on the game and played it the wrong way.
  12. You make an old bearded man very happy.
  13. Throw in a booklet too outlining some of the creative processes behind the games and that'll do me nicely too. I can pass it down to my nephew. Can you pass down a load of downloaded 0s and 1s in the same way? Can you fuck.
  14. Surely it would be more of an issue playing it on an SD display?
  15. Has Jeff revealed Dan's gamertag? Ah, found it.
  16. The thread on the Llamasoft forums about the low review score makes for some interesting reading and some very valid points - XBLA is great for not only being able to let you try out games before you buy them, but also encourages smaller devcos to produce games and those devcos don't get shafted by revenue costs as much as they would do if the game was released via a publisher in physical form. It seems that the OXM reviewer does have an axe to grind and I do think that Jeff could be right in that there's some scary backroom politics going on to warrant such a low score. 2/10 would normally be a score for a broken game - how can it be broken when it's been through testing? Has Edge reviewed it yet? Be interesting to see the score they give.
  17. Call me old-fashioned, but I like a physical thing in my hands. Plus I've never forgiven Steam for resetting my HL2 preload for no apparent reason. Call me bitter and old-fashioned
  18. You sold me up until the mention of Steam.
  19. Perhaps. It had a lot of abstract hype to it - not knowing exactly what type of game it was going to be didn't really help. I know Space Giraffe is going to be a direct descendant of Tempest 2000 and that's got me excited. At the end of the day, I've learnt not to trust review scores and go on the strength of a demo or word-of-mouth on forums. Really, why do we need reviewers? Actually, why do we need paper-based games magazines these days?
  20. I want to play Space Giraffe on a demo before I form my own opinion of the game. I keep thinking back to when Minter worked on Unity for the Gamecube and that didn't turn out as promising as the hype made out in preview videos. I'm hoping that Tempest magic has come back with Space Giraffe.
  21. I have new-found respect for him for speaking his brains about BB. I caught a bit of tonight's show with Kayne West - a lot of the time he looked a bit dumbfounded, but possibly because Alan Carr was doing a Justin Timberlake impression...
  22. Except EDF looks like shit but doesn't make it any less fun to play.
  23. Yep, I know. I posted the strip earlier. It would be nice if there was a change in the achievements, though I think they're approved months before release.
  24. I'm playing through Hexic 2 and although it looks horrendous, I am getting used to the extra play elements. I'm also glad it's got the same style of ambient soundtrack that the original had. The thing which is a bit crazy is that sometimes I can get the five gems in a row thing by fluke and it helped me immensely at level 38 of the survival mode, just I didn't really plan for it to happen...
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