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  1. Be seeing you McGoohan. Gutted ) : My tribute: http://kaimac.wordpress.com/2009/01/14/patrick-mcgoohan-rip/
  2. I'm in NY at the moment and it's absolutely insane. A million people in the street for the parade, downtown Manhattan closed to traffic. Madness.
  3. I'm amazed so far. Really thought the Pats would be firing on all cylinders given the extra rest and the fact that the game is being played indoors. anything but so far...
  4. Wow, Giants given a lifeline after the int and the Pats bring the hammer down. Advantage pats so far.
  5. Ha. Seen the latest about the Rams game? No denying they're a great team, but there will always be an asterisk next to his reign. Really looking forrward to today's game... should see lots of scoring. I don't see how the Giants win given the extra week to prepare and the fact that the Pats won't have to put up with shitty weather. Pretty much the only thing that slowed them down on the way to 18-0.
  6. Good odds, but.... I can't help but feel that with the extra week's rest and the fact that the big game is indoors (so no bad weather to force them to run) means that the Pats are going to give the Giants a right good beating. Maybe worth sticking a fiver on for a laugh, but I think Brady and co will came out all guns blazing.
  7. Just watch the free kick over and over again. What a fucking show pony that lad is.
  8. Yea, and there's the sub-plot of the chargers ditching Brees for Rivers, with Brees ending up at New Orleans. Brees, Reggie Bush, LT, Rivers, Gates... NFL showing pretty serious commitment to growing the game outside of the US by putting this game on in London. Chargers will be contenders again next year too: nobody of note is leaving.
  9. ESPN reporting that it'll be Saints v Chargers at Wembley in October. Good matchup, should see a little more scoring than the Dolphins/Giants game.
  10. If the boots fit, and they're standard step-ins, I'd bring them but leave the rest. Boards have come on in leaps and bounds the last few years: yours will seem pretty heavy and clunky by comparison. Boots that fit nicely are a godsend though, no matter how old.
  11. Nobody gave 'em a chance against the cowboys, nor the packers. They'll keep it close imo: a TD tops. If the pats play like they did today the giants will win.
  12. Bah. Wrong on both counts. Gutted for the Chargers, they put up a really good fight given the situation, but at the end of the day you gotta score touchdowns to win. Four FGs doesn't cut it. Very disappointing... they had it in their grasp. That 4th Q call from Turner was a little cowardly, but I guess he got them there and had faith in the Defense.
  13. Ugh. Great first quarter followed by a disastrous couple of plays: intercepted twice in consecutive series, 14-6 Pats at the warning ) : EDIT: 14-9 Pats at halftime. Set up for a great second half... Chargers not lying down by any stretch. Game on.
  14. Holy shit: minus 19 at Green bay (minus 29 with wind chill), mins 5 (minus 13 with windchill) at Foxboro. Brrr.
  15. Two great games on the cards tomorrow. Pats continue their bid for perfection against the banged up Chargers and old man favre goes up against Eli's Giants. Giants Chargers would be a great superbowl: the two QBs who were traded for one another a couple of years ago going head to head in the big one would be a great story. Unlikely to be, sadly. Hope the Chargers can pull of the shock result. Would be one of the biggest upsets in playoff history if they did it. Brady isn't used to getting pressured, if Merriman and Phillips can get to him early we should see some fireworks. Picks: Packers & (gulp) Chargers.
  16. We'll see. If LT is fit I think the chargers will give them a bloody good run for their money. There's a growing confidence about the bolts. It's kinda eerie. I'll be betting on the chargers for sure. Chargers - Packers Superbowl?
  17. We got a standout TE and RB combo though. Best in the league imo. I'm more worried about Norv, especially against the Titans. Hope it doesn't come down to coaching today. Terrible start for the Giants. Getting rolled early.
  18. What a great start to the playoffs, wow. Refs tried really hard to give it to the steelers, but they came through in the end. That non-call on the facemask in the 4th Q was a joke. I'm off to the Chargers game tomorrow. Could end up closer than the books are saying, I think. Giants by DD tomorrow. Heart says chargers blowout, but head says the titans will keep it close. We'll see.
  19. Game of the season (decade?) today. Giants nearly beat the pats.... pats came through to be the first team ever to go 16-0 in the regular season. Amazing scenes. And I've been pleasantly surprised by the Bolts... got playoff tickets for next weekend, now just waiting to see if it'll be the titans or the browns. Jets fan at heart, but supporting the local team as long as I'm here. First ever playoff game next weekend, woot! Anyone else been watching this last couple of months? Crazy season all round, but especially from the pats.... man is Bill B pissed.
  20. Both are awesome.... have you considered whistler instead though? Given that spring break is march/april, you may struggle a bit to find those college spring break bunnies in tahoe or vail in feb If you're set on the states, I would recommend Vail over CA personally. But if it were me I'd go to Canada. Immense. Jaw droppingly so. And if you're into heli, there's nowhere accessible on the planet that compares.
  21. Americans do it at canadian flags in hockey all the time. Not seeing that reported too much over here...
  22. Ya. $65 for the fight on PPV tonight. That's a lot of moolah. Plus vegas is it for boxing nowadays: razzmatazz, innit.
  23. Fair play. FM showed his class tho: he's the reason hatton lost, nothing else.
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