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  1. Collusion between other players would be very easy to arrange I imagine. Would this help cheats fleece the unwitting at a table?

    Yep, that's the main one. The problem is there are a lot of novices that play too, so it can often be hard to pick out shady betting patterns. If you ever play online for decent money, you're best to just go one on one with someone, or to play in a tournament as mentioned above.

    'tis good fun though, just be aware of potential shadyness, that's all.

  2. Oh, cheer up, you goon.

    I'm responding to a guy who contributed with 'biglime needs to get laid', a guy who, and this is FACT, had to go on his knees to me in PMs so he'd be allowed to post again.

    I wasn't responding to you, you boring old cunt.


    I was well aware of that, thanks. Just pointing out that you sound like a fucking schoolboy, that's all.

    Aside from your hysterical frothing you've provided nothing beyond 'he's a cunt, 'cos he is'. The people in this thread who actually know him have a different opinion as do the (many, many) people who like his games. You come out with wild proclamations without ever backing them up (why the fuck is he bad for the industry, exactly?), which leads me to believe that you're only in the thread to get a rise.

    Completely fucking ridiculous.


    Froth, froth, froth.

    Try formulating some sort of argument. You'll come across as less of a rabid arsehole.

  3. This from the guy who had to grovel to me in a PM so he'd get allowed back onto the forum?

    Haw haw haw.


    P.S. Molyneux is a bullshitter, plain and simple. He's a snake oil cunt. The industry needs less of him, not more of him.

    Have a word BL, you sound like a fucking schoolboy.

  4. Exactly what is this based on?

    I mean- what exactly?

    Considering the fact that many of us are tired of the man insulting our intelligence by promising THE WORLD on every project he 'supervises', where does the 'decent bloke' bit come into it, and what is it based on?


    He's good for the games industry. He's good for Lionhead (and Bullfrog before) of course, but he's good for the industry as a whole too.

    Pretty much the only bad words I've heard about him have come either from industry folk with an agenda or the section of the games playing public that like to think they're the hardcore. I've not played Fable, and maybe it hasn't turned out as the ground breaking project they envisioned when it was first mooted almost five fucking years ago, but plenty of people (the bloke on the street who buys games, for instance) seem to like it. It's not like he's published Driv3r and claimed it was a GTA beater.

    What exactly did he promise in B&W that wasn't there? AFAIR everything claimed in the buildup appeared in the final game. Didn't stop it being rubbish imo (well, over ambitious and rubbish), but AFAIR it was all there. People like to slag him off because he's at the top of the tree, and for many is the public face of the industry in the UK. There are far more worthy objects of derision all over the industry who haven't done a fraction of the good that Molyneux has but they don't have his profile so they're not worth a pop. The snidey insinuations about his contribution are pathetic, too. He's never claimed to be the exclusive creative powerhouse, he's claimed he runs the company which is exactly what he does.

    The Movies is a fucking fantastic idea for a game. I'm sure it'll get a slating from the likes of you, but fair play to him for at least trying to push the envelope a little. He could be sat on his arse doing film and comic book licences, but he's not.

  5. PM is one of the highest profile figures in the industry, and as a result he gets an astonishing amount of unreasonable shit thrown at him.

    He's been at the top for years, he's enthusiastic (to a fault) and he loves what he's doing. So his latest game doesn't have all the features he said were going to be in it back when it was in development? So fucking what? Read the reviews before buying it, and if they don't mention the changes/omissions you should be angry at the reviewers not Molyneux. Things change constantly during development, for a variety of reasons. That's just a fact of life.

    He's good for the industry, he's got a cracking track record, and he's a decent bloke. He's genuinely trying to make quality games. He might not succeed all the time, but there are countless others who are so much more deserving of the shit he gets. The games industry would be a much poorer place without him.

    It's a shame that the tedious little bandwaggoning muppets can't see that.

  6. I'm sure I could have these games on my CV too if I just steal the credit.

    His apology is also over inflated, like we're all hinging on his every word.

    He'd do much better if he just fucked off and made games that weren't a fucking chore.

    Oh and if I see him wearing one more turtle neck (in the vain hope that it makes him look mysterious or like a spy or whatever the fuck he's thinking) I'm going to set my eyeballs on fire.

    Jealousy is a terrible thing.

  7. A colleague of mine interviewed him a couple of years back and said he was perfectly charming. Not arrogant in the slightest, although he was a bit of a motor mouth.

    As far as I'm concerned when you're responsible for Populous and Syndicate you rightly get a bit more rope than other developers. Most houses would kill to have just one of those on their CVs.

  8. I ignored this the first time 'cos of the extremely shitty title. Made me think of Harisson Ford in The Fugative, or similar. Chanced up it on telly last night, and really enjoyed it. Fantastic cast, cracking plot (John fucking Grisham, amazingly) and all round good thing.

    John Cusack (who's on the Jury) and Rachel Weisz team up to fix the jury in a massive gun lobby trial, extorting a large amount of cash out of whichever side is prepared to cough up the readies. Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman co-star.

    Great plot pacing and excellent acting - if you enjoyed The Insider (which if you've got any sense you will have done), chances are you'll like this.

  9. Quality line in the guardian about him:

    Russ Meyer',s film swan-song was an uncharacteristically soulful and sensitive drama about a disillusioned college professor who finds a new lease of life as a charity worker in Philadelphia. OK, so it',s not: it',s a bawdy, burlesque satire of small-town mores, top-heavy with bared breasts, cacophonous arguments and cartoonish protagonists. If it ain',t broke, don',t fix it.


    Obit here:


  10. Went to see it last night. Good fun in a throwaway sort of way, unsurprisingly. Bettany is very good and there's some nice shots of Brighton. The tennis scenes were good too, and Johnny Mac absolutely makes the movie.

    Good fun, so long as you know what to expect. If you like your slushy romantic comedies, you'll love it. If you don't, you won't :P

  11. I think the fact it didn't really have any new information or 'take' on the war made it extreemly tedious.

    It's not meant to bring any new info into the public domain though. It's a consolidation of a number of expert views contrasted with the information peddled by the government.

    Like I said the chronology of it all was particularly striking, I thought. People might already be aware of the info but it's not all been compiled in this way into a single documentary until now.

    It's just as good as Outfoxed, imo. That doesn't tell us anything new either, but it's still interesting.

  12. Wanky wanky wank. I was going to buy my mum tickets for this for her birthday. I didn't realise they'd gone on sale yet. I played Tom Waits at my wedding, so I did.

    Maybe he'll do another night, what with the incredible demand?

  13. Watched this tonight and although it doesn't really tell us anything we didn't know already, it's still an extremely powerful deconstruction of the Bush administration's handling of the whole affair.

    What's most striking is the chronology of it all, watching the positions of the various players shift as time moves on. It's pretty shocking to have it all edited together.

    Shitloads of experienced and senior ex-officials contribute. Ex-CIA and Whitehouse folk, most with double digit years of experience in their respective fields. Very interesting indeed to hear their thoughts.

    Whatever your position on the war, if you're at all interested in all of this it's well worth a look:



    Official site:


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