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  1. I saw the pictures of the innocent Iraqi babies arm hanging off due to "US soldiers hitting anything that movied" and thought of some of the anti-Moore cunts on this forum.

    Who did the charred and limbless bodies of American contractors make you think of?

  2. When I was watching it I was thinking how lucky it was that they were all so thick. Surely anyone with half a brain would have had him sussed in no time at all.

    Griffin is anything but thick.

  3. However, I fail to see the media trying to do the same to various anti white/black rasicts groups that I saw advertised during my time in Leicester.

    Racism against whites = very small problem

    Racism against non-whites = much bigger problem.

  4. I saw this today and on the whole I loved it. Couple on things bugged me:

    The bit with Bush in the classroom: Many of you seem to think he should have jumped up and ripped his shirt off to reveal a "Super Bush" symbol and then lept into action. There was little he could do. You don't know what was said to him, they may have said "Wait here whilst we arrange transportation". He was told something shocking, far more shocking than anything any of you have ever been told, and he reacted in a human way.

    No he didn't. He sat there like a rabbit caught in headlights.

    It's not like they had to check the train timetables. If the president of the most powerful country in the world doesn't have a car waiting for him, there's not much hope for the rest of us. Do you really think it's acceptable for him to just sit there? The leader of the free world continues to read My Pet Goat to schoolchildren as his country is under attack?

    He didn't do anything, his chief of staff didn't do anything and most shockingly of all the secret service didn't do anything. For all they knew there could have been another plane bound for the school. It's ludicrous that he just sat there like a muppet, and it's quite right to take the piss out of him for it.

    The stupid stunt he pulled on senators about enlisting their children: Cheap, cheap shot. The first guy he interviewed served in the forces for fuck's sake, what the hell difference does it make if his son does too?

    He's making a valid point though. Namely that they happily sent other people's kids to war but their own aren't in the services. Perfectly reasonable point to make, imo.

  5. She should buy the right for the movies to make sure it doesn't get released. But it didn't do any harm for Paris Hilton. I mean without the tape who would heard of her.

    Paris Hilton was responsible for releasing her tape. Diaz already has a career, and most definitely does not want this in the public domain.

    Still, it's just her in a saucy outfit with her baps out.

  6. We aren't all American/Kerraig. I hate when film review threads appear on this here forum many weeks before official release...it's like a big insult, or something.

    Which is why I posted my thoughts in white :P

    Bit irritating to have three threads on the same movie though, eh.

    I'm not American btw. I just live here.

  7. 1) The rallying sections are the biggest pile of arse I have seen in any game... They shouldnt have been included and at best make me feel sea sick and frustrated

    Just bought this last week, and was really enjoying it until the first rally section. got incredibly frustrated with it and haven't played it since.

    Truck racing was fun though.

  8. Hmmm, last time I checked, two wrongs don't make a right.  I'd expect Moore to rise above petty "well if they're doing it, I'll to it too" attitude.

    His point is that everybody already knows that England are involved.

    What they don't know is that this 'coalition' is effectively the US, UK, a couple of hundred troops from a handful of other nations, and the 'support' of the likes of Costa Rica.

    Given that the Bush adminstration is forever banging on about the strength of this coalition, it's perfectly reasonable to take the piss out of it.

  9. Will Self writing today in the Evening Standard made exactly those points. You might have expected Self to at least like the principles behind the movie but he absolutely slated it as a vignette of cheap shots peppered with xenophobia (the Dutch stoners bit) and willful ommission of the facts (The UK's participation in the war).

    Still can't wait to see it though.

    Moore's repsonse to that is that he's merely trying to counter the propaganda the government puts out about the Coalition. We don't need to be told that England and Spain are involved, he says, 'cos we already know.

    Costa Rica has no army, by the way.

    Oh, and characterising the dutch as potheads isn't xenephobic.

  10. Been looking forward to this for ages. Super stylish looking Cole Porter movie with musical numbers by Natalie Cole, Elvis Costello and Robbie Williams (doing the title track, no less).

    American composer Cole Porter (Kevin Kline) reminisces on his life as if it was a musical, filled with his hit songs like "Night and Day," "It's De-Lovely" and "In the Still of the Night." The complicated relationship with his wife, Linda Lee Porter (Ashley Judd), is explored.

    Going to see it this weekend. I hope it lives up to expectations.


    Anyone else even remotely interested in this movie?

  11. Stupid woman who sent all her offspring to join the army - this is where the film needs serious trimming.

    It's very common for kids from less well off families to join the reserves to pay their way through college. For many of them it's a choice between not going to college 'cos it's so expensive, or doing a couple of years in one of the services to pay your way through. The recruiting people actively sell it as such, in fact.

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