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  1. It's truly rocking the box office. An estimated 8,2 million dollars on Friday alone. Impressive, as it only plays in 868 theaters. As a comparison: the number two movie, White Chicks, plays in more than 2000 theaters.

    Does this mean it's on track to be the week's #1 movie?

  2. the thing is though after watching his "awful truth" show and exposing the fat cats, if he speaks at 3 colleges a year, which i'm sure he does much more, he's kinda becoming quite a fat cat himself...

    i just look for the 2 sides of every story, is all..

    Aye, I'd agree with you there. My attitude is that by stirring things up for the right he's performing a useful service. Of course he makes mistakes and stretches the truth, but he's in the business of popular entertainment after all.

    I don't care how much money he has, either. I'd much rather than someone like him earns millions, given that he's more than happy to pay 50% tax, than some little tory boy who's going to bitch about welfare payments. And why the fuck shouldn't he rake it in, in fairness?

    :( Moore isn't working class, probably not even middle class all things told.

    As I said, I'd be interested to see a source for the quote.

    The frustrating thing with Moore is that the guy's heart is in the right place, but his documentaries are SO biased and extreme that he leaves himself open to not only the criticism of the right-wing, but also left-wing people like me, who like seeing fair-minded documentaries.

    Dozens and dozens of people have been doing the same thing on the right for years, so as far as I'm concerned it's about time we had one doing the same on the left.

    He may be an arsehole, but he's our arsehole.

  3. You got a source for any of that? Rather sounds like random mud-slinging to me, esp the 'hicks' thing, considering where he's from. The charities thing sounds like typical drudge report fuzzy 'reporting', too.

    I'm not bothered how much he charges to speak. If people are prepared to pay it to him, I've no problem with him taking their moolah.

  4. Just seen it. Thoughts below in white in case anyone doesn't want to read about it before seeing it.


    Just got back from the theatre, and I really enjoyed it. This last year I've found myself disliking Moore as he's such an easy target for the right (not to mention the questions about the accuracy of his film making, his self publicity etc), but this has won me right back.

    It's much more human than Columbine. Less gimmicky (in the door stepping people sense), but it doesn't need to be. The footage speaks for itself. Rather unexpectedly it was also very, very moving in places. Like, extraordinarily moving. It's certainly a much slicker, more cohesive documentary than his previous efforts. Loads of great stuff in there about Bush that some will already be aware of but many won't be. Plenty of footage of him off the record which only serves to further enhance his image as the village idiot that found himself in the Whitehouse. Also a good deal of gruesome war footage that absolutely merited the R rating the movie got.

    It's going to be very hard to discredit this one, but you can be sure they'll have a good go.

    Very, very good. Very impressed. And the theatre, as expected, was absolutely packed. People were lining up to buy tickets for the next showing as we went in. Every show in town has now sold out today.

    Oh, and I have never seen a reaction like this movie got from an audience at the end. Massive, massive round of applause.


  5. oh it's out here already?  i know it was released in america today but i didnt know we got it on the same day.

    I'm in the States. July 9th in the UK I think, with preview screenings starting the 4th.

  6. I checked my local cinema this morning and there were five screenings, three of which had sold out.

    Just checked back now and they've added a further five, all but three of which have sold out in about three hours. This is a generic multiplex in the mall. Big hollywood fare all the way normally, with a couple of showings of the odd offbeat film on the smaller screens.

    This film is going to do extraordinarily well.

  7. That review is brilliant:

    I couldn't write fast enough to capture all the insults to the Christian faith of to God's Word
    A Christian rock band that played at Mary's prom was a good example of modern times rather than His Word deciding for us what it means to be Christian. The band used a song with words of praise for Jesus that sounded more like it should be sung around a boiling cauldron. Maybe the words praised Jesus but as often as not the sounds say more than the words. Consider this. Which of the following would you say likely has a more humble and Jesus-like sound?

    (A) "Jesus loves me this I know. For the Bible tells me so."


    They both say the same thing but say it quite differently.

  8. Good old Stipey. With Being John Malkovich and Man on the Moon, he's getting the hang of this producer lark.

    Blimey - didn't know he was involved in Malkovich. Well well.

    I wouldn't have gone to see this based on the trailer, but I think I will now.

    I really wasn't expecting it to be much cop, but as I said I was pleasantly surprised.

    Culkin has a couple of great lines, too, and Susan Sarandon's daughter is superb. Her character reminded me of Ally Sheedy in the breakfast club, which can only be a good thing.

  9. Just saw this the other day, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Super low budget American movie about born again christian kids. Quality satire. Features Macaulay Culkin as the sarcy kid in a wheelchair and pop starlet Mandy Moore as the psycho super religious nutter girl.

    It was written by a Jewish bloke who went to a Christian Fundamentalist school, and although it's got the odd rubbish Hollywood moment in it the quality really is rather good.

    If you like offbeat pisstake movies, particularly ones that take the mickey out of crazy religious fundamentalists, go see this. You won't be disappointed.


    Trailer here:


  10. Get out!

    The Prisoner allegedly wasn't a follow on from Danger Man.  A lot of people thought that Number Six was John Drake but McGoohan was adamant that he wasn't, although one of the other writers claimed he was.

    There are definite similarities though. Not as many as there are between Drake and James bond, of course, but that's another story entirely.

  11. The chessboard has gone now, or rather it had gone when I went a couple of years back.

    Bahh, really? I've not been there in years, so just assumed it was still there.

    Mental place all the same though.

  12. The setting on Portmerion is absolutely spot on as well.

    I've been there a few times. Even dressed up as The Prisoner.... The giant chess board is still there!



  13. Also - does anyone know if they're planning to show the football?  If we get to the quarters the game will be on the Thursday I think.  If they're not showing it, I may have to rethink when and how I'm getting there.

    The showed euro 2000 (or was it france 98?) on the movie screen which was ace. Massive screen, ten thousand people. Lovely.

    Not sure if they're doing it again this time though.

  14. The rest will be around for ages.  Go let the old codger surprise the fuck out of you.

    Absolutely right. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

    This is what glastonbury's all about. You can go see Basement Jaxx in any old venue and you'll have pretty much the same experience. You will never again get the chance to sing along to Beatles tunes with a hundred thousand people and an actual Beatle.

    So long as you like the Beatles, of course. Or even don't mind them....

  15. The one that has everybody talking is the scene of Bush in a Florida classroom reading from My Pet Goat, for seven minutes after he was informed of the second attack on the World Trade Center.

    You can see the full five minute video here (12 meg download for the full one):


    Incidentally that's one of the best sites there is. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. Some of it is pretty unpleasant mind, although they tend to have warnings when there's very gruesome pictures. Well worth a look through.

    For what it's worth I think this film could turn out to be very important come the election. All the reports I've seen say that it's by far his most sophisticated work. There's a little dramatic license in there for good measure, but on the whole it's supposed to be very good indeed. More facts, less gimmicky stunts. One gimmick in it I rather approve of is him hanging around outside the Capitol Building trying to get politicians to sign their kids up to the armed forces. You want to go to war? Let's have your kids fight it then.

    I'm looking forward to this very much indeed.

  16. Just downloaded this last night. The tracks and new cars are nice, but I'm a bit disappointed there's not been any additions to the main one player game. They should have introduced a 'Paris' series of challenges. I know the download was for live, but it would have been nice to have new races and cone challenges to do.

  17. I used to wish I was Morrisey.

    Me too. I used to wave daffodils around at parties which I felt brought me closer to him.

    Nobody understands me, I'm so depressed, everything is shit = teenage market to a tee.

  18. Bob Mould is an absolute star. One of the most important musicians of my lifetime, imo. Definitely get the first Sugar album, and work from that. As mentioned above his solo stuff is a bit more pop, but that doesn't mean it's not brilliant. The guy's an absolute legend.

    Start with this:



    And you'll find the absolute definitive version of California Uber Alles on this classic hip-hop album:



    Both albums should be in everyone's collection.

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