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  1. I've just spent an evening with some people who saw them at the weekend at Coachella, the festival out in the Californian desert.

    They were absolutely superb, by all accounts. Highlight of the festival for everyone I spoke to, which is quite some compliment.

    I'm always a little bit worried when bands get back together, but it sounds like the Pixies are back to their old form. Nice one.

  2. I'd always considered the band 'The Streets' as shallow and hilariously devoid of intellect, listened to by like-minded scallies or pseudo-scallies - thanks for bulletproofing my, albeit narrow-minded stereotype.

    In the future PM the offenders if you feel personally challenged to the point of continuous profanity or unfounded, off-topic attack, as your hostility makes for a grim and very public self-exposé.

    Yes yes, very good. Now fuck off.

  3. Fuck me people who reckon they're all hip hop can be tragic little creatures at times, can't they? Pathetic little hormonal bundles of utter nonsense. There there love, your bollocks will drop soon, I'm sure.

    Anyhow, I like The Streets. It's cheesy as fuck, of course, but it's supposed to be and he's fucking wicked. Skinner is a top man. Any cunt who doesn't think it's legit enough can fuck right off. Who gives a fuck?

    Christ I hate people sometimes.

    I'd also like to point out that a large portion of the best music the planet has ever seen has come out of, and/or been popular in, the States. So you can fuck off with that retarded point, too. Take a look at your own fucking charts before you slag the yanks off, you cunt.

    Anyhow - I'm back home next month, and my mum's bought the wife and myself tickets to see him in Brixton on the 21st May. Anyone else going to be there?

  4. So, I'm downloading again.

    Loads of Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop and Steely Dan.

    If you're unaware of them you must get yourself the following:

    Velvet Underground/Lou Reed - Sweet Jane, Perfect Day, Walk on the wildside

    Iggy Pop/Stooges -Search and Destroy, Passenger, Real Wild Child, I wanna be your dog

    Steely Dan - Black Friday, Bad Sneakers, Kid Charlemagne, Rikki Don't Lose That Number

    Looking for other oldie recommendations please. Pretty much anything really, so long as it's old.

  5. I watched the game actually. The Giants took a pounding.

    Oh, and Sony sponser a giveaway, and the bloke involved strangely ends up picking the playstation over the woman?

    Funny that.

  6. Wow. There is way too much spacing in the top part of the homepage. The text serves no purpose at all. The future of game buying? why? The really interesting stuff is well below the fold, and if you hadn't asked for people to give you feedback I'd almost certainly have closed the page before finding out what you were about.

    If it were my site I'd have a short paragraph that describes what you do in a nutshell. A selection of available games would be right below that, to get people interested. A new visitor should find something to interest them as soon as they get to the site.

    Oh, and proof read the entire thing. Loads of typos and spelling mistakes.

    And I think you'll find that this:

    Disclaimer: We are not legally bound to any typos or wording errors contained within this webpage and if any clause or policy within this webpage should ever be contented, then the final over-riding decision will be up to us and will not be dictated by the contents of this webpage. In any eventuality where a clause or policy within this webpage should prove unenforceable or incorrect then we will adjust that clause or policy so that it is enforceable and correct. We reserve the right to alter any clause or policy within this webpage without prior notice or consultation, should any of them prove unenforceable or incorrect. Any omissions to this website are simply an oversight that will be corrected at a future date once the omission has been uncovered.

    Is bullshit. Contented? I take it you mean contested? And in any case, how much confidence do you think that's going to give your users? You're not going to be bound by what's on your website, but you're claiming to offer me x game at x price? What happens if that's a typo, and you actually meant a fiver more?

    Good luck with it, but you've got a long way to go.

  7. I'm gobsmacked someone can dismiss Eminem so easily. One of the most imaginative (and plain funny) lyricists in any genre ever.

    Ever so rude though.

  8. Anyone who hasn't seen him must go. He's fucking incredible live, and he'll be dead soon. Although I've been saying that for about ten years, I supppose.

    Honestly cal, your mates need a slap. It's not that often that an actual legend comes to town. I saw him last week out here, and he's still the man.

  9. as a huge Queen fan with the entire back-catalog on CD, I dislike most of those songs listed. I prefer them as the rock band they were for the first 4 albums. most of the songs they released as singles were their weakest work IMO.

    Our tastes differ there then, I guess. I absolutely love the cheesy singles and Freddie's mincing about, whereas I detest May's guitar wanking.

  10. i think you've been missing out if you haven't listened to them for years. buy some albums to appreciate them fully.

    I own pretty much all of them, but they're in my mum's attic with most of the rest of my cds.

    Just listening to Fat Bottomed Girls. The make the rockin' world go round, you know :D

  11. Cheesy as fuck, I know, but I've just downloaded a load of tunes I've not heard in years, and they're all fucking ace.

    Radio Ga-Ga.

    Under Pressure

    Bicycle Race

    Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Killer Queen

    Fat Bottomed Girls

    These were the days of our lives

    I want to break free

    etc etc etc.

    It's just non stop classics. Fucking brilliant.

    And the video to I Want To Break Free is still one of the best videos evah. So there.

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