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  1. Kriss Kross

    Or whatever they're called. You know, that "jump, jump.. I said a wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly, mac, daddy!". Or Something.

    Kriss Kross is gonna make you jump!

    Bang on. You're a fucking legend. Cheers.

  2. For reasons known only to myself I decided to download a load of crap hip hop last night. Turns out it was an excellent decision. Here's what I've ended up with:

    Will Smith: Miami + Summertime

    MC Hammer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles + Hammertime

    Vanilla Ice: Ice, Ice, Baby + Play that funky music

    House of Pain: Jump Around

    So, can anyone recommend me some more crap hip hop please? Needs to have decent comedy value.


  3. Pretty good episode. Some funny moments, quite interesting, not as explosive as previous episodes but that's to be expected of an opener.

    Stick with it, it's brilliant.

    I lost interest a couple of years ago, but this season has got me right back into it. I rented seasons three and four the other week after getting hooked again by season five.

    Nothing but net so far this season. I'd be very surprised if they canned it next year, personally. The quality is as high as ever. Loads of more in-depth character stuff.

  4. Yes, I got rid of it as, at one point this afternoon, there were two threads on this forum with people slagging me off - the old one got bumped by one of the lovely people who have sent me abusive PMs today, and I thought I'd prefer if all the criticism was contained to one nice to follow thread.

    That was a little rash, I fear. Only serves to make you look like you've got something to hide.

    I DO stand by what that article says - my asserting my lack of control over the written content of it was in no way an attempt for me to wash my hands of it, I was just trying to cut down the comments directed at me that assumed I did, which was admittedly a pointless move.

    I've only seen what's at the end of that link, but the copy I read appeared to be incredibly poorly researched, sensationalist shite. If it was my piece I'd be ashamed of it and I'd have asked for it to be pulled. I notice you've not expanded on what other research you did, but asking questions in a thread on a forum is about as unscientific as you can get. It's the online equivalent of asking some blokes down the pub what they think and publishing that as the results of 'your investigation'. Sub News of the World stuff.

    People on here are angry because the piece presented an entirely ill informed, unbalanced point of view. Light on facts and heavy on paedos out hysteria, it's not the kind of stuff I'd expect to read in an industry journal.

    Your editor has questions to answer, also. How he/she could allow you to make those sort of claims without verifying your sources and means of data collection is beyond me. It makes both yourself and the magazine look incredibly shoddy. The kind of thing Private Eye thrives on taking the piss out of, in fact.

    If you can't cover a subject properly, you shouldn't cover it. If you're not prepared to invest the necessary time into properly researching your subject matter, you shouldn't cover it. In short I think you made an error of judgement in the way you approached this and have ended up making both yourself and your magazine look very amateurish indeed.

    Finally, I can only assume (and hope) you're relatively new to the industry. The first rule of journalism: your byline, your piece. It doesn't matter exactly what you did on it, it's your piece. If you don't want to be associated with it, you don't allow them to use your name.

    An extraordinarily weak way of trying to excuse yourself, if you don't mind me saying.

  5. They prevent ACTIVE chips. But they don't block chipped Xboxes with the chip switched off.  And I don't believe they intend to.

    Would they be able to do that? Doesn't the circuit just bypass it when the chip is switched off?

    Regardless, if you go online with your chip switched on, you get banned.

  6. Radiohead are fucking shit. One good album and a load of fucking home counties public school boys banging on about how fucking miserable they are since. If I ever met Thom Yorke I'd punch the whinging grotbag right in the face. Give the fucker something real to complain about.

    Fake Plastic Trees was nice enough though.

    Radiohead: used to be nice enough, now they're just shit.

  7. I didn't realise until a couple of weeks ago that it's based on a real dog show: The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, in fact. The second oldest sporting event in the US, fact fans.

    Caught a bit of the real thing on the telly a few weeks ago, and it made me appreciate the movie all the more. There was this one woman who'd bought her pooch a hundred thousand dollar diamond choker. No shit. Anyhow, here's this year's winner (Best In Show, in fact):


    Awww. Anyhow, the movie is brilliant, brilliant stuff. Parker Posey steals the show imo. Loved it.

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