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  1. So I'm looking for the Sopranos region 1 dvd box sets, and I come across all these dead cheap 'Asian Editions' on ebay. Like this:


    and this


    Has anyone bought any of these 'Asian editions'? Are they as completely shady as they look?

    Or perhaps the Hong Kong editions are just cheaper? Ahem.

    Anyone got any experience of them? Are they just the dodgy knock-offs they appear to be?

  2. Easy one for me: Midwinter. I loved that game. I can hear the swishing of the skis even as I type this. The thing was an absolute marvel technically, and the world it's set in was on a scale unlike anything I'd ever seen before. Being able to just move around, do what you want, come and go as you please, all on skis. The world just sucked me in. Brilliant character interaction and different results depending on the characters you used. Graphics that just blew me away. Hugely underrated and sadly overlooked game.

    First time I ever stayed up all night playing a video game this is what I was playing. Nothing has ever come close to the excitement that game brought. Plenty of quality titles since, but nothing that felt as completely different and groundbreaking. Just thinking about it is making me go all misty eyed: Davy Hart, Professor Kristiansen, Stark, Virginia Caygill....


    Here's some (edited, cos the last lot fucked up) screenshots to jog the memory:



  3. Not if its done cloak and dagger (i.e. not on sale to a shop :rolleyes: )
    If i got enough people interested or found a shop or site interested in selling them

    Just pointing out that software cos tend to be extremely protective of their copyright.

  4. Sure I use my reserves. Send some challanges now!

    Yes the MZManager program is really helpfull to keep track of your players training. If you looking for a program helping with tactics I suggest you visit http://w1.319.telia.com/~u31919727/


    Challenges sent.

    Sadly my Swedish isn't up to scratch, so I can't make head not tail of that program!

  5. Oooh, it just keeps growing on me.

    Lord Anthony is an ace tune too:

    Anthony, bullied at school. Get your own back now you are cool

    Or are you scared? Bunking off, though you're a toff

    It's all gone wrong again you've got double maths

    But the teacher's got no control, the boys all run riot

    You will stay quiet or you will die.

    Yay! for brilliant returns to form.

  6. My team is Super Smash Bros, please challenge me for friendlies, it's always fun to meet new talents :(


    Only if you play your reserves. You're ranked 300, I'm ranked about 30000.

    Still having fun, although I get battered by anyone above me (everyone not in division six, basically!).

    Eek! Just taken a look at your team. Your keeper is worth more than my entire squad. Maybe that friendly isn't such a good idea after all.

  7. everyone who doesn't think it's a brilliant film is wrong. it's a fact says my little gnome friend.

    It's a beautiful film and like numbersix said films don't need a purpose or climatic ending.  I really like films that don't, my favourite is MASH. It's just a film of things that happen. Ace.

    Yes yes, very good.

    I'm still right though.

  8. I've heard from friends in the US that it's really good.

    The Barry Norman types in the US (Ebert and Roper) liked it. Said they went into it expecting it to be total shit, but were pleasantly surprised. Very silly, but fun silly.

    I'm not convinced, myself.

  9. BTW - your 3rd and 4th paragraphs don't apply to me. I didn't say movies need a purpose or good ending. staplehead may have but I didn't read his entire post :ph34r:, but got the gist that he hated it, as did I.

    I know, sorry. That wasn't as clear as I'd have liked it to be. The majority of the post was aimed at the OP, but yours was the last post hence my totally uncalled for science taunt.


    'Tis a good film though, honest. Have you forced yourself to sit through it again on DVD? Perhaps you built it up too much before going to see it?

  10. I hate that horrible sinking feeling in your stomach when sit down to enjoy something and suddently you realise that its just crap.

    You're a scientist though. You don't understand The Arts. Them's the rules.

    Tenenbaums is a superb film. Absolutely superb. One of the best things to come out of Hollywood in recent years, by a very long way.

    A movie doesn't have to have 'a purpose'. There doesn't have to be any monumental climactic final scene for it to be good.

    It's a quality film. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just wrong and deserves to suffer an eternity of Bruce Almighty on loop.

    So there.

  11. I have played this game for over two years now and I can recommend it to anyone interested in online football.

    Anything to do with how much better the Swedish teams are than all the others?*


    * yes, I'm bitter.

  12. Asleep on a Sunbeam is the best song they've ever done. And that's saying something.

    Cripes. That's some claim :wub:

    Certainly up there, but they've so many top tunes it's hard to pick one as their best. The Stars of Track and Field, My Wandering Days Are Over, Like Dylan In The Movies, The State I Am In, If You're Feeling Sinister....

    They're adorable live. See them at a small venue, and Stuart has actual conversations with the crowd, the roadies make balloon animals. It's lovely.

    I'm off to see them in May, actually. Looking forward to it enormously.

  13. Just taken delivery of last year's B&S album (Dear Catastrophe Waitress), and by gumbo it's a good 'un. Loads of lovely bouncy pop harmony, a wholesome brass section and their usual sharp lyrics.

    Brass sections = good, obv.

    Piazza, New York Catcher and Asleep on a Sunbeam are up there with the best things they've ever done.

    Anyhow, if you liked the early stuff I advise you to get hold of a copy of this. It'll put you in a good mood and make you want to jump around the front room, which can only be a good thing. A steal at ten of your English pounds.


  14. Intriguing...

    So is it a one-off payment of $3?

    And how are matches played? Do you both have to set your team for a particular time etc? Can you make substitutions mid-game?

    As fas as I know it's a one off payment. It used to be free, but they introduced the payment 'to stop cheating'. Ahem. You're automatically in a league of eight, and there are one off cup competitions with prizes (ipods, xbox etc) which you have to pay for. All the ones I've seen so far cost $1 to enter. The meat of the game is the leagues though - you can get promoted and relegated from them as the seasons roll on.

    You play one official league game a week, and you can set up to two friendlies a day to hone your tactics. The games just happen automatically, according to the tactics/team selection you've set up. If you want to you can pay money each month for more features and to manage the games live in real time, sms alerts, extra analysis tools etc. I assume if you do this you can do real time substitutes and change tactics.

    The basic level of the game (ie just the $3 to activate, rather than a monthly sub) is complex enough to retain interest though, imo.

  15. Just started tinkering with it this week. It's rather good, as it goes. Free to trial for a couple of weeks, then $3 to activate your team properly (to allow transfers, etc). Take control of a ficticious team in a mini league with other real life players. Look after ground development, signings, tactics, training etc.

    Championship Manager lite, basically, only against thousands of real people. Well worth a look.


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