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  1. Plus the Americans are so incredibly fake and lm glad that Bill Murray was unhappy, instead of just smiling fakely

    So Jude Law really was over the moon to have lost then, was he?

  2. (Sigh)

    It's only useless because you're being an arse and not listening to people asking you to not spoil the game. Not very hard to get your head around, really, and it wouldn't take much effort on your part. Like I said, it's common courtesy to properly spoiler stuff out. Just because you don't care doesn't mean everybody thinks the same way. When people clearly ask you not to ruin something and you simply ignore them, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that you're a twat.

    Next time you post about a game I've finished or a movie I've seen, I'll be sure to post the ending for you.

  3. Ohh come on now, you dont have to know the true meaning of E=Mc2 to figure out that Lance has it coming. The way I see it I did him a favour......he should be greatfull.


    Common courtesy to properly spoiler out stuff like that. It may be obvious to you, but people should be able to choose whether they read it or not.

  4. That is the worst effort at marking a spoiler ever.


    Judas - why not change the colour of the text to white, so it doesn't fuck it up for people who don't know? By the time you've read *spoiler* you can see the text next to it, whether you want to or not.

  5. Just counting, RotK won 11 oscars, what was the film that got the most oscars and how many did it win?

    Eleven is the most: ROTK is now tied with Ben Hur and Titanic which both won the same number.

  6. Seeing as I've never seen a single episode and Amazon are selling the 1st season for only £20 convince it why I should get it.

    One of the bets TV dramas ever. Absolute quality thing. Brilliant scripts and superbly developed characters. 13 hours of absolute joy.

    It takes the hackneyed old gangster thing and gives it a proper kick up the arse with a totally different spin. There's still plenty of the testosterone gangster stuff, but there's so much more to it.

    Buy the first season, and I guarantee you'll want to see the rest.

  7. without a hint of sarcasm. He moans all the way though the commentry, but never about it being called a british sitcom. He says he was proud that he brought in lots of Irish actors and made it a program the Irish would be proud of rather than a piss-take. I know you're right, it is an Irish comedy, but maybe it's sad that it is called a British sitcom as the money and crewand actors and Channel 4 came from there

    It annoys me enormously. If an English director makes a film with an english cast and American money, it's talked about as an English film.

    If Irish writers and actors create a TV show with English money, it's an English series.

    Similar to the 'Gold Medal for the United Kingdom' thing when a scot wins a medal.

  8. And she co-wrote Kylie's 'Can't get you out of my head', so it appears she's not really that rubbish.

    And some S-Club tunes and that Will Young pap, plus loads more. She wrote the B-side to Wannabe and a B side for a Gareth Gates single, both of which sold over a million copies. Her writing's made her an awful lot of money. Four # 1s and a good few top ten singles.

    One of the most successful song writers around.

  9. However, I cannot for one second reccomend it as the teevee advert does as a "feel good movie". What? Okay, it has the main two characters "finding" each other (in a mature way) but "feel good"? Since when did the British audience become fat burgermunching Americans?

    What the fuck are you talking about?

  10. To be fair, Bond's been renegade three times now - OHMSS, Licence to Kill and Die Another Day.

    Not in the same way though. He's on his own for the majority of OHMSS. No gadgets, almost no help.

    the ski scene at the end is completely eclipsed by the ski scenes from For Your Eyes Only (an extremely underrated Bond film IMO).

    True, but there's twelve years between the films, remember. The first ski scene in OHMSS still stands up, even after thirty five years.

  11. On Her Majesty's Secret Service for me.


    * Best Bond Girl.

    * Renegade Bond, for the first and only time.

    * Married Bond, shock.

    * Telly Savalas being top.

    * The ski scene where he loses a ski.

    * Young Joanna Lumley.

    * Hilly.

    Diana Rigg is just fab. That bit where he loses one ski and just carries on is one of the best Bond scenes ever. Savalas is brilliantly sinister yet ridiculous at the same time, which is what being a bond villain is all about. Plus the fact that Bond pursues the whole thing off his own back, showing a hint of his darker side, just makes it for me.

    Given that you're all going to disagree with me: what's your favourite Bond, and why?

  12. it is southern irish though.

    I think it's british-made and just has irish characters though.

    Irish characters, writers, creators etc. English Money (Hat Trick), Irish brilliance (cast, script, concept etc).

    British comedy list my arse.

  13. Not seen Millers Crossing, Blood Simple or Raising Arizona. Worth a watch?

    Milller Crossing - Brilliant. Watch it through uninterrupted. One of the best films of the 90s, without a doubt.

    Blood simple - quite hard work at times, and much more raw than the others, but worth a watch for sure.

    Raising Arizona - Lacking the subtleties of some of the later films, but still excellent. Anything with Cage, Hunter, Goodman and Coen mixed together is bound to be good.

  14. School of Rock, undoubtedly. Funny, silly, heart warming - you'll both leave chuffed to bits and giggling, meaning she's primed for sex*

    *May not be true

    Agree with that.

    Lost in Translation, although brilliant, would not be my choice for a date. Unless you know the girl very well, you'd be better to steer clear. It's too melancholy for a date, imo.

    School of rock = laughs. Plus it's sentimental and touching. Perfect.

  15. You don't agree that I was disappointed that 'Lost in Translation' didn't win?  ;-)

    No, I don't agree that there were many more deserving movies.

    It's phrases like that that will put me off a film as quickly as 'massive explore-able worlds' would put me off a game.

    You're missing out, honestly. I'm not a fan of the genre, especially, but seeing the books I read as a child so well represented on screen was excellent.

    The sheer vision and his wonderful execution make them worthwhile, imo.

  16. The first two films in the trilogy should have clearded up at the award shows, ROTK is by far the worst of the three and most people I know consider it a huge anti-climax to the trilogy.

    I like the first and third ones equally, to be honest. If i had to choose it'd be the first one, simply because it was all so new. I absolutely loved ROTK though. The Two Towers I liked the least, but that's as much down to the transitional nature of the book as anything else.

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