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  1. how has this game ended up in the UK ??

    Game ended up in London as part of the NFL's attempt to increase popularity outside of the US. There was a pre-season game in mexico last year. I bet it's fun to be there, but it looks like a bit of a letdown from over here. Lots of empty seats (the red blocks in the middle were about 10% full from when I started watching in the 2nd quarter). Will be interested to hear from folks who were at the game.

    Oh and not quite that high scoring game

    Yea, bit of a letdown. Rain, bad pitch, curious officiating and embarrassing dolphins so far. Maybe the last four minutes will be better...

    Edit: Signs of life from the fins, 10 points down and they're driving with 3 minutes to go.

  2. This London game is going to be a cracker, I reckon. Refs will let the game flow, and will definitely favor offense. We can't have the most important non-superbowl NFL game ever ending a 6-3 borefest, can we? Giants in a close, high scoring game.

    Chargers first game back at QUALCOMM since the wildfires (still going on actually). Whole city and surroundings declared a disaster zone, air quality terrible, just yesterday the stadium was housing evacuees. Fuck off evacuaees, we're got a football game to prepare for. If they don't blow the texans out of the water there'll hell to pay. Chargers double digit victory.

    Vince young to roll all over the sorry raiders. Forget Manning & Brady, Young is the best QB in the league.

    Last prediction: Redskins to give the Pats some trouble. A victory might be a bit of a stretch, but the skins match up pretty well with them. Should be a fun game.

  3. All I'm saying is Fergie has taken a big gamble on these two, and there are many of us who would prefer players who are ready to step up and play now, not in a few years time.

    You've seen the table, yea?

  4. the Chargers self destructing has caught me by surprise, I expected them to tail off a bit ( what with Norv being there ) but wow they really are deep in trouble.

    Losing the entire coaching staff stings, clearly. AJ handled it terribly: if he wanted rid of marty he should have sacked him as soon as teh season was done, then promoted one of the coordinators. Instead he waited for them to fuck off (both took head coaching jobs), then sacked marty. Good job, numptie. Folks in SD are pretty angry with AJ right now.

    Nice to see Gonzalez pick up a TD, and LJ looking more like his former self. I swear if Johnson hadn't pulled it out of the bag Herm Edwards would have had no choice but to wheel out Holmes... Disappointed to see the Chargers struggling so much, despite LT looking a lot better in the first half. Too many mistakes for Rivers though, he looked really uncomfortable - although not as uncomfortable as Huard looked late on in the game.

    Yea. Unforgivable second half performance from the bolts. Shocking.

  5. Just watched the Highlights on NFL.com. Looked like an amazing game

    Farve is now joint holder of the touchdown record with Marino

    3 From 3, Packers are looking great

    Bolts had that wrapped up though... looked to be in control at the end of the 4th Q.... fucking norv.

    Great day of football though: McNabb has one of the games of his career to shut his detractors up, Packers shock the bolts, Steelers make a statement against the 49ers and the Cowboys spanked the bears hard. Crazy game: 3-3 at half time, finished 34-10 cowboys. Has Grossman's time come? Feel like that might have been his last game.

  6. What so you can't remember chelsea playing well before the sending off? - maybe you were sitting on the toilet having a crap.

    Right. Four shots, none on target, one corner all game. They were really bossing the first 30 minutes.

    We're missing that cutting edge, I am wondering when its going to appear.

    If we don't have it in a month, once rooney's back on his game, Ronaldo's had a chance to gel with the new guys and tevez is up to speed, I'll be worried. Until then I'm happy to win.

  7. ^_^

    It's for all teh doom-mongers. Bunch of new players, our two biggest stars injured or out. It's a long season.

    and I have to say, Chelsea losing was the right result for the game, too. The way he treated mourinho was a fucking disgrace: would have been a crime if they'd gotten anything from that.

    yea, arsenal look good but they've not left london yet. Let's see how they get on up at OT & anfield.

  8. The Steelers v 49ers game has been moved to the main game on Sky, which is good news for those of you who don't have Sky Digital and didn't want to watch Jets v Dolphins.

    This could be a bit of a down-to-earth game for the niners I think. Steelers look to be back to their angry best. Elsewhere the Chargers/Packers game will be interesting, bolts would have liked an easier game after the pats, I'm sure. How will McNabb perform after his little outburst.... pressure's on for sure. Will the colts suffer a surprise loss in houston? Prob not given the texan's pass D, but hopefully they give them a run for their money.

  9. Because they had Vick.

    If only they had a Delorean. It makes the Chargers' decision to trade the first overall pick to Atlanta a few years ago seem genius.

    LT over Vick for me, even without the dog fighting issue. Vick is the best running back to ever play QB, imo.

    Gah, that game really was terrible. Funny thing is, poor old marty got hammered for marty-ball, but if ever there was a game that called for it, it's the pats at home the week they've been caught cheating. Calling a passing play on your own 30 yard line with a 2nd year quarterback's first away passing play of the season... at gilette... with the crowd as fired up as they'll be all year. Genius.

  10. Good game in Nashville. Perhaps if Young hadn't chucked the ball at that player and ruining a great play perhaps they could've won. Maybe!

    How about the Browns? 51 points!

    Yea, the ohio bowl was madness. Whoever has the ball last wins!

    Young was awesome: he's still very young, only going to continue to get better. Will be truly fearsome in a couple of years. I'd take him over Peyton any day of the week.

    Damn, check out Green's first half numbers:

    Miami Comp Att Yds Pct Y/A Sack YdsL TD Int

    T. Green 4 9 54 44.4 6.0 1 9 0 1

    Edit: holy fuck, green's a disaster. 1 TD off 200 yards? 3 Ints and a fumble? Christ on a bike, tough to compete when your QB's doing that.

  11. I'm torn. Your Chargers annoyed me last week. Yep, they deserved to win but they did so much trash talking after the game they went down in my estimation – especially after bitching about the Pats doing the same after their play-off win in SD last season. So I'd been hoping the NE would kick their ass.

    But now I don't know. The Pats have tarnished their legacy horribly. They cheat. Plain and simple. I may not like the Chargers mouthing off like Terrell Owens in week bloody one, but at least they won their game fairly.

    Who did you play for?

    Mouthed off about the Pats you mean? If so it needs to be looked at in context: last year everyone here in SD thought they were going to win the Superbowl, no question. A team that's been shit for ever was getting talked up like nobody's business. The Pats came in a ripped that away from them, so I can understand why they're pissed.

    Pats thing is really interesting. Great Yahoo piece on it here. Definitely tarnished their legacy... three superbowls, each by a field goal. Having thats sort of information has got to be worth 3 points a game, right? But you think they're the only ones at it?

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