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  1. Righto, semi finals as follows:




    UK MinerWilly

    Gah, to be completed by the 13th, which is tomorrow.

    MinerWilly - I can do any tonight or tomorrow after about 9.30. Any good for you?

    With the benefit of hindsight, I'd say that the three day turnaround on games is a little over ambitious ;)

  2. Not sure if I'm in tonight. If I can't make it I'll forfeit the game.

    Cheers for that - sorry I wasn't around earlier.

    Was something up with the voice thingy? It had the little icon to say you were connected, but nothing seemed to be getting through, either way.

  3. Darn, I somehow managed to miss this thread and so my first round match was decided on a coin toss. Sorry Yorda's Saviour.

    Choccy, you around for our match? Deadline is today.

    Shite, I'd completely forgotten about this.

    Am around tonight only, if that's any good? Anytime from about 9pm onwards.

  4. I've got a crappy 600 MHZ AMD Athlon.

    I know it says it needs 1GHZ or so, but does anyone play this on a crapola machine like mine?

    Want to play, but won't be getting a new machine for a good while. bahh.

  5. Been thinking about this lately, and I can only really come up with a couple for each.

    Cube: Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart, Metroid, Zelda *

    XBox: Halo, PGR2 and KOTOR (at a push).

    I know people will dispute MKDD and KOTOR, but I personally think their profiles made people buy that machine. Even PGR2, I suppose, but it's clearly the best online racer by a very long way.

    What others do you consider to be absolute blockbuster titles? Not just good niche games, but the absolute cream that make people want to own that console.

    * EDIT: can't believe I forgot Zelda. *hangs head*

  6. has anyone done a list of cars from each class that are definate "must-buys"?


    The best way to gauge it is to take a look at the leaderboard on single player, and buy whatever cars are being used by the top ten peeps. It's rarely more than one or two.

  7. Ebay's still great though, you just have to be careful. Only buy of people with plenty of good feedback (100+), and don't buy from people in Asia. At least, don't be too surprised if you get dodgy gear when you do. Unless you're buying Jap games direct, of course. You know what I mean though.

    I've bought a dozen or so GBA games off ebay over the lsat year, and they've all been legit.

  8. I just wish it would show you their ranking before the match. :ph34r:

    People would just cherry pick their games if they did that though.

    I like it as it is. There's nothing like fighting your way through a three set game, struggling for every point, only to find that they're ranked five thousand below you!

  9. I've only ever won a single game online, out of about 8. Grr.

    It's a proper, proper bitch at first. It's much more about working out the angles when you're online, it seems.

    Having said that, I'm still crap at it. Getting better though.....

    My pet hate is people who use the bloody attitude button AFTER EVERY SHOT. Leave it, please.

  10. Considering I spent almost 2hrs of my life trying to complete the platinum cone challenge in the coupe series this morning and still failed, I don't think that's too harsh ;)

    A fair point, well made. I vote for electrocution via joypad.

  11. Why not produce a free download of outragously fast cars, well not that fast - but better than the TVR.

    I'd prefer if someone could come up with a script that detected action replay use, and immediately banned the gamer tag forever.

    Ideally I'd like it to fuck their xbox up forever too, but I suppose that's a bit harsh.

  12. Hi all, this is just a little experiment to see how you guys are finding the lag on Top Spin.  I rarely get lag, but I've been speaking to a guy on another forum who gets loads, and he says his mates do too.

    I'm interested in this too. The vast majority of games I play have little or no lag, but every now and then I'll get one that's so laggy it's just unplayable.

    And, call me paranoid if you like, but I've also played games where the lag appears to be totally selective. Every time I try and serve, and never when they do, for instance. Or just as I try a risk shot.

    They're pretty rare though, in truth. And it's probably more down to my paranoia than anything else.

    As for the poll - not sure what to vote, really. I'd estimate I get bad lag one game in every twenty, or so. I'm more than happy with that, personally. I've gone for three out of ten, on balance.

  13. So I started a game of it myself and noted the time to do the challenge which was 1min 30secs. I then timed this persons ghost replay and they completed it in almost 2 and a half minutes and according to their bonuses they did it within a second to spare.

    Presumably they did it on the easiest level (tin, is it?) which gives you more time.

  14. Guess you missed my ridiculously high Unforced Errors stat then.  ;)

    Cool, see you tomorrow.  You wanna host or shall I?  I'm on NTL 600k.

    Well, that was brief.

    Tennis lessons for me then :-)

    I also dropped two thousand places in the rankings, which seems a bit harsh considering how much higher than me you are.

  15. Couple of q's -

    1) What is this Cat and Mouse on PGR2?

    2) Does anyone here mind me adding them to my friends list? Will more than likely be on PGR2 tonight if anyone wants a game...

    1) Cat and mouse is a team game. one player has a mini, the other has an enzo (or similar). The minis race, and the enzos either help their partners or try to fuck the other mini up by crashing into them. Top fun.

    2) fire away (gt: choccy). I work on the assumption that if anyone has it in their sig or in the list above, they're happy to be added.

  16. I still want it to be used as some sort of surveilance device in a FPS, ie you set up some sort of camera and you can see what's going on in that area using the GBA screen.

    That's exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of. Everything I've seen has been a rubbish bolted-on extra. Your suggestion would be perfect, 'cos it adds something significant to the gameplay.

    I know those without GBA would moan, but it'd be easy enough to arrange it so the function was useful rather than essential to the game.

    Up to this point I've taken a look the first couple of times I've played the game, and ignored it from that point on. I want something integral.

  17. Cool, see you tomorrow.  You wanna host or shall I?  I'm on NTL 600k.

    I've got a 1 meg line - am happy to host.

    having said that I had the most shocking lag in a game yesterday. It was so bad to quit the game. First time it's happened though.

    I'm always suspicious when that kind of things happens online too. Dark thoughts of action re-play enter my mind.

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