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  1. BTW - these matchups are for the RLLMUK TOUR, rather than the RLLMUK CHAMPS comp

    I think you got that the wrong way round!

    Gah. What a stupid bastard I am. Sorry, confusing even myself. Thanks for noticing mw. So:

    RLLMUK TOUR Matchups:

    El Geet

    UK MinerWilly


    Yordas Saviour

    To be completed by 8th december. Today.

    RLLMUK CHAMPS matchups:



    Penguin Lad

    Yordas Saviour




    Kerraig UK

    To be completed by 13th December.


  2. Talking of getting online, anyone fancy a game this Tuesday/Wednesday? I should be online by then.

    I'm up for it, for sure.

    Only just got it though, so I've not unlocked too much.

    Gamertag: Choccy

    Cheers to everyone who told me to get this, too. Very good, so it is. V impressed with the lack of lag. Tis actually fun with eight players.

  3. btw - one very annoying thing about the controls: when you're on a ledge the button to climb up is the lower one, and the button to drop down a level is the upper one.

    Very annoying. Other way round makes much more sense. Lower button = drop down, upper button = climp up.

  4. So, your reason for not likeing the game is directly related to your ineptitude at a section that everyone else cleared within half an hour of getting the game.

    I see...

    Well fuck me, I'm sorry.

    I posted my first impressions. You know, I'd just got the game, had developed impressions of it, and I posted what I thought.

    We can't all be as fucking brilliant as you. I do apologise.


    Oh, and it's liking. This should help.

  5. I've just got hooked up to Live. Top Spin is the only Live game I've got right now, so I booted it up and tried it out...

    ...and got myself absolutely destroyed.

    Is your character all built up?

    don't even bother going on there unless you've spent all 14 stars. It's just no fun losing 3-0, 3-0 every time.

    It took me about 10 or 15 games online before I got the hang of it, and now i love it online, even though I still get beat a lot.

    It's all about positioning. Try and think a shot or two ahead, if you can.

    But defo get those skills.

  6. I hope so fella cos it's a corker.

    Yeah. Not saying it's shit, like. Just a bit frustrated with it at the moment.

    have you got the dagger yet ?

    Umm, no. Only got it today. I take it the dagger's good then, is it?

    Am stuck at the minute. Really early on - loads of poles, and a statue to climb up. Get half way up, and can't see where to go next. Get bored and annoyed, and turn it off.

  7. The XSN stuff does look very interesting, but I'd like to know how it decides who has defaulted on the match ?

    That's exactly what I'm so pissed off about. If you decide you can't play me, and you forfeit the game, it doesn't affect me. If you just ignore me, and it goes to a coin toss, it treats it as if neither of us turned up.

    When you create a tourny, it has a message board attached. The problem is if the person you're due to play simply ignores you, you have no comeback.

    Still a great game though, defo worth getting. The online side of it just adds so much. Every player you face is different. Ace.

    The online interface needs some work though, to be fair.

  8. That's not what they've done at all. We've been over this several times already.

    Fair enough, I thought they had. I sort of switched off after five pages or so. Looked like that's what they'd done to me though.

    If not, I say you should burn them. Burn them good.

  9. Several days later, I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how this is ANY different to someone on a market stall selling pirated games.

    Well, what they've done is use your idea to make their own game.

    World of difference right there.

  10. I've just got this, and I'm already annoyed.

    Only been playing a couple of hours, and it's just so, well, Prince of Persia.

    Trial and error gaming, which I never enjoy. Let's try this ledge. Oh, dead. Let's try jumping here. Oh, dead. Let's try this. Oh look, I'm dead again.

    Still, early days. Everyone else seems to love it, so I'm sure I'll turn the corner soon.

  11. So, I joined a Top Spin competition from the xsn site, right? a season with eight players, none of whom I knew. Just fancied trying it out.

    There's a lot of games in a season, so i'd have had to play something like ten over a week.

    Anyhow, the competition gets activated, and I try and get in touch with my first round fella.


    Goes to a coin toss, which I win.

    Try and get in touch with my second round fella.


    And so on.

    Here's the extra annoying part though - my sportsmanship rating is now down to one bloody star, because I didn't make the games.

    That's very shit.

  12. As long as you're logged into Live playing either on line or in the solo mode, a little envelope appears on screen as soon as get the invite allowing you to instantly know if you've got one. Very swish and exactly like Rainbow Six 3.

    Ace, thanks.

    I take it you'd recommend it then, all in all? Particularly interested in the live aspect of it.

  13. what's the live menu like for PGR2?

    i'm a bit disappointed with top spin's. You only know if you've been invited to play if you go to your friends menu, by which time the other person is usually doing something else.

    how's PGR2's?

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