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  1. Massive Sunday night game this week: Bolts v Patriots, in New England. You can bet the Patriots are going to come out firing to prove that the taping stuff (exciting espionage details here) wasn't their secret sauce, Bolts are still pissed about the playoff victory last year. Bad blood there. I'm a little worried tbh: the patriots look very, very good. Then again the Jets aren't the sternest of tests. Randy Moss? Randy Toss more like.

    Pats/Bolts really is a huge game for so early in the season.

    Big Game Prediction: winner of this game wins the superbowl.

    Big Game Hope: Bolts win 20-10, LT gets some yards in, all the big players stay healthy.

    Other Predictions: Colts get exposed, lose (or scrape win) against the Titans. Alex Smith (future all-star) continues to improve, SF roll over the Rams. Saints, desperate after their opening day humiliation, win handily against a beat up Bucs squad. Dolphins beat the horribly over-rated cowboys.

    Football's back. It's good.

  2. Damn that was a good opening performance. Turner could be the key to our success this year: having that caliber of backup for LT is huge. Next week at NE is gonna be huge...

    Lots of positives for the chargers to take from that game: some breaks of course, but was a very disciplined game from them. Love that LT threw for a TD in the first game!

    re the colts, yeah agree about the defense, i just hate manning. He endorses absolutely everything over here, it's ridiculous. They make him out to be in the same league as the likes of Marino, which is just a joke. He's a good QB, but there's a bunch of guys in the league who'd be just as good in the same position. Will be interesting to see how he gets on without his left-tackle: my guess is he'll choke. We'll know week 9, when they face NE.

  3. Don't expect all that much out of the colts, despite thursday's result. They won the Superbowl despite manning, not because of him. Losing Tarik Glenn was a big blow: let's see how manning does without all that time to throw.

    Pats look fucking scary this year: can't wait to take 'em on at theirs. I fear that LT may have a letdown season: gonna be pretty tough to better what he did last year, though if we win the superbowl I'm not sure he'll care. I'll be heading to qualcomm early tomorrow to get the beers and sunburn in. Woot.

  4. That's tier 4 armour. You need to turn in drops from various raid bosses for it (Karazhan, Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Lair).

    What are these tokens I've heard people talk about? do bosses drop those instead of actual items, then you turn in the token for an item?

    Started Kara yesterday. Fun, but a big step up in difficulty it seems. Few pieces dropped yesterday, but all just regular blues.

    Yeah, you want to be looking at blue stuff really. Check out the drops from Steamvaults, Shadow Labyrinths, and the Tempest Keep instances. There should be some stuff for you there.

    I feel like I've gotten all the stuff I want from the regular instances. I could maybe scrape a few + dmg points or stats, but nothing too dramatic.

    That priest set on the other hand, would be a big step up. Am I being overambitious?

    Don't really understand either the tiered thing, or how these tokens/raids work. Could somebody either explain (bearing in mind I'm a n00b), or point me in the direction of a good resource please?

    Cheers :)

    The loot-list is always a good place to start when looking to see what gear to get out of the 5 mans:


    nice one, thanks.

  5. I'm not sure any other club will give you £6.8 million for Heinze that Liverpool would have. The difference with Gerrard is that's no secret that he has no love for Man Utd.

    As I said before from a footballing perspective I don't particulary want Heinze at Anfield but I still maintain it would have been a good deal financially for Utd.

    I'd agree with you if it wasn't United & Liverpool. The deal might make sense on paper, but there's more to it than that: a couple of million quid isn't enough to justify trading to your bitterest rivals for, particularly when there are other clubs waiting in the wings.

    Re the two clubs not trading with one another: I love this about football: yes it's a business, but there's more to it than that.

    Oh right. Well then that rather begs the question of where are their bids if they're so keen on paying that much for him?

    Supposed to be going to Real for 12million Euros.

  6. Erm, short memory? Gerrard wanted to leave and Real was his preferred destination but they didn't care so only Chelsea were in for him and at the last minute he decided he wouldn't be able to take the stick and stayed.

    I'm talking about Heinze.

  7. What's he done to make himself a spineless little fuck? A turncoat, a traitor, a mercenary. Fair enough. But spineless? What am I missing? Surely it takes a degree of bravery to risk antagonising his club, the manager and the fans to try to force a move to their bitter rivals?

    He should be fighting for his place, imo. Surely the best way to make SAF eat it would be to prove to him that he was wrong?

  8. Just as its so predictable you've all been slating him in the Man U thread! :)

    I did no such thing, why don't you try reading the thread. I'm gutted that he's turned out to be a spineless little fuck: when he arrived I loved him. Hard as nails, just what we needed.

  9. It's madness. How Man Utd can turn down an inflated fee for a player who doesn't want to play for them is beyond me. Fergusons stubborness belies belief. If Gerrard turned round to Benitez tomorrow and said "Fuck you all, I want to join Chelsea", I would fully expect Rafa to sanction the transfer.

    You're on crack. It's not like there aren't going to be other clubs offering as much if not more for him. Real Madrid, for instance. And Liverpool > Chelsea is a very different proposition to United > Liverpool. Do you honestly think your board would let Gerrard come to OT?

    It's no coincidence that the clubs haven't traded in 45 years.

  10. Nice. Thanks for all that everyone!

    Plan to stay shadow: was holy 30-50, and found it to be pretty stressful. Less pressure DPSing :lol:

    So, I got my flyer today (made 750g in 24 hours selling the chanting mats I'd ben stockpiling), and completed last part of kara attunement. I've found some gear I want: http://www.thottbot.com/test/?set=664

    But have no idea how to get it. It looks pretty good given what I'm used to, but I don't understand what I need to do to get it. Can somebody point me in the right direction please?

  11. The general view of him is that he had a great start at Man Utd and then slowly lost his way

    Yea, I'd agree with that assessment. He looked awesome early on but no way would I have him over Evra. He'd work in the middle though, but I guess he wants first team every game.

  12. yeah, martins is a good striker but doesn't this seem like desperation? why wasn't this wrapped up ages ago like all our other transfers if it was what we need?

    It does, but I think it was reasonable going into the season to think that Rooney, Tevez, Ole & Saha would do. Now we have one of those four available, and he's not properly match fit.

    As for Heinze, if he wants to go to Merseyside, let him: sell him to Tranmere.

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