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  1. Yes I do. I don't particulary want Heinze at Anfield but I'm not Rafa Benitez.

    Not doubting that you want him, I just can't see us letting him go to you. How to piss on a legacy in one swift move. He is good tho. Nails.

    Side note: it annoys me more than I can put into words that I actually like Benitez. Pleasant, charming, self effacing. A Liverpool manager that's impossible to hate. Annoying.

  2. Cantona was described this way as well.

    Yea, but Cantona was the player of a generation..s. so worth taking a risk on. Those don't come about very often, plus the circumstances at the club are very different now.

    sack the board!

    so, it was uniteds fault, rather than citys effort?

    Better finishing we'd have got something. Vidic hit the woodwork, tevez went agonizingly close twice.

    Fair play to city tho, great defensive effort. That's three times we've been frustrated now. How refreshing to have sven say they were lucky, too. Bastards.

  3. Six clubs in 10 years is pretty bad. How well do you think the Bolton players liked him in the off season when he said he wanted to move back to Arsenal?

    Great player when he feels like it, but he has that cranky gallic thing going on. If we could be sure we'd be getting the great player I'd be for it, but we'd get the baggage too.

  4. See that's a much more grown-up and intelligent post. Saying "season over" after three games (or even two) is also very different to saying we'll not retain the title.

    Either way, it's ridiculous to write us off already. There's six points up for grabs against each of the title challengers. It's been a shit start with some very good signs.

  5. Damn. You got fucked there. Not all bad for me today then :)

    Torres = future european player of the year, btw. Really thought he was going to sign for us last year.... gutted that he's ended up with you lot.

  6. Its clear that Tevez needs support and Giggs as a striker isn't working. You can't rely on Ole or Saha as they are far too injury prone.

    Agreed. Let's give him, Rooney & Ronaldo a few games together before writing them off though.

  7. season. over.

    anyone care to tell me i'm over-reacting this time?

    Ok: you're overreacting and behaving like a spoilt child who's clueless about football. That kind of talk is what makes others hate United fans. We're three games in. Saying our season is over makes you (and by extension us) look somewhat special needs. Get a grip.

    Anyhow, that was fucking bollocks. At this rate we'll be the first team to 100 shots without a victory. And we don't need new players. we just need the ones we have to start working together in the final third. Also: please don't mention that shitehawk Anelka on the same page as eric again: it made me feel dirty. Thanks.

  8. I guess the thing I'm struggling the most with is that now that I'm 70 I've lost that constant target, you know? Every time I lvled I'd be happy for a bit, get my new skills.... feel a certain sense of satisfaction, then immediately get to work on getting to the next level. Now it's all suddenly undefined, to my untrained eye. Feels very strange.

  9. All week I've been saying that it would be very United to draw with Reading and Portsmouth, lose our two biggest stars, then beat cITEH at the council house. These are the kinds of situations Sir Alex has built his career on: them against us, odds stacked against us, who the f do they think they are.... etc. I'll be somewhat surprised if we don't win today: these are the games Ferguson lives for, right?

    2-0 United. Scholes & Tevez.

    Hope to god I'm right.

  10. Magtheridon. I'm on the west coast of the states tho, so timing a bit of a prob trying to sync with the UK.

    All my efforts have been on lvling this character: my first on warcraft. Now that my xp bar has gone, I don't really know what do do.

    Picked up the first two kara quests yesterday, but they don't give xp so I'm sorta confused. What do I do now?


  11. :wub:

    Not even Barcelona's Eto'o, Ronaldinho, Messi and Henry?

    Ok, Messi, Ronaldinho and Eto I'll give you. Henry was good a few years ago too. 'spose the rest of Barca don't look to bad either.

    Once our lot gel tho, I'd be optimistic of our chances against them: they may have more superstars, but we have so many options coming from midfield it's scary. Not to Portsmouth and Reading, granted, but it'll come :D

  12. you can say all that as much as you want. simple facts dictate we're 4 points behind chelsea already, and we've used up 2 of our draws which should have been wins. simple numbers really innit.

    Fair enough. Season over then I suppose. Last one to leave turn out the lights pls.

  13. I'm not worried. Star striker injured, new guys settling in. If we're still losing in a month's time I'll be concerned. Right now it's just teething probs.

    If we lose to city I'll be angry tho.

  14. Its not like Chelsea won't draw a couple of times this season is it? These were tough games that we barely won (Reading) and lost (Portsmouth) last year.

    Exactly. We've beaten Portsmouth once at fratton park since 2003. Definitely not an easy win.

    Now if we lose to city I might get a bit pissy, but I really think this is the best United team in a good few years. Once Rooney & tevez get a good understanding, and start to link up in front of distribution from scholes/ronaldo/giggs/nani/carrick... we're going to be unstoppable. It'll take a little while to click, but when it does there'll be no looking back. No team in Europe can compete with that, imo.

    Now, let's get ready to shit on the city.

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