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  1. Christ on a bike, get a hold of yourselves. Our season is over? <sigh> We're going to win the Champion's League. You watch. This is the best United team in fucking years. YEARS.
  2. It'll come. We're gonna bag a shitload this season.
  3. I say old chaps, jolly good show this weekend. Pip! Pip!
  4. Yep. Not nasty, just careless. Playing with fire if you go in studs up like that. Fair play to reading. Hahnemann was great in the second half. Coppell did what he had to:
  5. We're gonna win the Champion's League this year, it's gonna be good.
  6. Cheers. I'm not going to post mine until I've sorted it out. It looks crap atm.
  7. what addon lets you have the one big block of buttons in the middle, instead of the horizontal/vertical action bar style?
  8. Will this work on a US Wii? *crosses fingers*
  9. Still nothing from them. This is really fucking aggravating.
  10. How so? No response from Blizzard customer support, of course. Pretty fucking annoying to be paying them money to ignore me.
  11. I've mailed them back to point out that is seems somewhat harsh, particularly given the much fruitier language you hear in game every day. Had the usual stock reply back, so we shall see. I'd just pre-paid a load of months too, so if they do really keep me banned I'm going to investigate what I can do to get my money back. I know I signed a EULA that says I wouldn't call little begging arseholes such, but they've still taken money off me for something they're not providing. Their customer service really is absolutely terrible. Dangerous game to play: they're top dog at the moment, but nothing is guaranteed.
  12. Heh. Not too far fetched that he could either be a GM, or know one. Seems a pretty extraordinary course of action to take against a paying customer otherwise, I'd say. Anyhow, I'm now having fun with the guy who reported me. I've created a new character (sneakalot the rogue), and I'm messing with his head. Hehe, this is fun: little research on the armory goes a long way... he's convinced I'm one of his dipshit friends. Haha.
  13. Ya, i hear you. though I'm not sure it's that. Some kid called me a 'fucking taleban faggot' (and much worse actually) last weekend, and he didn't get banned. The profanity filter is there to protect the kids. I kinda feel like this guy might have some connection to someone at blizz: just seems so unbelievable that he'd report me for saying that, then that I'd get immediately banned.
  14. I guess they'd say that people can do what they want - just like ninjas. Yeh, I agree. Their heavy handed approach is rather irritating though: and it's not like not having people like me there does the game any good. It needs more grown-ups like me in there, truth me told. I see how it's my fault for being an idiot when I first played, but still seems somewhat harsh to continue to count that as a black mark against my name four months later. Esp when talking about such a very minor infraction as calling a dick a dick.
  15. Nah, I was still really into it. Kinda pissed tbh ) :
  16. Eagle eyed (sharp memoried) forumites might remember a thread I started about me being an idiot shortly after starting playing Wow a few months ago, when I used a lvling service to get an alt to 20 (laughable really). Anyhow, Blizz were very reasonable about it, though communication with them was somewhat drawn out, they ultimately reinstated my main character and told me not to be so silly again. Fast forward a few months, now I've got a 57 priest, 31 mage, 25 war and 24 lock. I'm playing on the mage today when somebody asks me for '54s for something from the auction house'. 'Nope, sorry' i reply, prompting him to reply simply 'noob'. What I should have done is simply ignore him, however instead I called him a dick. Not the wittiest of retorts, but appropriate. One word whisper: 'dick'. He reported me, and I just got a perm ban. Awesome.
  17. Come join Magtheridon. No lag here.
  18. Woot. My letter to them worked: Awesome. I'm quite impressed: they were very slow to get back to me, but they handled it rather reasonably I think. Changed the ban into an immediate final warning. Woot!
  19. Hey Phelan - do you have an actual person's email address, or is it the generic one? I'm trying to get a response about my banned account, and it's been over a week now without anyone replying to my mail. If you have a direct email address, could I get that off you please?
  20. Cheers guys. So it's been a week now since I first mailed them. Nothing.
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