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    Gosh, what a lot of days.
  2. it wouldnt' be one guy though, it would be every power levelling & gold faming service out there. I hear what you're saying, but I understand why they have the policy, esp when you can have a 10 day free trial.
  3. The policy is to stop you selling chars though. Seems fair enough, can't really think of a better way? Make the cutoff level 22 and you'll have sites selling 21 chars. Ruins the game, innit.
  4. NumberSix


    And what level? My recently rolled 17 mage: 1 day, 0 hours, 42 minutes. n00b. You?
  5. Hehe, thx Ya, me too. Didn't stop to think that paying someone else to play would get me banned/was bad, but hey. Didn't think about whether they'd bot or not. Ya, most likely. Worth a go though.
  6. Meh. Yeah, I started a new character, but am pretty bummed tbh. If I was doing it on my main I'd be able to accept it more, but to be fucking around with another character and lose my main.... that hurts. I'm still hopeful that my appeal will be successful: once they reply to my mail I'll send them a pleading 'i was stupid, please let me keep my main' email. Fingers crossed it works out.
  7. You know, I didn't even think about it in truth. fucknuts. Here's what they said in their mail to me: "reoccurring trends in exploitative endeavors on your accounts have ultimately lead to their closure" and "Section 5, Paragraph C [Rules Related to Game Play] states that you may not do anything that Blizzard Entertainment considers contrary to the "essence" of World of Warcraft." Exploitative endeavors? Eh? Bot?
  8. So i made a big mistake this week: wanted to try VC with a different class to my main or secondary, so I paid a chinese outfit to power level up to 20 for me. brand new character, same account. Honestly didn't think for a second that it was against the rules/cheating. Just wanted to see what it'd be like to do VC with a lock. You can, of course, guess what happened next. Account banned. Fuckidy fuck. My 35 priest and 23 warrior, fucked. days and days put into the game, gone. Very stupid of me, but I was only messing around... honestly didn't even think about whether I was doing anything wrong. Gutted. ) :
  9. i was at raven hill with three others yesterday, taking out ghouls and whatnot. Two horde (Undead and Troll) turn up and start giving us grief... fade took the ghouls off me, shield kept me safe(ish), fear or if either of the above didn't work, and i was able to focus on fighting the undead and troll. Or am I missing something here?
  10. Right, so if you're getting jumped around non player characters, it comes in handy, non? Allows you to focus on the player character rather than the mob.
  11. This was particularly useful, btw. Thanks. I just realized i could respec, so I ditched all the stuff I didn't need and went full shadow, with the exception of two points in healing focus. I'm starting to be able to look after myself a little bit now, which is ace!
  12. Depends where you're fighting them, no?
  13. Ok, I'm level 25 now.... starting to like being a priest. First 20 levels were kinda tough, but i'm starting to Kickass now so it's a bit more fun. PVP thing is fine: shield/fade/fear. Sorted. And yep, am in the US.
  14. Took wands, but why spirit tap? Also - can anyone point me in the direction of a good resource for learning about talent point (and how I get them), and the various professions? I've done no training in any professions just yet....
  15. yeah, i did that too. Total rubbish.... would die before the hearthstone worked. I'm loving my wand though. and all the other tips... thanks folks, I guess priests aren't so rubbish afterall
  16. I just bought myself a wand. Excellent: I'm not getting creamed anymore.
  17. Awesome, thanks everyone. Exactly what I was looking for. I just hit level 12 and am dying a bit less now, which makes it more fun. Back with more questions later, I'm sure
  18. I'm on a pvp server (Magetheridon), have a level eight priest. Seem to be dying rather a lot. Any must-have addons that'll actually work? Tried some of the ones from the addons thread, but all seem to be incompatible now. Anyone got any good general newbie tips for me? What do I need to know?
  19. Ahh, ok. I'm very new to it all myself, see, and my main character is a night elf rogue
  20. Perhaps related to your snide response to the first reply in the thread.
  21. Well, he himself says: So this thread should get deleted really.
  22. Exactly what I was thinking about your forum. Spooky.
  23. Am watchign this all the same, but it still feels like a show that didn't quite make the HBO cut. It's they had that meeting where they brainstorm as many plot ideas as possible, but forgot to have the meeting a little bit later where they cut most of them.
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    The Golf Thread

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