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  1. Absolutely.... season two is when it really gets going. Season one introduces you to the characters, lets them find their feet. Season two it starts to get fun. Worth sticking with, it really is.
  2. So so many superb performances, brilliant script, beautifully shot. Their true masterpiece.
  3. How'd the Bay of Pigs go Lloyd?
  4. I was interested for the first six months of hype. Now it's just irritating.
  5. Exciting day today: my friend's book is published, so I'll be reading that again this week. Really interesting story about a master forger. Cracking read. Definitely recommended if you're into non-fiction stuff and/or art/crime. If you like the sound of that, buy it using this link and my mate gets an extra 10%: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0747566...link%5Fcode=as1 Super review in yesterday's Observer: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/review/stor...1833048,00.html
  6. Who from the forum is actually at the thing then?
  7. NumberSix


    Come on now. Have a word.
  8. Hey there. They already have, it's called Entourage. Sixout. That's fucking superb. Great PR work there... somebody got a nice bonus, I'm sure. Best show on TV at the moment imo. Every episode a fucking gem. Season two is where it really gets going. Enjoy
  9. NumberSix

    The Golf Thread

    Worst possible winner for me that. Apart from Tiger, that is. Everyone was shit. Especially Sergio.... second last? Gah, gah. gah.
  10. NumberSix

    The Golf Thread

    Micko's out, 'cos he shot his load last week. Woods has been shit lately (last two tournies), what with his dad and that. Sergio then. He's been using a new ball this year... driven the fucking thing 400 yards a few times, so he has. All he needs to do is fix his putting and he'll be sorted.
  11. Is there anything to stop me from working my way down that casino list, depositing money, getting the ipoints, withdrawing my money and moving on to the next casino? Or do they work like regular bonusues, ie must play a set amount before you're allowed to withdraw?
  12. NumberSix


    Yeah, he did only give you nine years of loyal service I suppose. The cunt.
  13. Excellent speech, too.
  14. That would be true if a) everybody who gambled in vegas got free drinks, and B) people behaved the same way when drinking as when not. The payout to people who are drinking is significantly lower than to those who are not. That's why they serve drinks in casinos
  15. Don't worry about it - you want to try again this weekend? Syntax, idiwa - either of you around for a game this weekend too?
  16. I'm up for that for sure - see you then.
  17. Huh? How do you work that out?
  18. Yeah, I look forward to seeing the real version of the story in the Daily Mail or The Sun.
  19. It's somewhere around that figure, yeah
  20. The average cost of a free drink in vegas is $150.
  21. Perfect. Shall we play both games?
  22. Ah ok, cheers Syntax, themomentbefore & idiwa: weekends is gonna work best for my games, 'cos i'm eight hours behind you lot. Am about pretty much all saturday and sunday if you want to get started this weekend?
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