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  1. Sorry, only just saw this: it's KaiMac How does this work online? I've only ever played games against randoms picked out by the system. Is the tourny set up somewhere, or do we just play our individual games and report back the results?
  2. # 1 choice: Chargers # 2 choice: Bengals (assuming I'm one of the eight, of course!)
  3. NumberSix

    Madden 06

  4. Me too, although I'm in the states so timing may be an issue. GMT -8 here. Defo interested if we can sort it out timing wise.
  5. NumberSix

    Madden 06

    Fuck. I reckon I know my football, but I'm not playing you until I've practiced a bit more Excellent advice though.
  6. NumberSix

    Madden 06

    Just played my first game online. Got absolutely destroyed.
  7. NumberSix

    Madden 06

    I'm up for this, altough I'm in the US so might have Lag/timing issues. I'm eight hours behind you lot. GT: KaiMac
  8. NumberSix


    He said his dad is gonna beat your dad up.
  9. I've been using www.gamefly.com for a few months now, and have nothing but good things to say about them. The latest releases do sometimes have a little wait, but I've always managed to get my 2nd or 3rd choice. I've got 40 games in my queue... two out at a time for the price of half a game a month. Games I really like I can buy off them for a reduced price (guaranteed to work, plus you've had a chance to take a look at the cd before you buy). All formats, loads of games, really quick shipping. I like 'em a lot.
  10. I need to learn Omaha H/L properly. I win pretty consistently at hold 'em, but keep getting schooled at OHL. Insane game.
  11. Brad Pitt deserves an honorable mention, surely.
  12. What's weird is that Fox made it in the first place, to be honest. It really isn't a network show, either content or ratings wise. Best comedy around though, imo. I really hope they manage to work something out with the rights.
  13. I'd have enjoyed Rounders much more if.... Tilt is very enjoyable, in a throwaway ESPN drama kind of way: i'm sure torrents are available somewhere.
  14. A good few don't actually, especially some of the lower rent ones
  15. Disneyland is as close to hell on earth as it is possible to get. Staggeringly nasty place. Magic Mountain is the only theme park worth visiting in southern california, imo. Prob is they don't make the casinos much money (relative to the main casiono revenue stream: slot machines), so they tend to be a bit hidden.... prob half the strip casinos have 'em though. Harrah's is a good place to start, imo: nice and friendly, not so much bullshit.
  16. Was the sleep thing when the battery runs out someone posted earlier an early april fool's?
  17. I'm on my fourth bloody unit now. First one bought on friday, half a dozen dead pixels, two of which were slap bang in the middle of the screen. Fine for games, shit for movies. Exchanged for a second saturday morning. That one went back today: bizzarely warped screen at the bottom. What looked like little waves in the screen itself. Third one today had bubbles in the plastic of the screen and didn't even make it out of the shop. My fourth (and final) unit has a perfect screen, but the pop out slot where the discs go is slightly bent, so it doesn't sit flush against the main body of the unit. It's a lovely, lovely thing, but I'm shocked at the build quality of the four I've seen. I'm not the type to take things back usually, but if they're going to charge $250 for it, it should come out of the box perfect imo. Still, Wipeout and Lumines *are* absolutely lovely. A very very impressive bit of kit, manufacturing problems aside. I can only assume that the warehouse that supplied my local shops had a shitload of duds. Or Sony couldn't be arsed to check them properly, or something.
  18. bet365poker.com sounds like it'd do the job for you. Perfectly good software (much better than bloody will hill's), tables from 5/10 up and plenty of people on at all hours of the day.
  19. Changing how it performs? Gosh. Whatever next?
  20. For anyone who's still waiting for the big announcement: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/news.php?aid=6093
  21. They've already said there won't be an announcement on it. Sorry, thought everyone knew.
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