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  1. It's amazing how unwitty American standups are.

    Umm.... Bill Hicks, Richard Prior, Lenny Bruce, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy....

    Anyhow, you don't go to a CES keynote for cutting edge comedy, eh? That said Conan O'Brian can be rahter funny when it suits him. He's clearly just doing this for a sack of cash though.

  2. I am in Boston next week. Hoping I can pick one up but I have a feeling it will be completely sold out so I am trying not to get too excited.

    The game stores will almost certainly have sold out. You should be able to pick one up in Target though, I reckon. They don't push the preorder thing so much, plus they get a shitload of stock, so it's often pretty easy to pick stuff up there that's soldout elsewhere.

    Put your zip code in here to find your nearest: http://target.com/target_group/stores_services/index.jhtml

  3. Your problem is the time difference. Anytime after 8.30/9.00 UK time you're going to get shitloads of schookids. I'm on a fair bit much later (like 5am UK time onwards) and although I do encounter the odd shit room, generally folk tend to be fine. If I do happen on one full of cocks I very rarely have trouble finding one without.

  4. the storyline really caught me, on both adult and child levels; I loved all the silly kiddie jokes and same with the adult references. I think i might go back this weekend and get another viewing.

    That's exactly how I felt after seeing it. Prob going to go back on saturday night to avoid the hundeds of children.

  5. Heh. Well, I hope you like it in that case :)

    I went knowing only that it was a Pixar film about superheroes. Didn't read a single review. I really did enjoy it an awful lot more than any of their previous movies. Then again I was really into comic books as a kid, so I'm sure that had something to do with it. It made me think of Kavalier and Clay (the Chabon book) more than once. They really nailed that old time comic book feel, imo. That's the point of the cheesy lines: you have to take it for what it is.

  6. so it's not shit then?


    Not at all. Easily the best thing they've done, imo. It captures the feel of the old time comic books in a way that no superhero movie before it has managed, plus they put their own neat spin on things.

  7. Absolutely brilliant. Just brilliant.

    Part Bond, part, umm... every superhero movie to date. Easily the best film of the year: if there's any justice it'll get recognised in the main categories at the Oscars. Fabulous characters, script and story. Edge of the seat stuff: Pixar come up trumps again.

    I really can't recommend this movie enough. Go see.

  8. the guy starts the big sell for the guide book, which of course the guy didn't want.

    I got exactly the same thing in EB here. Relentless.

    I've only played it for an hour or so tonight.... first impressions: the soundtrack is excellent. The bikes are fun too.

    Doesn't seem all that different from VC so far, but like I said I've only played an hour or so. The city is indeed very big - I like the Hollywood style sign on the mountain <_<

  9. I'm picking mine up in the morning, so I've kept away from reading any reviews and most threads on it. Looking forward to it v much so I couldn't resist a quick peek in here.

    As luck would have it I've got fuck all work to do until Monday, too.

    Which is nice.

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