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  1. Problem being that the addition of rum to Ting is pretty much impossible to resist, ruining it's place in an 'alcohol free' thread.
  2. Fuck me, dreadful from Palace. I used to joke that the apocalypse would arrive before Hodgson unveiled a plan b, and here we are...
  3. Palace/Burnley tonight for free on Amazon. With both teams staring mid-table in the face there's not much to play for, it's either going to be an utterly dreadful 0-0 or a moderately more entertaining scrappy 1-0. Zaha looks like he's out for us, so I'd stick your money on 1-0 Burnley (90th minute in off someones arse from a poorly delivered corner).
  4. I can't say 100% either of us is right/wrong, but I do think the clubs have a better view on the financial feasibility and I think only 2 or 3 chose to argue the case to resume in League 1 which is a very small number given the numbers affected in terms of relegation and playoffs. I do completely agree that the entire set up of football stinks, and that it should be possible for clubs further up the chain to fund it (and the leagues below). I have one friend who works for a National League South side and another who plays for the same team, both are in real trouble (the player uses the wages to top up his low earnings as a roofing labourer, he has a couple of kids), the money that some Premier League footballers earn in an hour would likely cover both my friends for a month.
  5. You makes some valid points around things that could have been done better, and I'd agree the state of the higher ups is disgusting in terms of the differentiation in support/treatment. The estimated costs per an article (from a quote from Gillingham) is "The reality is for us to finish the season would cost between £350,000 and £500,000 for each League One and League Two club." If we accept that the league/EPL isn't going to provide cash to support teams (and at up to £12 million per league it is a big ask) then if that's the investment involved for every club then it's going to be pretty difficult to convince the clubs that may go from 11th to 9th for that outlay that it makes sense when they are already in the shit, it's too narrow a viewpoint to just consider the promotion/relegation sides, integrity for many sides comes second to surviving and the smaller sides are already on the brink.
  6. I appreciate the frustration, but the infrastructure needing to be put in place in terms of technology and medical support as well as testing would have been a prohibitive cost with no guarantee of coming close to recouping for many clubs. The concept of paying for streams, when the product (in terms of presentation, number of cameras etc.) is going to be a distance away from the usual standard of televised/streamed football is also going to limit the amount people will pay, and given one stream covers a household of fans you are limited even further in terms of numbers, it's ultimately not going to come close to replacing match day ticket revenue (and supplemental match day income) which is what keeps many clubs at this level (just about) in the black.
  7. Palace V Bournemouth the first BBC Premier League game ever (one to bank for future pub quizzes, if that's ever a thing again) Means Palace should be (with Bournemouth) holders of the record of highest TV viewership of a EPL game (currently 4.04 Million), we will hold that record for precisely the gap between that game and the next, more exciting game on BBC.
  8. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    Goldfinger have been putting out quarantine versions of some of their 'hits' and the results are pretty decent:
  9. This seems like the best place for this (my current ear worm):
  10. I saw them in Brighton at 16 at my first non-local gig (small festival), as someone whose taste veered towards punk and hardvmcore, I would always find space on my mini disc for them.
  11. Kinnie is the Maltese version of Chinotto and you can get it reasonably priced from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kinnie-Original-Orange-Herbal-Flavour/dp/B005JCVDGY/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=kinnie&qid=1584530285&sr=8-2
  12. Despite the worst refereeing we've had at Selhurst this season (and we've had some diabolical performances from the men in black) we took 3 points. No idea how that Watford team beat Liverpool, they were all over the shop passing-wise and didn't have any bite about them, Palace weren't outstanding either but for once 3 points we absolutely deserved.
  13. Palace v Watford today, I'm expecting a loss, they've been a bit of a bogey team for us and love a bit of rotational fouling on Zaha (which leads to tantrums and cards for him). I fucking hate Troy Deeney...
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