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  1. Palace Fans - "Thank god Leeds are shite" Leeds Fans - "Thank god Palace are shite" A symbiotic relatonship...
  2. Palace v Leeds is a dog of a game, shite all round.
  3. Fuck me, even with my Palace bias full on McCoist claiming that was apenalty is ridiculous.
  4. Wet Leg have a new one out, really, really enjoyed all of their output so far (album due April 2022)
  5. He really has, lord knows what was going through his head for some of the decisions. No complaints on the result, as Palace were dreadful and Villa took their chances well. Plus side was we left early after the second goal, so eneded up missing the big scrum to escape on the train (2 out of 3 local stations closed).
  6. Palace hosting Villa today. Fucking freezing, trains are fucked for the journey back, Gérard owes us for ruining his last home game at Annfield. 2-0 loss, both goals in the last 3 minutes.
  7. Probably a fair result at the end of it, comical defending all round. Vydra scuffing that shot at the end was a bit of luck for us.
  8. Palace have been fairly decent going forward but there were better chances where we really should have scored than that 3rd, Dyche has found our achiles heel (just put a high ball in). Zaha being a dick isn't great for us can see him being sent off. Lowton is taking a few too many risks in his follow throughs and may also grab an early bath, perhaps him and Zaha can share. The Burnley penalty shout was amusing on replay (a bit of sniper action going on)
  9. He's never been a bad player, but one of the big reasons why the goals dried up was Hodgson steadfastly refusing to play a formation that would out crosses in to him, Zaha and Townsend would cut in and run at the defence from the corner of the box.
  10. This game is unbelievable....
  11. Look at the state of those beers, about 25% head!
  12. Palace away at Burnley today. I can only imagine that it's remained as a Saturday 3p.m. kick off as they knew the bidding frenzy to televise it would have bankrupted the brodcaster that won. Been a great season so far but we are due a shit performance and a thumping and with ('General') James Mcarthur out leaving us physically weaker in the centre, I'm thinking this is it.
  13. I'd give it a go for science purposes as some of my favourite combinations are sweet and salty, it's been in existence a while so I'm guessing there must be something in it other than just novelty (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_Burger)
  14. Safe journey back dude. You're very welcome to come for chicken and chips with me and my kids pre game next year. If we chuck in a Supermalt (drink of the gods) and a Guiness foreign extra to be consumed whilst sat on a wall, and you'll have the full sarf lahndan experience.
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