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  1. I thought on the replay thay Bale's foot catches the back of his leg before winning the ball, only saw it once.
  2. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    Always like music with a message behind it
  3. A dreadful first half for Palace and Nottingham Forest (Zaha with a disgracefully bad penalty), the entire thing was punctuated with the announcement of a minute of injury time even though Tyrick Mitchell was down for a significant amount of time injured (the commentators confirmed it was 4 and a half minutes), how it was even feasible for the ref to think that a minute was accurate is baffling.
  4. Michael Olise in full on 'media training' mode post his winning goal today
  5. Given the number of late goals given away by Palace in the last couple of seasons, taking 3 points away at West Ham in the 93rd minute was a fantatsic reversal. West Ham were dire, and had Palace been able to string together much in the final third there would have been a larger margin of victory. Palace still short couple of players, but the threat of relegation seems further away than usual.
  6. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    I love a bit of Ramones-core, it makes great wandering music, the 2 below woudl be in my top 5
  7. @Chindie Palace took on Viera after he had an ok spell in the states, and a shit time in France, it's been fucking brilliant. Outside of the big 6 (and Newcastle's oil billions) I don't think it's as much about a "big" manager as finding the right manager that alligns to your club culture and ambition, and Viera and Palace are bought in to each other. I'm realistic that if he keeps doing well we lose him, but I can't think of a 'name' manager that would have worked as well. Not saying you could take Dyche, just that it's worth being open to someone a bit less experienced.
  8. A tale of two halves, Palace put Wolves to the sword second half amd were dominant until the last 15 when they applied their usual tactic of dropping too deep, thankfully we didn't concede our traditional late goal.
  9. Dreadful ref but not an excuse for Palace doing fuck all with their promising possession early on, Wolves score with their first proper attack, hard to argue that Wolves have been the better team but can't argue with how weak Palace have been in attack (again)
  10. It's the game the neutrals have been waiting for all year, Palace V Wolves on a Tuesday night! A lovely 8.15 kick off to make it extra difficult to take the kids (I'm taking them anyway as we miss the only other home game pre-World Cup as we are away) I'm thinking a 0-0, no shots on target for either team and the pre-game wings and chips gives me the shits.
  11. I'd fogotton what a cracker of a song this is, buried on a mixed bag of an album (Vibrator), it did just creep into the top 20 but deserved a bit more recognition.
  12. Palace weren't great against Leeds either, I'm not brimming with confidence for the rest of the season, we really needed another centre mid at lease in the transfer window, haven't replaced Gallagher. Maddison's dive was embarrassing, and he's paying the price for it by missing the Leeds game.
  13. I'm not sure (with acknowledgement that the veggies have an excuse) how anyone can look at a plate with a sausage wrapped in bacon on it and have eyes for anything else. I'd have a whole plate of them and nothing else, with a pot of cranberry sauce and a pot of gravy for dipping.
  14. Palace's winner from today, a great team goal but especially great for Eze as he's been clawing his way back from an achilles injury and despite coming back last year it's only really this year he's been back to his old self. I love to watch players who clerly love the game, and you can see how much the goal means to him. He was dropped from 4 accademies before being picked up by QPR, and he often talks about the pain he felt and how grateful he is to have a career.
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