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  1. I'd like the full 2 minutes silence, and none of the game for the Palace match "highlights"
  2. As a Palace fan I'd like to take this moment to remember that fact that one of my favourite Palace players ever, Clinton Morrison (rechristened Clinton O'Morrison) Sarf Lahndan born and bred (Tooting/Mitcham) was capped 36 times by Ireland by virtue of his grandmother taking a holiday there once. My favourite moment was when Sky were interviewing him and started asking him questions about his newly adopted home nation and one question where the answer was Giant's Causeway was met with the excited response "I now this one, I know this one, it's the Blarney Stone innit!" in a full S
  3. Just had their Bougie Burger kit, I ate 2 and feel like I could hibernate for a month
  4. Just had that as well, really good. I'm struggling to think of another UK brewer with such a good 'hit' rate. I'm waaaaayyyy down south (West Kent) and it's weird that a county so steeped in hops has a fairly weak brewery scene (there's some OK ones but very stuck in the old styles). Beak not too far down the road though.
  5. Starting the weekend with a can of the SMOD Fluffy White Rabbits. It's excellent, probably just pips the Biere De Mars to my favourite so far from them but we are talking small margins and pretty much everything I've had from them so far I'd make a point to buy again.
  6. I picked up 3 each of the new SMOD,looking forward to trying them. I'd be interested in your thoughts on the Beak collab (when you get a chance to try it)
  7. Every time his name is mentioned, all I can think of is this:
  8. Drinking the Fort Point now, it's a unique beer and i'm enjoying it. It's hard to put a finger on quite why I like it though, it's both light and has a big punch in terms of flavour. I can't say I've had better in the style, but I don't think (some) UK breweries are too far off.
  9. The "Name" or the "Thanks"?
  10. I've finally started the Trillium. Loved the collab, big hitter and definitely special. The Berliner Weisse was very much my kind of thing, very heavy on the fruit (but not at the expense of not feeling like a "fancy" beer) Scaled was very good (but as you say paled a bit compeared the others) Having the Fort Point later tonight. For me so far it's clearly great beer from a great producer, there's probably a little bit too much hype but I can see why they are heralded.
  11. Not sure if it's quite what you are after, but this (on the hazy side) was a cracker in the Trillium/Cloudwater box (available online on it's on), very much fruity and a bit coconutty. There's a 10% TIPA with the same hops from Cloudwater that was only supplied to independent bottle shops called Thanks Again For Your Support that is meant to be great.
  12. I think my concern with the more premium/higher cost boxes is that if you have one or two duffers (or just not to your tastes) you’ve already lost any value of buying the box and you may have well just put one together yourself. I can see at least 2 of those that I would likely not be that keen.
  13. It's..............................................
  14. I've tried the 3 Beak beers (Stangers, Locals, Parade) and really enjoyed them, I saw someone on Insta describe them as a brewery that is producing some of the best 5-6% beers and that rings true. Of the two I'd say St Mars is a cut above, though I'll defintely be trying others in each brewery's range.
  15. For the last 6 months yes, prior to that Palace weren't set up to feed him chances to convert but he was at least making an efffort and being a nuisance/winning balls in the air etc. now he just seems like his mind is elsewhere half the time. He's out of contract in the summer (as are 9 other Palace players) which may explain the general lack of of any obvious commitment running through the whole squad. I do understand it to a degree, without certainty for their future why risk going for that 50/50 or pushing hard when you have slight leg twinge.
  16. I haven't got to the Trillium beers yet, I've tried the St Mars and really loved the Bier De Mars (Clamp was great too), and have had most of the Cloudwater beers that came in the Trillium pack (just not the Chubbles) and I enjoyed them, but only the I've Forgot my Name really stood out from the crowd. Probably be working through the Beak beers next, Trillium will probably be next weekend (Isaac's tempered my expectations, so I'll see how they go)
  17. Who knew that putting crosses in to him would pay off... (not us, as we haven't done it for the last 3 years)
  18. Tomorrow Palace play (and probably lose to) Spurs, exactly 1 year to the day that I was last in Selhurst with my eldest 2 to watch a perfectly functional 1-0 win v Watford. I get that there are bigger issues at hand and it's absolutely a first world problem but dear god I miss it, no matter how shit the football it drags me down emotionally that I can't go. The fact that it was my boys' first season ticket and I'd just started to trick them into being attached to Palace, Pavlovian tricks like making sure they asosciated it with a trip to Morelys (eldest son) a giant hot
  19. I ordered 3 of these and 3 of Clamp, given it was one I would have almost certainly loved the Cherry beer was only sold to bottleshops(I only found out it existed after I'd ordered) and the delivery cost for a couple of cans from one of them would make it too expensive, especially given recent spends. If you could pretend it's shit to make me feel better that would be appreciated.
  20. I origanally found him through here, but if anyone wants pre-mixed cocktails then this guys' stuff is excellent,lot's of interesting combinations and a few classics. https://www.manhattansproject.com/ 6 pack for £36 delivered, decent measures (each is 100ml) and very boozy.
  21. I just bought this. And a box from Beak. And a box from St Mars of the Desert. All because of this thread, this thread is a bad influence.
  22. On a similar theme, I wish someone would find a way to import Prahok from Cambodia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prahok It's intensely savoury and fishy fermented fish paste (has that tinned anchovy quality), often used as a seasoning in dishes or (my favourite) fried smal lumps of it with plain white rice. You can get shrimp paste and the like, but it's just not the same and I've never been able to get close to getting that taste again.
  23. Benteke is on a free at the end of the season? In all seriousness, a big part of his lack of goals has been Palace's lack of feeding him with crosses etc. (instead our wingeres are cutting in) his lack of goalscoring hasn't been due to endless misses of easy chances. That goal against you (Not sure if you remember it? It was in the 95th minute? ) was one of the first times in god knows how many games that somone has put a decent cross in to him to hit, and shows how he still has the touch. Also, if we release him and he goes to your lot it's pretty much gu
  24. Across 2 games Brighton - 44 shots on target Palace - 4 shots on target 1-1 Draw 2-1 Win Daylight robbery!
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