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  1. I think it's more the "might have" rather than writing him off, there's been a decent number of strikers that seem to top out at Champ level and can put up great numbers there and not make the jump to the EPL. On the who'll go down front, I'd be worried if I were an Everton fan, I can't see the improvement in their squad (overall) and many around them have strengthened, the fact that they view Michy Batshuayi as the possible solution to their limited striker options wouldnt give me comfort that they know what they are doing.
  2. A couple of the newly promoted teams pulling off a good result in their first games is practically guaranteed though, it's not an indication of their quality over the full season, I wouldn't say that either Bournemouth or Fulham have strong squads. You mention Fulham have a goalscorer, but he was there the last two times in the EPL, Mitrovic scored over half the league goals he's scored for Fulham last season alone (he's had 4 and a half seasons there), his last two EPL returns were 11 and 3 goals, his only other strong season was in the Chamionship.
  3. At least we've been working hard our defence of dead balls... Fucking embarrassing.
  4. "There's not many downsides to being on TV" ....
  5. Noooo, early goals are a curse. A late goal off a centre half's arse in the 90th minute after defending constantly for 89 minutes is the answer.
  6. Back to Selhurst, opening day of the (EPL) season, on TV against a team that on their day tends to batter us. What could go wrong...
  7. No idea how I ended up with this playing, but it's like a little bit Primus with a bit of ragtime piano and...god knows...
  8. That does little to address time wasting though, other than perhaps the slow walk off of a subbed player. The majority of problems come from delaying the return of the ball to play, with a helthy dose of feigning injuries (without the need for a physio), which is why a stopped clock when not in play makes sense as it covers every type of shithousery.
  9. This is a decent performance from back in 2017
  10. New Palace away shirt announced, and it's shit. I've got no clue what they were aimming for...
  11. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    23 years after their only album, Cigar (star of many a late 90's skate/snowboard compilation) are back with a new record on Fat
  12. New Zealand have had a man sent off, they should be going gung ho for the win as they have nothing to lose but it's still only slightly more exciting, in part because some of the passing from NZ would struggle to be considered National League standard.
  13. I thought I'd watch something that might throw up a bit more excitement with the Costa Rica v New Zealand world cup play off... New Zealand conced a shit goal after 3 minutes and Costa Rica park the bus, 15 minutes into the second half and the game is dull as fuck, New Zealand have all the possession but lack any kind of creative spark to unlock the Costa Rican defence. 3 out of 10, still probably better than the England game I'm ignoring.
  14. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    More Drug Church Earlier live set in a tiny bar
  15. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    Drug Church continue to put out grungy post hardcore bangers
  16. United have been shite, Palace deserve the lead but we've not exactly been pulling up trees (some of our passing has been shocking)
  17. Fucking woeful second half by Palace, Viera will be fuming.
  18. Palace doing their best to give us a final day where they flick between (more than 2) games and the relegation picture changes with every goal.
  19. I can't unsee two chest groping hands...
  20. It's an incredibly lazy view to take of the performances of Palace this year to boil it down to W/L and/or total points. He's completely rejuvinated the team at a time when we had a significant turnaround of playing staff and reinveted the way we play (successfully), it's not about comparing him to Hodgson's points tally or looking for trophies, it's the scale of the task in front of him and the way he's dealt with it in a very short timeframe. I agree it's a stretch to say he should win it, but he's achieved an incredible amount with us this year.
  21. Zaha never played in a competitive fixture, so there were no barriers to him switching.
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