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  1. Wolves breaking the world record for "Serious injuries that clear up in 45 seconds (or if they are still on the attack, almost immediately)" in this first half.
  2. Its a shithole, but its our shithole and not some soulless plastic bowl (not a WH dig, more the general state of modern stadiums). The corridor behind then stand where the away fans are is ridiculous to be fair.
  3. Is that you with the Mexican flag?
  4. Palace Ultras had a bit of a pop with a banner pre-game.
  5. Palace threw away points for the 4th game in a row, absolutely dreadful waste of an opportunity. Ref was shocking today, but that wasn't the reason we didn't win, lack of creativity around the box and passing it continually around the back rather than going forward did us today.
  6. Palace v Newcastle Geordie fans seemed excitable on the train from London Bridge, one managed to fit 6 cans of Carlsberg in various parts of his trousers (I assume in hopes of sneaking them into the ground). Not too sure about this one, we could be the 'dead cat bounce' game post-Bruce before they revert to previous form.
  7. How does that have anything to do with Pepe's dive? It's a ridiculous challenge and I have no idea how it was only a yellow (unless age related movement delay is a rule exception these days), but it's completely unconnected to simulation/cheating. It's almost like an Arsenal fan has popped up with "But what about..."
  8. Fucksake Viera, terrible tactical decision to let Arsenal attack for the last 15, made it inevitable. For all the plaudits Palace are getting for how they are playing, we are picking up too many draws (6 points thrown away in the last three now due to poor concentration) That fucking Pepe dive in the box was a cracker. *waits for the Arsenal complaints of "but what about Zaha"*
  9. I got it in my head that those guys might be disappointing live, but then I found this:
  10. Ahh, we should remember the good old days when a well meaning millionaire fan would come in, run out of cash in 5 minutes and you'd end up bankrupt... (Thank you Mark Goldberg, and subsequently Simon Jordan)
  11. This is the big difference (not least because he's lost a yard of pace and isn't always making the right decisions) Conor Gallagher has been immense so far, and the high pressure tactic with Edouard, Zaha and Gallagher seems to suit us very well.
  12. We should have won that one, just as we should have won the Brighton game, big concern is too many draws has a habit of sending one team down every year.
  13. I'm furious truth be told, absolutely terrible from Palace even ignoring the two defensive masterclasses that gifted the goals. Poor choices of balls to play, passes too long or too short, long balls to an outmuscled Edouard. The less said about Ayews crossing the better.
  14. That 0-0 agreement is still on the table?
  15. It's always a reverse though, you always do well at our place and vice versa. We aren't doing enough in the final 3rd to get many goals. Shall we just shake hands and agree the match finished 0-0 and never mention it again?
  16. Palace v Leicester today, Vardy loves a goal or two at Selhurst so not feeling too positive. If we are to stand any chance we need to start building on the great build up play vs Brighton by converting it to actual (decent) chances. I'm having hot wings from Morleys, so the day is guaranteed to have some happiness
  17. Can't really complain about a last minute, undeserved goal. Feels like 2 points dropped.
  18. Palace go in 1-0, fair from my POV (bias acknowledged) Given how hard we were making it for ourselves in the final third, I had worried that the game had 1-0 Brighton written all over it. Hopefully the goal will open the game up, as I reckon there are a few goals in both teams.
  19. Mate, you owe us for that shithouse win...3-0 to you I reckon.
  20. There was a moment in the middle of the fight where it looked like it had clicked for AJ, and the feeling was that the fight could be his, but he just didn't get back into the rhythm in the next round and pretty much welcomed Usyk back in.
  21. AJ has a rematch clause, need to get through that first.
  22. He'll get robbed, bet its a draw.
  23. AJ needs a massive hit/knockdown
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