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  1. Little Orpheus Series X. What an irritating ‘push right to complete’ little game. I’ve really enjoyed some of the Chinese Room’s previous games with magnificent soundtracks by Jessica Curry, however I hated this. A dull story driven platformer(sort of) with uninteresting gameplay. Lead character is crying out for a punch in the face. One level has a poorly judged time mechanic and randomly, the last level changes to a different type of game entirely, but this is very poorly implemented. 1 out of 5. In the words of Paddy Considine, ‘It’s beyond words mate’.
  2. Pre-ordered as soon as it was announced. Love Ladytron.
  3. I appear to have a Bayonetta Switch code if anyone would like it? Not sure how long I’ve had the card, but I can’t see an expiry date on it. Code has gone.
  4. Many years ago I played tennis to county standard. My little boy has just started tennis lessons and I try and help him by doing some training with him at the weekend. It's nice to be back on the court. While he was taking a break for a drink I practiced some serves and it appears that I've still got it.
  5. skondo

    Edge #378

    Received my subscriber copy today. Bizarrely it abruptly stops at page 114.
  6. Backbone. Enjoyed it to start with, but soon tired of the story. Obviously this is a problem with a narrative driven adventure. Ultimately I found the conversations too dull and only completed it as it leaves Gamepass shortly. Not recommended.
  7. Never mind, it appears I have to assign a button to it.
  8. Don’t know if this is a bug or I’m simply missing something, but having cleansed a merry go round horse I’ve dropped into an astral plane challenge where I have to use evade to dodge closing walls. The problem is that I don’t have evade, even the screen prompt says ‘_to evade’. Any ideas? I’ve looked online and it seems to suggest it should be ‘b’ to evade, but I just jump.
  9. skondo

    West Ham United

    I know they had that half chance at the end, but they never really looked like scoring.
  10. skondo

    West Ham United

    Awful penalty indeed. I know it didn't make a difference, but interesting to see van Dijk being a cheating c*nt.
  11. Bounced off this a little while ago, not because I didn't enjoy it, it just didn't grab me at the time. However, recently I continued from where I'd abandoned it and I'm really loving it. I'm not terribly good at it, but I'm enjoying my time in my Esky V1 and Esky V2. I even enjoy the free roam, just listening to the great music and finding the collectables. I noticed that 'a company' is making a physical edition which is rather lovely, but overpriced of course.
  12. I can't say completed, but I've played as much as I want of Match Point Tennis. It plays quite a good game of tennis and the bare bones presentation does mean you don't have to wade through pages of menus. The career structure is what you'd expect. I created a female character as I expected to play best of three sets, which is exactly what happens other than in qualifying where you play one set and then in Grand Slams where rather strangely you play best of five. I struggled with the aiming to begin with, it's not as intuitive as Virtua Tennis, but once you grasp it, it plays really nicely. The character models are appalling and none of the big names are present. Some of them bear absolutely no resemblance to the real tennis person. Tim Henman is quite hilarious. Overall 3/5.
  13. Trying the six month Apple TV trial on PS5 and decided to try this. Only seen three episodes, but it’s quite wonderful.
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