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  1. Series S available at John Lewis right now.
  2. I love Moon Safari, particularly Sexy Boy and La Femme D’argent. I also like the single version of Kelly Watch the Stars. I was put off Air when I bought 10,000 Hertz Legend, because it’s incredibly dull. Having said that, I love the collaboration between Dunckel and Lou Hayter - Tomorrow’s World which came out a few years ago.
  3. Great stomping rock album Electric by The Cult. Oh, apart from the abysmal cover of Born to be Wild.
  4. Jedi - Fallen Order. Overall I enjoyed this. Some parts like the opening for example, are excellent, but some of the planet traversal is incredibly dull. I found Cal a rather uninspiring lead to begin with, however he became a little more interesting as the story developed and his relationship with BD-1 is quite charming. The lightsaber combat is certainly unrewarding at the beginning and only becomes satisfying in the last few hours of the game, but then it is a huge amount of fun. The worst part undoubtedly is the dumb sliding sections. Jedi surfing, why would I want to do that?
  5. Beaten her now, but that was a huge difficulty spike.
  6. Well the ninth sister and her double ender can get bent.
  7. That looks utterly ridiculous and I know I would be terrible at it.
  8. Bought a Series X at the end of January. Je t’aime.
  9. New XBox headset (not B&O one) is available to order from Amazon. Stock expected Monday.
  10. Amazon are expecting deliveries of the new XBox headset (not the B&O one)on Monday. I have been able to place an order today.
  11. I need racing line on at the moment as I don’t know the tracks. Well, I’m probably okay around Interlagos and maybe Laguna Seca, but that’s about it.
  12. @DAQster, have sent you an FR. My PSN is stargiraffe.
  13. Hi @DAQster, welcome. I remember playing some Destiny with you many years ago in another life. I only picked up GT Sport a couple of weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it, even if I do get frustrated at my own incompetence.
  14. Thanks @marsh. Had a few goes in the Clio and tried Sardegna with the only qualifying car I had. For some reason I thought the Sport race section would be locked as I currently don’t have Plus, but this is clearly not the case. I’ll add you too if that’s okay?
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