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  1. skondo

    Xbox museum

    It's my favourite Halo. Playing campaign again at the moment.
  2. skondo

    Xbox museum

    Never mind. Image not uploading correctly.
  3. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. Extremely Wes Anderson - whimsical, silly fun. 4/5. Joshua - Was in Disney+ in the horror section, but it’s more psychological drama. Only watched it because I like both Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga. Sadly, it was extremely dull and obvious. I think it was aiming to gradually build tension until you reached the denouement, but said tension was non-existent. 1/5.
  4. No, I was very much in the PS4 camp last gen, so very comfortable with the PS4 UI.
  5. I bought a Series X back in February. It’s a lovely, lovely thing. Absolutely silent, lots of games to play, although not much by way of exclusives. Bought a PS5 about three weeks ago which I have now sold. Really disliked it. Noisy, cheaply built piece of plastic with an awful UI. I do not get the fuss over the haptic feedback. Novelty wore off after about an hour of Astrobot. Right now it’s definitely not for me.
  6. Started Max Payne 3 tonight having never played a Max Payne game before. Early stages, but it’s quite good fun.
  7. Very recently I bought a PS5 and thank you to @Jonny5 for the Curry’s Code to enable me to do so. However, after a few weeks of ownership, I hate it. It’s noisy, cheap, plasticky and the UI is a mess. Ratchet & Clank is gorgeous, but dull and insipid. I genuinely do not get the Astrobot fuss. It’s fine, but nothing more. It’s back in it’s box and I’ve sold it to a friend, at cost. This console is a huge disappointment. Still, when there’s more games worth playing and an updated machine, I’m sure I’ll be back.
  8. Need to get myself a Ferrari 458, or second choice a 488. Not the quickest, but oh my, so beautiful.
  9. Don’t forget the theme from Black Beauty.
  10. I appear to have done something daft, but I'm not quite sure why it happened. I went to my car collection and decided to drive the McLaren Senna gift car. I was taken to the auto show to buy the car, which I did, although I was slightly perplexed why I had to. I now have two identical cars in my collection. What did I do wrong?
  11. Constant server disconnects are too irritating, have turned it off.
  12. I was hoping for the option to finish an intense race, drive back to the festival, then have a cup of tea and put my feet up. Maybe read a book. On another note my four old son giggled with complete joy when the announcer said his name.
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