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  1. I was able to put my recent Xbox gift of £4.00 towards the console.
  2. FFS. It appears that it was greyed out because my delivery address didn’t have a phone number attached to it, but I only discovered this because I clicked edit account. When I saved the buy now button turned blue. Looks like I’ll be getting a Series X on launch day. My first launch day console since GameCube.
  3. Cannot checkout on the MS store, the buy now button is just greyed out. Giving up.
  4. I can remember waiting to see what the PS3 launch price was going to be, finding out, then going straight to Gamestation to buy a 360. Have found it very easy to resist pre-orders this time. Still have plenty of PS4 stuff to catch up on and there’s nothing at launch that really grabs me anyway. I would also prefer a black console, so I’ll wait and see if/when that launches. Finally, there’s no way I’m paying £60 or £70 for a game, so I’ll be waiting for price drops in the future. Those who have pre-ordered, hope you’re suitably excited and enjoy that launch day buzz whe
  5. Caught her Glastonbury set by chance a few years back. Astonishing performer, so much energy and joy.
  6. Moved on to Uncharted 4 having finished a replay of UC1 last month. I last played UC4 at launch and I didn’t really like it. It was certainly my least favourite in the series, however playing again has changed my mind. The amount of almost compulsory stealth sections really irritated me four years ago, but I actually rather enjoyed them this time, more so than the shooty bits. Unlike previous Uncharted’s I really felt the shooting seemed out of place this time, particularly going from climbing into stealth, puzzle, more climbing and stealth and then a huge gunfight. Playing in 4K HDR
  7. I remember being corrected in, I think Game, when I asked for ‘eye-co’ rather than Ico. Recently Asda had a very silly deal on a particular game and I asked my wife to see if our local branch had any as she was going there anyway. Unfortunately she misread my writing and asked why I wanted to play ‘Sexiro’.
  8. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for the nth time. Still really enjoy it despite it's age, even though Sully needs censoring. For the first time I attempted some of the speed run trophies and they were much easier than I expected. Good fun. Decided to move on to a replay of A Thief's End having only played it once at launch on my original PS4. Wow the beginning of the game is dull and I've had to turn on subtitles as the Pro sounds like a hovercraft.
  9. I’m a sucker for an art book and a soundtrack. My only statue edition is The Last Guardian. The one that makes me cringe is DOA Extreme with the cleavage mouse mat. Classy. May as well have had a bottle of Sex Panther in the box too.
  10. ‘Oh, a locked door. I bet the key’s on the other side of the map, let’s go and look’. ’Aha, got it. Right, let’s trek back to that door. Yep, that’s the right key, so what’s behind the door? Oh, just a lever. Now I wonder what this does? Of course, it’s opened a door on the other side of the map where I’ve just come from’. Oh do fuck off.
  11. I’ve just started this, having bought it close to launch, but I simply never got around to playing it. Possibly put off by the open world nature of the game. Quite simply I like a mission structure and path to follow. Have played open world things before and have always lost interest. ‘What’s in that building over there?’ ‘Does it help my mission?’ ‘No, well bugger that then’. However, there’s something about this. I want to explore everywhere and this has never happened before in an open world game. I absolutely love it.
  12. The part in Alien where Lambert freezes with fear. Alien walking towards her looks like it’s being pushed along on castors. I laughed lots.
  13. Had a very quick chat with a Mark Kermode the other week. Bumped into him while walking in the New Forest. Very friendly chap. As I’m socially inept, I found it rather awkward.
  14. Jo Jo Rabbit. 5/5, superb. While, as usual, most of the funniest parts are in the trailer this is a wonderful if predictable film. Really enjoyed it and Sam Rockwell was excellent.
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