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  1. alt-J seem to have completely passed me by. Heard this recently and I really like it.
  2. Many years ago my wife (then girlfriend) used to pick up Edge from WH Smith for me. She was extremely underwhelmed when she bought the Kasumi Dead or Alive Volleyball issue. On recommendation as it was ‘funny’, I played a Senran Kagura game. I played it for about a couple of hours and while there were a couple of lines that were amusing, I couldn’t keep playing. Glad Mrs Skondo was out when I played that.
  3. The Royal Tenenbaums. 5/5 wonderful stuff. Great performances throughout and it’s so beautifully shot.
  4. Definitely better than last week, I actually enjoyed some of it.
  5. Catching up with this on Disney+, having not seen it before. It’s really rather excellent. Season two finished. Brilliant stuff. Love Darius.
  6. @Vimster Submarine is so good. Shame Richard Ayoade only directed two films. I don’t think The Double did well at all. Six people walked out of the screening I went to. I just watched Dune - the David Lynch version. Might need to give it another watch, but on first viewing I thought it was completely awful. I know it was made in 1984, but it looks like a film from the mid-seventies and the dialogue is shocking. Sting! What an actor. 2/5
  7. I really enjoyed that, although I think they left too much to wrap up in this last episode.
  8. Despite sometimes being rather ridiculous, Ozark has been my favourite thing on tv in recent years.
  9. skondo

    Vinyl lovers

    Picked the last copy up from my local indie in Romsey today , along with the latest Field Music and Liz Lawrence.
  10. 01 Lonelady - Former Things 02 Jane Weaver - Flock 03 Hannah Peel - Firwave 04 Baba Ali - Memory Device 05 Joel Culpepper - Sgt. Culpepper 06 Jon Hopkins - Music for Psychedelic Therapy 07 The KVB - Unity 08 Nation of Language - A Way Forward 09 Saint Etienne - I've Been Trying to Tell You 10 Damon Albarn - The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows
  11. Halo Infinite if I get the chance.
  12. Contrasting experiences for me with PS5 and Series X. I had a PS5 for about two weeks and really hated it. It’s too big, too noisy, looks like something off the set of a fifties sci-fi b-movie and it feels cheap. The UI is awful, the store is a mess and why have I downloaded two copies of the game? I’ll delete one, no not both. What? I’ll download it again, no, not both versions, oh FFS! The haptic feedback novelty wore off after about an hour. Mind you, Ratchet & Clank looks gorgeous, but it’s incredibly dull to play. This is the most disappointed I have ever been when getting a new console. It has been sold at cost. Conversely, I love my Series X. It works perfectly. Easily, the happiest I have ever been with a new console. This experience was unexpected. I’ve had Sony and MS consoles every gen, I’ve always favoured Sony and saved the XBox for exclusives, but not this time. Undoubtedly I’ll get a PS5 when there’s a smaller machine available and some exclusives that I really want to play.
  13. No problem , I’ll send it to you in the morning. Code sent.
  14. Would anyone like a Bayonetta Switch code?
  15. Completed Reach campaign for the nth time last night. My absolute favourite Halo campaign (not played Infinite yet). Superb stuff.
  16. I’ve had my Series X since February and it has been brilliant, I absolutely love it. What a fantastic console.
  17. We're still not as bad as those PC bellends
  18. So my first day playing Halo Infinite was amazing! Day off. Sorted little boy out for school, wife off to the office. A few chores for me to do in the morning and then Halo this afternoon, marvellous. A call from the school at 11.30? No water supply, can you collect your child? Bugger! Afternoon involves playing Hotwheels racing cars, which is fun, and also doing some phonics. Mrs Skondo arrives home late afternoon and I start sorting dinner. Dinner is finished, clearing up done and little boy has just gone to bed. Right, finally time for Halo. Fell asleep during the opening cut scenes…*sigh*
  19. All downloaded and good to go, but I'm too damned tired to play this, so off to bed soon . Fortunately I have the day off tomorrow .
  20. My copy arrived today. I’m genuinely surprised.
  21. Issue 366 still not arrived.
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