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  1. Sorry mate been away staying away all weekend. Are u about today or tonight ? Infact am wifi is totally fucked. Virgin is coming out on Tuesday to fix it. Can we do Tuesday night about 6.30??sorry for the fucking about mate
  2. It's ok mate my wifi is fucked. No power going to my router. Hopefully be back and running in a few days
  3. A seen u had posted out results but can't seem to see them now?
  4. Great bit of patter from you Saint.....but on that note I will go with zenit
  5. What's the point in doing finger on the button when the time of the forum is wrong.....
  6. Defo was 8pm on my iPhone which is correct. Wincho must have been doing the same as me ????
  7. Cary 3-3 Timmo No injuries Great game mate. End to end stuff.
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