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  1. Oh well.... guess I just need to stay off the internet.
  2. I don't really follow football but loved STiD. Fascinating insight and I had no idea how it was going to end. Clearly neither did they when they started which is what makes it so compelling. Did they have as barmy a season last year then? Obviously, watch your spoilers as I have no idea.
  3. Lambda need to give their office cleaning contractors a raise, that is some seriously shiny surfaces.
  4. The devs alluded to some screwy scaling the higher the number of people in the group, which they will be fixing. Makes sense as I just did a lvl4 heroic checkpoint as a duo and it was tough but we did it and was then preceeded by 3 rougue agents which are the mega hard random world encounters and again was absolutely barmy but we managed it so definitely seems like the scaling is exponential rather than linear and making enemies in 4 man teams just too tanky. Still loving this though, I like the tougher content overall and there's a shit load of stuff to do/collect.
  5. Tried my first ‘new’ Heroic tonight and had a good time up until the final boss ( Grand Washington Hotel). I just can’t see how it’s possible. They’ve drastically overdone the enemy health and AI. Everything one-shots you and you are just constantly spammed with grenades and gunfire every time you peek out. What’s even more baffling is that there is a difficulty above that.....
  6. I played a tiny bit of the Obelisks to check them out back in December but got bored almost instantly. The Destiny itch usually starts coming back around 3 months and I was genuinely interested in this season but having a look at it, it is literally the menagerie/vex offensive/Obelisks again, reskinned with Rasputin logos. So probably sitting this one out again sadly. Trials has never been my bag either so not excited for that as most. I know they can't do dungeons and raids every season but that's the Destiny I love and along with strikes (which they've essentially abandoned) compared to them, these battle arena events (they're not even a proper horde mode) just feel cheap and throwaway.
  7. Great, I appear to have the 'cant speak to community leader' bug that stops progression. I'm just standing in the safe house with about 6 players all just doing the facepalm emote because nobody can play the game. I reckon the sneaky one day early release was actually just a PTS and they forgot to mention it.
  8. One of the main baddies is called Vivian.
  9. That's bigger than the base game isn't it?
  10. I just did some level 4 control points with a random dude who answered my distress signal. Yellow elite enemies coming at you from all over the shop, constantly trying to find cover, reviving the NPC helper dudes and mostly running away from the boss. Ridiculously fun and intense. Really very excited about the WoNY expansion. Might even spend some time crafting a build. @moosegrinder - vintage Run DMC tracksuit, kangol hat and phat gold chain is the only thing you should be wearing when saving the world from deadly virus.
  11. The days of the overpriced shiny remaster for are coming to an end surely. I fully expect the more GaaSier likes of Destiny, Division, Borderlands etc to have at least a 4K/60fps upgrade not too long after the new consoles launch. I wouldn't be surprised of CDPR are even readying a Witcher 3 patch.
  12. I'm in [DUK] Division UK and it's pretty active multiplatform clan. It's an open Discord and you can ask for a platform invite once you're in. I did a few raids with them when I was on PS4 but haven't really done much with Xbox lot yet. It's a very friendly Discord though. https://discordapp.com/invite/Zn9ymtW
  13. Ah, patch notes for a hotfix that just went live Worth mentioning, you do get some e-credits on your alt which you can't transfer but could use to buy some stuff or whatever..
  14. Create a second character and play the game until you reach the base of operations and unlock your first skill. Then you can go in to the store (think its called 'Add-ons' or something) menu and boost them to lvl30. Then go to the blueprints lady and buy the share materials and blueprints items. Then switch to your main and go back to the blueprints lady and buy them again and all the materials and blueprints will be brought over. No idea if you can do a third character although you do get a shit load of stuff so likely not worth it.
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