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  1. The first in what I hope will be a series of the finest drum n bass monsters and 80s electro pop. https://rave.dj/RduCsvQO-66TQg Dillinja and Howard Jones
  2. Please tell me you didn't write that post on a mobile device. Makes my thumbs hurt just thinking about it.
  3. Looks fucking bananas and there's no way this isn't getting played on a Series X.
  4. Henry Cavil lookalike guy's painful 6th form philosophising is getting properly on my tits now. Just fucking kill yourself if you're so obsessed with death, do us all a fucking favour. This is all daft beyond belief but it's watchable and my wife likes it and it's only 45 minutes an episode. If that's not a recommendation I don't know what is.
  5. As it stands they've said Leviathan is going so that's 2 raids, 2 raid lairs, Menagerie and Tribute Hall. That's a lot of really good content and along with my Austringer hand canon and Beloved sniper becoming pointless, all this content and weapon retirement are making me cautious of getting so deep into Destiny again.
  6. Unfortunately that will be going in September along with all the relevance of any of the weapons and armour you get from it
  7. The quest should be in your log to do the contact event on IO. Do that and you should progress it. Don't worry, it really isn't clear at all. Do the bounties too as you need twisted energy and altered elements so you can craft the better versions of Umbral engrams. Yeah, Bungie really need to sort out their explanation of the entire game, it's an abomination.
  8. You need to go and see the Drifter to start a little mini quest thing which let's you operate the big fruit machine thing in his office. Took me a Google to work it all out too. I know what you mean about raiding, without a regular team it gets to be very arduous to go out and find people but it's doable.
  9. @tnman Is there room on the Xbox clan at the moment? Have defected from PS4 and after enjoying the game again quite a lot recently (just when I thought I was out..... etc) I reckon I need a decent clan. The one I'm in currently is just millions of people on a Discord not actually making any worthwhile groups.
  10. So what is the Pinnacle cap now? is it still theoretically unlimited? It's not really mentioned in any of the announcements whereas it used to be front and centre of the grind for each new season. EDIT Found it tucked away in the patch notes
  11. I went from 970 to 1004 just turning in my crucible and vanguard tokens. Not the most exciting way to play but it caught me up a fair bit. Dungeon is 1040 though , be a couple of weeks before I get to that. Game always feels better after a break but I do wonder sometimes if I prefer being hyped about Destiny than actually playing it.
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