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  1. This thread needs a bump..... Just watched this on Prime and it's an instant classic I reckon. Amazing performances from a tiny weeny cast (I counted 5 actual actors?), tense and gripping, it plays out like a modern fable. Lipka seems like an incredibly charismatic and manipulative person so it felt like every decision the protagonists made was somehow right in the moment but you know it can only end one way, you can't help but feel a degree of sympathy for these guys. The heist sequence was excruciating to watch but just brilliant and hilarious. I've said too much already. If you're thinking about watching something tonight, stick this on.
  2. That Tim Burton one sounds great. I got mildly obsessed with Anton Furst's designs for Gotham around the time Batman came out and the Gotham he and Burton created still stays in my head as the one all the versions of Batman lives in whenever I'm reading a comic.
  3. Yeah, this is good news. I was always going to be wary of a next-gen console upgrade so this kind of confirms that I'll likely end up waiting a bit for a Series X or PS5 version. Means I can take my sweet time now with my Witcher trilogy playthrough.
  4. Yeah, turn them off. Be warned though, they'll come a time when you think you're nearing the end of being in Skellige and you'll say to yourself 'I've been here for weeks, I probably have most of them done by now', then you'll turn the question marks back on and then you'll have an OCD-induced aneurysm.
  5. Highly competitive sweaty PvP is the last thing to drag me back in. I'm just too shit at it. But yeah, it would certainly revitalise it for a good bunch of folk.
  6. I think these last few posts sum up where the game is right now for a lot of people. New players coming on board with the f2p version are loving it because there is so much to do and because, at its core, its a fucking brilliant game. A lot of vets though, me included, are bored to tears with the shopping list grind and chasing the same shit, different colour gear, trying to catch up every season only to have to start all over again, everything is Eververse stagnation it seems to be in. I fell off in November, tried to get back into it around Christmas but couldn't muster the enthusiasm. I have no doubt I'll go back some time in the future of course, I always do. Bungie will find a way to pull me back in but more than likely it'll be Destiny 3 that does it now.
  7. Oh you really should, its beeeyootiful. You've still got Toussaint (with or without purple skies ) to look forward to later in the game. I know what you mean though, I remember waiting something like 100 hours in Skyrim before I went to Solitude because I didn't want that 'no more new areas' feeling
  8. Anybody using the Arctis 9x for XB1X? I'm tempted by the hassle free connection to XB but some users report a quiet volume level which is what made me send back the last Turtle Beach pair. Not sure if its a regulatory thing but seems its quite common. The Sony Golds are only a decent volume if you use the Uncharted preset! Interested in any thoughts on them.
  9. Cheers Ben. I went off and did some other stuff and came back and she was hanging out some washing. I'm in chapter 3 now and in all honesty, I'm struggling to have much fun with it. Feels like a bit of a slog and the thought of another 30+ hours of it is not filling me with excitement. Will have another pop tonight and see if I can muster some enthusiasm. The story is great and obviously I love the world and lore but its just running back and forth across a small area with no real sense of adventures to be had. The combat, inventory, map and general UI is mostly pretty horrible to contend with. The new trade quarter area is running like a 3-legged dead dog too. Lucky to be getting 30fps.
  10. Seem to have hit a bit of a wall with this. Looks like I have a bug that is blocking progress. In chapter 2 and trying to talk to Vaska and she's not in her house but I can see her floating name in the village but when I approach she's not there and the name just keeps flipping out and moving. She has something I need to complete the quest to take me to chapter 3 so not sure what to do. Have dropped back a few saves and reloaded the area but no luck. I'm really enjoying the story and the quests have been fun but just got to the swamp and it's full of monsters and the combat is just so janky it's dropped the fun level right down and now this bug isn't helping matters.
  11. Just in case you have a quick check of the thread before the film starts
  12. I think it comes down to how much of the main quest Vs side quests you've done as the variance in awarded XP is huge. Some only award about 2xp! My PS4 save had me at lvl 48 after 194 hours and I spent a huge amount of time dicking about finding question marks on Skellige. Some might say there was too many of those fuckers.
  13. Just picked these up from a chap down the road after a random search on Facebook marketplace. I'd given up ever finding these for a reasonable price but thought I'd give it one last try and boom, he'd only listed them 14 minutes earlier. £40, in perfect nick! Result. Game codes are used but whatever.
  14. That was the first thing I looked for when I started as the opening cut scenes were tearing up the place but alas no v-sync option that I could see. I may be able to do it from the nvidia control panel, will take a look. Edit: Yep, forced v-sync in Geforce panel and now getting a very stable 60fps with no tearing. Nice.
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