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  1. Is that coat back in the store? I missed it last year. I don't play Warlock very often but when I do I want to look like a Ruffle-wearing Dracula-wizard motherfucker.
  2. It was being weird earlier today, was taking ages to login and then started me offline.
  3. Thanks but think I'm after the digital edition to be honest. He's pretty much your classic teenage Fifa/CoD gamer so no use for them shiny silver thingies anymore. He'd only lose them. It's mad that scalpers and bots are still ruining it for everyone a year on from launch. I just don't have the time to play browser wars all day waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.
  4. The worst has happened and one of my kids has decided that he'd like a PS5 for Christmas. I've got all the stock alert apps and twitter feeds set up but honestly it's a complete shit show and with over 20k followers on some of these accounts of course it's literally pointless trying to respond quick enough. Soon as I hit a 404 or an 'online queue' (fucking hell....) I tap out. I love my kids but not that much. What are people doing now or has everyone just given up/got one? Any tips or tricks learnt over the last year would be gratefully received.
  5. I got 4 from my first 2 runs, noticed a quest marker over Mara which was something to do with having the ascendant lens in my inventory and she gave me another 3! Think I’m already done with the lost sectors. Masks don’t interest me, the lore pages don’t really interest me and the other two guns I already have. Guess I’ll just try another 3x Atheon checkpoints and not get the Mythoclast. Again.
  6. https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/50752 Content vault update for year 5 tl;dr Forsaken campaign vaulted Tangled Shore vaulted (Dreaming City is staying) Harbinger dungeon vaulted Presage dungeon vaulted Year 4 seasonal activities vaulted except Battlegrounds which is staying and being integrated in to a new ‘Vangaurd Operations’ playlist along with all the strikes. All of Spider’s currency exchanges will now be with Rahool in the tower. Forsaken free for everyone in December until Feb along with a Forsaken Pack including some exotic ciphers to get some Forsaken exotics you might not have.
  7. There is a seasonal challenge due to come out in week 10 for killing things in Dreaming City that will trigger if you complete it now but you can't tick it off until week 10. I completed it in week 1 and the flashing has now been doing my nut in for 7 weeks. OCD off the scale.
  8. It really does. I honestly thought ‘I think I hate this game’ after the first 5 or 6 hours but love it now. My advice would be make a beeline for Chapter 3 (head to the port as soon as you can) and things really open up and you have so much in your arsenal to play it the way you want to play it. You can get back to the first main area and complete the orders there later if you want. When you start to interact with the world and other players structures it feels like such a living world. Logged in tonight and had 5k likes waiting for me. I fucking hate Facebook and social media in general but man that felt good.
  9. Really warmed up to this over a couple of extended sessions this weekend. A lot of the irritations of the first few hours fell away as mechanics and tools were introduced to deal with them. Grenades for BTs so I actually feel like I have a fighting chance against them and a snazzy pair of skeleton legs which gave me the ability to not totter around like 3-hour old baby fawn. Changing the way I was playing and stopping worrying about doing every single order or picking up every piece of lost cargo and just mainlining the priority orders has helped and also getting rid of the shit vehicles and just enjoying the wandering. I'm now at that point where I feel like ditching all that completely and just farming resources to build some roads and bridges. Always a sign of a good open world game when you just want to fanny about in it and not worry too much about the clock. It's such a unique experience overall. I also really love the way things can go to shit very quickly. I was having a nice and serene womble along the river and wandered in to a mule camp territory. I tried to make a run for it across a river but got in too deep just as the mules came over the rocks, I stumbled and dropped my packages just on the edge of a waterfall and watched them all float away, so I'm just chasing after them with mules up my arse, I'm trying to pick stuff up whilst trying to electrocute them whilst trying not to drown. Abrupt chaos, love it. Still not so keen on the relentless inventory management and cumbersome menus and batshit mental UI but getting used to it as I do with so many games that feel the need to introduce a new weapon or tool or new currency every five minutes without giving me a chance to try out the last one.
  10. I’ve got no fucking idea what is going on in this game. Not talking about the story, it’s Kojima, it’s bonkers, it’s fine. I mean the gameplay. I’m maybe 5-6 hours in and I just can’t make head nor tail of any of it. Why is is always raining? I’m seeing signs that say ‘shelter here’ but it just never fucking stops. How do I repel BTs? I’ve got some grenade thing which is supposed to stop them but does fuck all. They’re just annoying. What are likes and why do I need them and why am I giving them? I’ve got a ‘porter grade’ but it just gives me a score, is that all it does? The latest thing it’s asking me to do at the terminal is harvest materials and it’s asking me how much I need? For what? How do I find out how much I need? Feel like I should watch one of those ‘things I wish I’d know earlier’ videos or something but I hate doing that. I love the setting and the atmosphere and it looks absolutely remarkable but I wish the modern gaming curse of over-complexity wasn’t bashing me over the head so hard as I get older.
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