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  1. SMGs are also bonkers. Their recoil has been pulled way back and they slice through everything. For manic up close and personal style activities like Battlegrounds (or pretty much everything in Destiny now) they are a must. On another note, after countless fruitless raid lair runs trying to get the Sleeper and Acrius catalysts, I got them BOTH drop in the same Nightfall just now, along with a Shadow Price and the new sidearm which is ridiculous. The loot drop animations went on for about 10 minutes! Lastly, did the Presage quest last night. It is truly amazing, make sur
  2. Except Nolan and Ledger's Joker is so compelling for the exact opposite reason. Not necessarily disagreeing with you but I don't think there's another 'universe' that has produced such a varied collection of stories. Batman and his cast of characters have been in every kind of tale you could imagine. I thought Joker was daring to do what the comics have been doing for decades with just dropping the character in to a world of their choosing and seeing if it fits. I thought it worked, I was absolutely glued to the screen.
  3. Yeah, finding groups through the app has always been very smooth and 90% of the time the joiners know exactly what they're doing. I just usually put 'Master NF, bring mods' and people get it. If it's 'match game' and nobody has, for eg, a void weapon, I'll just switch out. Kind of makes a mockery of the lack of an in-game lfg for harder content. I've done raids through the app and results are a bit more varied but you just drop out the minute someone starts stressing. I just started the new season on Saturday after a few months break and as always, coming back to load
  4. I tried reading all about that but my brain completely broke. Trials is just a joke at this point, the cheaters/hackers/hakkes outnumber the people who actually want to play it legit seemingly every week since it was launched, on PC at least. The few times I played it, the sweat was literally oozing out my TV, truly revolting experience.
  5. On a separate note, just played my first crucible game in about 4 months. Fuck me, it's worse than I could have even imagined. Move, stasis, die, respawn, move, stasis, die etc and Felwinters Lie is a hell of a sniper rifle.
  6. No idea how many active players there are in the rllmuk clan for it to be worth it but you can always get a Discord server fired up. That has some nice built-in tools for planning raids and other activities. For quick nightfalls and stuff, the app LFG is the best way to get a team together.
  7. The best version of Constantine for me has always been the original Delano run with Ennis a close second. The TV version of Constantine, in my head at least, was a mixture of those. A BBC show in the vein of Sherlock or Luther with the unwashed atmosphere of Fincher's Seven set in the seedy Soho underbelly of the late 80s with Thatcher still in power, demon-worshipping politicians and freemasons and all the satire Delano gave it with John being the absolute cunt that he is whilst trying to save mankind from possessed serial killers and various voodoo shit. Obviously that's never
  8. Inventory management is an utter chore. You get so much stuff and with recalibration and optimisation, the dismantle paralysis is real. Having said that, I've been having a great time with this the last few weeks hunting down all the exotics. Have most of them now and there are some very fun builds and play styles to be had. Just a shame the content has been a bit light this year. If you have the new season pass, I definitely recommend the Scorpio shotgun. Insane fun teamed up with the Hunters Fury gear set.
  9. Deep Stone Crypt is the easiest raid you'll ever likely to get, picked up in no time and you can pretty much get through on a 'just stand there and shoot that' scholarship. You might hear a bit of 'pick that up and dunk it over there' but the mechanics are very slight compared to most other raids.
  10. All sounds pretty good, scrapping the seasonal grind is the big win. The thought of slogging through the same old stuff to play the new stuff yet again when I know I'll have to do it again in 3 months is the main reason I've not booted up this season yet. No sunsetting is an added bonus.
  11. I should really be looking forward to this. A looter shooter by the people who made Bulletstorm sounds like the perfect game but there's just something about the art style that is leaving me cold. Demo is a surprise move from them though and instills confidence they they reckon it's pretty good so will give it a whirl.
  12. Better Call Saul is in a league of its own. It's very deceptively dark in tone with Odenkirk having a more comedic tendency compared to Cranston's intensity but it goes to some very dark and tragic places. It's really a 3-way affair though between Mike, Nacho and Jimmy with a supporting cast that is peerless and it get's the balance just right jumping between the plot strands. It's proper fucking ace mate, watch it. I get sad when I remember that it's still another year away.
  13. I'm part of a pretty big clan, Division UK, but haven't had the time or inclination to get in to the new raid yet. I'm also on various Discord servers that have regular noob runs. There's a YouTuber called GCRock who seems to have a pretty healthy community. The raid looks great but I don't get on until late most night so will likely just procrastinate about doing it forever. I used to love running the Destiny raids with a regular team but when you're hooking up with randoms it just gets stressful.
  14. Nah, the update is 11gb XBSX. 75gb is the whole game.
  15. Godammit, this has reeled me in again, the 4K/60 upgrade on XBSX is fantastic. The play variety now with all the new brand sets is huge and I've had a lot of fun this last week trying out new stuff and theory-crafting and have come up with some tasty builds with weapons I'd never used before. I'd just built a crit build before and got bored very quickly. Now, I can run in to the Summit with a shield and SMG or go for skills on the harder mission content. Unfortunately the exotic drop rate is truly terrible though and I'm struggling to get any of the gear I missed from the last year, even with
  16. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere but this is iPlayer only and is available from this Thursday, 11th Feb. Good chat here between Curtis and Diane Morgan. https://amp.theguardian.com/culture/2021/feb/06/you-could-be-a-cult-leader-diane-morgan-and-adam-curtis-on-brexit-trump-and-his-new-series
  17. I seem to remember the Kai Leng from the prequel novels being quite an enigmatic character. A shadowy assassin, kind of like an intergalactic Agent 47. The portrayal in the game was far removed from that, he was basically an even shitter Nightwing.
  18. The 60fps patch isn't quite as transformative as the Destiny one was but it's improved it about 100% all the same. It's always been a great looking game but looks slick as fuck now too. Played a few missions tonight and reckon I could be in for a week or so, try and get the Resi gear.
  19. Its 4K checkerboard apparently. Not that it won't be a great upgrade as the 1080p performance mode had a considerably softer image than the graphics mode. All these 4K/60 modes for games I didn't get round to playing is messing me up. Too much content indeed
  20. Yeah, think I'll probably swerve this season unless the seasonal activity turns out to be any good. Nothing there that jumps out as essential and just so much other stuff to play. They've removed all the time-gated content this year so I can just ignore it for now and come back in the summer and have more fun doing it all in one go.
  21. Don't know whether it's Covid, my (middle-)age, seeing my kids get older or what but all I want to do at the moment is surround myself with nostalgic triggers and cosy warm familiarity. Think this might be just the ticket.....
  22. Will give it a whirl for sure. Still love the Div2 world and if they bring out a new DLC this year, I'll at least play the main campaign. Never got around to the Summit mode so may try that. I do think the systems in this game are really deep and interesting but the gear and inventory management always gets the better of me and I get overwhelmed. Still needs that companion app/API more than any game I've ever played. @JPR Warlords is great, do it.
  23. Controller players have much more aim assist and bullet magnetism stats. If they brought up the recoil on M&K to controller then good controller players would probably stomp all over M&K because of the aim assist, if they brought controllers down to M&K recoil levels, the same thing would happen. They want to make the stability stat on weapons meaningful too which it currently isn't on M&K. With the 60fps next-gen update and the FOV slider and the tweaks in this patch, I reckon it will be in a pretty good place competitively. Regardless of all that though, the main
  24. That was the first thing I came across on that mission in the safe house, was wandering around the gangsters house and saw the putting lawn with the prompt so dropped it down and then 5 minutes later got a message saying I'd blown up the target. Result!
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