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  1. Packed TOTS Aguero and TOTS Oblak from my reward Ultimate Pack. Aguero scored 3 on his debut in Champs
  2. Vidal SBC and Daniel James Objective today it looks like
  3. I’ve kept a few packs back. Kind of wished I’d kept more of the 85-92 packs
  4. I got Mahrez. Saved me doing Summer Heat Bernardo Silva SBC
  5. Ha! An 83 rated squad (with a brick slot) for an 86+ card?! EA having a laugh!
  6. I got 90 FB Havertz, 88 Scream Muller, 88 FS Sarr, and another 88 Cavani and 88 UCL Partey
  7. I got 90 Lloris, 88 Partey, 88 Casemiro, 88 Cavani and 88 Godin. What a bunch of shite
  8. Does the 88+ Pack give you any card rates 88 or higher? Or only people whose base gold card is 88+?
  9. Bruno Fernandes POTM will be pointless now if he wins. Here’s hoping Martial gets the vote
  10. @hannay Just start 4-3-3 and have whichever RB you want?
  11. Why the hell is 83 Borja Inglesias up at near 10k?!
  12. Nothing from the Prime Gold Players Pack, but typical that the untradeable Mega Pack paid out: 91 Valencia, 87 Shapeshifter Kondogbia, 86 Shaleshifter Rashica, and a couple of 83’s
  13. I’m working on Bruno. Currently on his 92, and even that card is amazing. Just struggling to win games at the moment. Too many droppers
  14. Marcelo from the Flashback SBC. Would’ve been good before the Mendy objective
  15. Do CAM’s in a CM slot not count as midfielders or something? Doing the Kessie card, and it’s not registering when Maddison (a CAM) scores/assists from a CM slot.
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