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  1. It was acceptable in the eighties (Say hello to my little friend)
  2. I thought he looked distractingly like Harry Kane - which would also explain how easily he was knocked over.
  3. I had a pretty good time, but jeez that was a mess. I haven’t paid attention to script/reshoot scuttlebutt but it seems like there were major bits of connective tissue missing. Also I still mourn the loss of the idea of interplanetary travel taking a noticeable amount of time but I may be behind the times there - that shipped has sailed (to Achtoo and back in time for brunch). It was very enjoyable, like a big bag of pick’n’mix, but with all the weird ones thrown in as well and the ratio of cola bottles to foam mushrooms all out of whack.. Some spoilery thoughts: Some glaring plot holes / minor nitpicks, in descending order of importance - Any answers? Forgive me if any of these have been explained:
  4. There’s a scene at the start of The Kings of Summer (a pretty good coming of age story) where widower Nick Offerman is trying to get his teen son Nick Robinson (the kid from Jurassic World, not the Tory journalist) out of the shower so he can get ready for work, yelling and cursing at him and so on. Finally the teenage boy leaves the bathroom, naked. His dad watches him as he passes and then sighs: ”He’s got his mother’s fanny”
  5. I’m pretty sure the caption says Dorset coast as well. This film is great! Consistently funny. I enjoyed the Euro cliches too, they reminded me of Moore era Bond (in a good way)
  6. He should have taken Hawkeye’s son’s baseball mitt back too, that poor boy is going to get an undeserved beating for losing it. Unless that’s the origin story for the phase 5 Supervillain?
  7. I’ve sent you all a request - 5538 0888 5976 - Cophrophage (I got annoyed with every magician and demon name being taken already so I decided to get filthy) Level 9 and already annoyed with the potion grind and storage limits. Port keys are cool though. What difference does school house make to anything? What about wand material/length/floppiness?
  8. These are what I managed with my play with Contrast paints The chubby ones were painted with Nazdreg Yellow and the skinny ones with Gryph-charger Grey, with Skeleton Horde horns and Fyreslayer Flesh hafts. All over the new grey primer For simple organic sculpts with plenty of texture, and just getting stuff to the table think these paints will be a godsend. Board games with dozens of minis such as Cthulhu Wars, Chaos In The Old World, The Others, Zombicide etc could look great with a much smaller time investment
  9. I will accept “it was knackered” is a fair enough answer! Although he mainly seemed to be out of nano material at the end of Infinity War. I have genuinely no idea whether pushing 150+kg of man and suit through our atmosphere at speed requires more or less energy than giving thrust to a much larger object in deep space, anyone? It could at least have helped with powering life support I suppose (but at no point did they say it didn’t, so I’ll shut up now...)
  10. A quick question that there is probably already a detailed answer for somewhere out there: Couldn’t Tony have used his arc reactor (or whatever it’s called post surgery) as a power supply to fly the dead spaceship home? Especially as it’s no longer needed to keep him alive? (I get that that is pure movie science “hook this up to that”, but given there is a throwaway line about reversing the dilithium crystals for an extra 24 hours juice, wouldn’t the reactor be worth a mention too?)
  11. Firing this up today and I see the devs have put up a loading message that the game will be offline on feb 18th, and return on the 19th with a Resi2 sponsored zombie (and zombie bosses) mode! Their twitter shows a zombie emerging from a downed players loot box which could be an interesting way to implement them. So... anyone else still playing this? I find it incredibly satisfying for a free mobile game (though I play on an iPad mini, it’d be far too fiddly on anything smaller) that I can pick up in downtime at work or between baby chores. There is never any significant wait for a game on the European servers*, and it now has all four maps from the main game - the latest one (Vikendi) was launched almost simultaneously.** As mentioned in the main PUBG thread it has lovely auto pickup options so there’s a fraction of the tedious inventory management and grit, and though your game can be over in a matter of seconds (would it be a battle royale otherwise?) the opposition feels of a much more mixed ability - or maybe it’s just full of people like me distracted by a crying infant Plus it has arcade modes if you want a fixed game length. And despite some daft and easily ignored loot box and silly costume freemium stuff it still has the classic pubg murdering strangers base appeal *Although most players seem to be in Gulf states judging by their languages and flags. I don’t voice chat with randoms so it matters not, but you can filter by language. ** Some loading screens also show a Hong Kong/Seoul style city - is this the next map coming?
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