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  1. Multiplayer of the year surely. Haven't chuckled like this since Midtown Madness 3.
  2. You have the manners of a goat. And you smell like a dung-heap!
  3. It’s stunning on PC. I haven’t put that many hours in a game on day 1 since...ummm BOTW. I was kinda expecting to hit refund but wowsers. Special mention for the 21:9 support.
  4. That mod didn’t work for me Done around 7 hours and I’m feeling a bit queasy. Hope there’s an alternative soon.
  5. Holy crapola this outbreak zombie shit is superb!
  6. Those gun sounds Hope Square Enix have more fun selling-on my email.
  7. Gotta say, haven’t seen Bowser this pissed for aaages.
  8. Just completed my Lad’s new build. The 3060ti seems really diddy compared to my FE 3090. Such a lovely looking card, best of the bunch for me and particularly cute in an NZXT H210. I’m a wee bit envious and tempted to downsize.
  9. https://www.theloadout.com/back-4-blood/closed-alpha-codes https://www.back4blood.com/ Did a search apols if covered already. Just got my Steam code 12.42gb....please be good.
  10. DLSS rocking and all the R’s (haven’t hit the city yet) Good news is I haven’t had to put the heating on.
  11. Am I going nuts or did the huge ship at the end look like a model. Wicked episode. Is it even real?...or was it a dream I had?
  12. Really is the best campaign since, errr, a long long time.
  13. I mean, I can say I hate it and I'm not having a good time if you like Dave More maps would of course been brill but I’m sure they’ll come. Everything else is in place. ...I sorta fell in love right after noticing Forest (and my childhood personal top 3 players are playing on TV in game Viv Anderson/Kenny Burns/Shilts).
  14. Loving the campaign, 6v6 MP and Zombies...nothing’s felt disappointing thus far.
  15. When you’re 10hrs deep (mostly mountain climbing) and only then do you see a title screen. Wow. Apols AC fans I thought this was gonna just be a ‘waiting room type game’ til Cyberpunk. I love snowy rpg’s as much as the next gamer but reaching England really was a treat for the eyeballs. Incredible load times make it even harder to put down. Fractional tearing here on XSX, just in his hometown.
  16. Another unboxing (apols if already posted). https://streamable.com/wf2jif
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